Outdoor waterproof sealant

j4inoOctober 17, 2013

I have a bridge outside my home. It is mostly made out of wood. But part of it has some slate. It is is good condition. I have noticed a few cracks in the slate and I want to seal it up so that water can't get in between the wood part of the bridge and the slate part of the bridge. I also want to better protect it so it doesn't crack further. Can you recommend any clear type of waterproof sealant? I should also mention that we drive our car on the bridge to access the garage and we walk over it daily...so I also have to be careful that the sealant isn't slippery.

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See that no one ever replied to your question. By now, you've probably solved the problem.

Years ago we lived in a house that had a large slate entryway - that was very dirty. After someone's suggestion at a local tile store, we removed the slate and cleaned each tile very thoroughly. We then rubbed motor oil into the slate. This sounds crazy, but it looked beautiful.

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