Ceilings and walls the same sheen?

wi-sailorgirlOctober 19, 2010

I finally hired a painter this morning. What a relief. After the first quote I got, which turned out to be more than 3 times anyone else's quote, I called way too many painters and got too many quotes, and now I feel badly about that. Anyway, I hired him and he's doing the living room walls and cathedral ceiling next week.

Now I have to decide on paint and sheen. Both the walls and the ceiling will be BM Mascarpone (an Affinity color, if it matters).

Would doing both the walls and the ceiling in a matte (not flat) finish look strange?

I guess I'm going to have him use BM paint, as I've read here that color matching is not guaranteed across brands and since there is a ton of Mascarpone elsewhere in the house, I'd like it to match as well as possible. I was thinking of having him use the Regal Matte (he'll use any SW or BM paint I want other than the el cheapo contractor grade stuff).

Any thoughts on that plan?

Thanks to all the experts here who go out of their way to answer these questions for us novices!

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I love Regal Matte. And doing the same sheen on walls and ceiling will be beautiful.

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If you are picking an Affinity color and you can afford it, why not use Aura Matte? It is a significant upgrade from the Regal Matte in my opinion. If you use a matte finish on a ceiling, you may notice flashing, lap lines from the roller, drywall seams and flaws, etc. It is really the reason we try to use dead flat paints on ceilings because all the light goes up there and you can see every flaw. The Aura Ceiling Paint is a good dead flat option.

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I was sort of hoping to keep the cost down a bit. I'm not sure what my paint guy will pay, but the price difference seemed to be about $10/gallon at the store. It's enough that I'll save the money if I can, but if it's worth it, I'll spring for it.

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