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lucky1_gardenerOctober 7, 2010

We live in a 1970 ranch house. The original ceiling was a "popcorn" ceiling which was scraped off and repainted with another type of textured paint years ago by a previous owner. We have painted the ceiling three in the 11 years we lived here for color changes. It's been years since we last painted, but I have recently noticed some paint cracking near the edge of the wall. It runs in a straight line towards the middle of the room, like along the seam of drywall.

There are no moisture issues as far as we know, no water stains or mold and the roof is only 3 years old. Any ideas why the ceiling paint could be starting to crack? I noticed this in a bedroom at the other end of the house as well.

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This is usually because the studs are moving (expanding/contracting) within the walls. Some people refer to this at settling. If you go up to the crack and push lightly on either side of it and see that it moves, then it needs to be secured with screws into a stud. Sometimes this is impossible of course because there isn't a stud available...which is usually why the crack appeared in the first place. Sometimes a very small bead of caulk will pushed into the crack will keep it from reappearing if the movement is minimal...this is usually a better choice that using drywall compound because that is brittle and will have a better chance to crack again. At least caulk has a little bit of flex.

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