Are you going to watch tonite premiere?

glenda_alMarch 3, 2013

I'll dvr it and maybe watch the first part. Haven't watched the last couple shows,lost interest.

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Episode: The Wolf in Charge of the Hen House

The celebrities must create and sell meatballs in a fundraising competition; while one team deals with a power struggle, the other team manager takes a risk with the task.
8:00 - 10:00

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No I do not care for the Celebrity ones~~does he ever do ordinary folks anymore?

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I won't watch because I heard Omarosa was back.

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She can't be all bad, she stood by Michael Clarke Duncan until the end. I give her points for that. Thanks for the reminder, Glenda. I've set the DVR since I'll probably be puttering in the kitchen tonight.

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I plan on watching, not a fan of some who will be on, but in the end it's all for charity.

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It irks me that they put so many good shows on at the same time. My DVR only does two shows...grrrr. I wanted to try "Red Widow", plus I love "The Good Wife." Fortunately, "Celebrity Apprentice" repeats on Wednesday on CNBC. "The Bible" and "Vikings" on the History Channel repeat several times.

As if that is confusing enough, "Army Wives" and "The Client List" return next week...luckily they also repeat at later times. I need an event planner to schedule my DVR!!!

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Walking Dead was on at 9. I don't care about "reality" shows, period. Except for DWTS. I much prefer really good fiction (with zombies!)

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Wanda, you made me laugh! You remind me of my friend Sandy. Every now and then we get to talking about these T.V. shows and she says "I need to get a life!" and we have a good laugh.

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I still love Bret Michaels. Omerosa doesn't change. I've worked with people like her. Mean people suck.

Piers is being a jerk this season just because he can. He is a smart business person. Trace did learn something from Piers. I think he approached his task in the correct manner. The task was about who had the biggest Rolodex, not the best salesmanship.

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adellabedella, I agree with all that you said.

I did not think Brett deserved to go home, the PR should have. She was clueless on everything. The only thing she was right on was that Trump would not have fired Omerosa, despite what he says.

Trump commenting to Brett that he would not have given him the title two times in row was ridiculous. Why agree to have him on in the first place if you felt that way. What's wrong with winning twice!!!

Gary Busey was....Gary Busey lol

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Drewsmaga, I'm with you. The Walking Dead was on. Wouldn't miss that for anything!

From what others have commented, I'm really glad I didn't watch CP. I can't stand entitled, loud mouthed, people like so many of them are.

Hook me up all day long with The Walking Dead, with some Survivor mixed in, and I'm good to go. haha

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I got really angry at how Brett was treated all the way around. The man is living with a disease that nearly killed him he lives with it daily but Trump and Piers can not understand why he would go back. He wants a cure for the disease he and many of us have and his daughter will probably have. He wants to get as much money for research as possible during his life time. How is that hard to understand. What he was doing could actually save his own life some day.
If only those people had to live a few days with the disease and see the future with that disease. Huge strides have been made through research. I do hope that someday there will be a cure for it and I too hope it is in my lifetime!
He was treated so so badly.
Omabyotch is the nastiest vile human being to step on this earth I think she is the spawn of Satan! It would not surprise me at all if a chunk of that cash disappeared on her watch not one bit. And I can not believe a show like that does not have someone right there watching that money and counting it!! Things like that kind of discrepancy should never happen.
You could tell she was messing with Brett's numbers when his people were coming in and he saw her doing it. He should have spoken up about what he saw. He was nice enough to choose her, which was his first huge mistake, and then she does that to him. I think Rodman was getting a clear picture though of who she really is and why she is so hated.
The Project manager was completely in lala land she had no clue and even after Piers and Trump and Brett told her what was going to happen and how OM was she had that smirk like she knew better and no one would do that to her. HA!
Just wait that knife will be deep in her back very very soon.

I LOVE TRACE period. I do wish I could see the show down between Trace and Baldwin, oh it will happen! Trace was not happy at all.

I was surprised Busey was much more controlled this time lol
Loved the tour he gave Piers!

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With the exception of Brett (who lived a few blocks from me as a kid) and a very few others , I cannot stand the contestants with Omerosa being the worse. But look at the head of the show...the despicable Donald Trump. And he was going to run for president? Conceited jerk.

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Omerosa, scream, scream, scream!

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katlan, THUMBS UP!Walking Dead is one of the best tv shows ever.

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Agreed drewsmaga!!

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I missed it but it's on CNBC tonight so I'll watch it. I enjoy all the apprentice shows.

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