paint vs. wallpaper for a smoker's study

woody_2010October 2, 2010

In a room to be used by a smoker, is there an advantage to using wallpaper rather than paint? I am taking down a heavy vinyl-like wallpaper in my husband's study, where all surfaces have the color and odor of nicotine, and I am pleasantly surprised to see that the wall underneath is completely free of both color and odor. I was going to paint, but I am now thinking that maybe paper makes it easier to get rid of the smell and start fresh upon renovation. And in painted rooms it seems that people have a lot of trouble getting rid of the smell retained by paint. Does that make sense? Are there any other measures that are recommended for a smoker's room?

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A really GOOD primer, like BIN or KILZ shellac, will minimize penetration.

But if he's a heavy smoker, strippable vinyl wallpaper might be best. I know my sister spent almost a week scrubbing out our uncle's house to get the tobacco stench out.

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>>> Is there a way to put a quiet "Bath-fan" fixture in there somewhere?
* There are some motion-activated ones, and this would be a "G*dsend" for minimizing smoke build-up...PLUS a little healthier for others in the home.
* Yes, it would be a little wiring/ducting, but may well be worth it. If you can get at the room from an attic, it would be fairly easy.
* In THIS case....THE SHINIER THE BETTER for the paint.
* Glossier sheens like Satin & Semi-gloss have a tighter surface film, therefore most resistant to contamination. My preference would be S/G here.

Wallpapers absorb stuff too. Unless it's an extremely slick vinyl paper...
* This may be deserving of a "2 primer" system.
* 1st primecoat...Zinsser's BIN Shellac-based primer.
* 2nd primecoat...Use a good wallpaper primer, like Zinsser's "Shieldz".
* Subsequent paper-removals will be much easier. Apply a good full coat.


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