Pets under attack by coyotes in California neighborhood?

ms_minnamouseDecember 9, 2007

Has anyone seen this on the Yahoo front page as one of their headlines?

Here's a quick fix! Supervise your pets like you're supposed to!

Jesus... You shouldn't have a pet if you don't want to be bothered to keep it indoors and supervise it when it's out. Or put up a sturdy, tall fence.

Now when it comes to farms... That's a different story but usually getting a lama or sheep dogs will fix that problem right up for you too.

WHY are people complaining?

Coyotes have been moving into my area and I don't let my dog out without going out with her in the front yard.

If people just did what they're supposed to do then there would be no conflicts with the coyotes.

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There was a thing here on the news where people were illegally buying/selling coyotes and foxes so that they can have their dogs hunt them down in an enclosed property and attack the wild animals.
Before I saw that report I too was worried about stumbling upon a coyote while out on a walk or hike but I'm not so worried now because they apparently take off of first sight of a dog.

With that said maybe your coyotes are different and you're right there is no excuse for not supervising your pets outdoors. Even with a fence! I am cautious because we have a picket fence and kids do sometimes come up to the fence to pet the dogs and it makes me a little nervous because sometimes they take out candy or something and want to feed the dogs something they shouldn't eat. Or what if they were to get bitten or something or claim to have been bitten. I'd rather just keep an eye on things and know that the dogs are safe. They don't usually spend that much time out in the yard. That is more like potty land to them. We do most fun stuff like games inside and they regularly get treats for coming back inside.

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There are conflicts with coyotes because they are growing in number and destructive of property. They have entered barns and killed stock. Having a llama or gaurd dog is not euitable for everyone either. They do provide sport for houndsmen who pursue the yotes with dogs. using electronuc calls is a groth sport as is trapping the things. Their pelts have some value with China being a good market for the pelts.
They, as most wild animals dont want any thing to do with humans but sometimes will pack up and them can be more brave especially against karger dogs. There have been some large(40+ pound) yotes taken here.

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That's disgusting quirkyquercus! People never cease to amaze me...

And fancifowl, has any one been attacked by a coyote near you? Is training coyotes to fight back against dogs going to save people's pets when these huntsmen teach them to have to defend themselves against dogs and humans?

I'm not sure what "euitable" means but if you mean equitable, then these people that don't want to be bothered to spend time or money on guarding their animals shouldn't have any right to complain. It's asking the coyotes to come in and take what they want.

And why wouldn't they when there's nothing to stop them?

Again, it's training them that it's okay.

Humans are responsible for so many problems with wildlife yet don't want to be around to take the responsibility when their stupidity leads to problems.

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I dont condone the scenario in QQa post.

Good guess on equitable! I dont type so well.

Each case ought to be judged on its own merit; I dont have llamas nor gaurdian breed dogs. I do keep a gun handy and am proactive on predator control.

Some large hunt clubs do import coon, fox and other animals for their sport but many are respectable operations with large land holdings.My son just returned from a hunt in S. carolina and only harvested 1 deer, never saw a hog or another deer in 3 days, true hunting on a private hunting preserve. Its not the same as 'canned hunts' which are mostly frowned on by sports(wo)men.

But to return to coyotes & pets, I believe it is up to the pets owners to gaurd against predator attacks as much as possible. Yotes do help keep the feral cats at a minimum in some areas and that is a good thing as the cats do more harm to wildlife.

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Coyotes are not afraid of dogs (even large ones) and will even pretend to play with them with the intent of luring them...

They are very smart creatures which do an incredible number on keeping the rodent population in check. It is certainly a shame that many of us still haven't figured out that we share this earth.

They moved into the home of the coyote...not the other way around.

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A part of the over population problem of wild animals is due to humans in their space. we provide them with better food, and a certain amount of protection. they adapt, look how racoons have adapted for 1 species, samo samo for yotes.

Coyotes dont mess with larger dogs, they will do all they can to avoid a confrontation, but, they will gather up to take on a single larger dog. We have hunted them with hounds and had them try to gather up when we were out with 1 hound after coon. Had to get to the dog quickly. Yotes are sly devils. Beaglers have to be wary because the beagles are smaller dogs and a couple couyotes will try to take 1 on.

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I have not read the article...however, I live in So. Calf.
and our Coton (dog) was attacked by a coyote on our patio. My husband was getting his jacket just inside the patio door and heard our dog scream. My husband was able to chase off the coyote. Thankfully, the vet gave him
medications and he should fully recover. The coyote left puncture wounds and since the flesh was not torn infection is unlikely. We have a stone fence and a chain link fence for the main part of the back yard. Plus all neighbors have fences.

Last Mother's Day, our neighbor's Scotty (puppy) was attacked by coyote in their back yard while the family was on the patio. Again, the men were able to get the coyote to drop the puppy but it cost over $3000.00 for the surgeries to save the little dog.

A French Puddle was not so lucky when it went outside to toilet while owner was pouring a cup of coffee and the coyote ran off with the little thing as the owner opened the door. This incident happened about 5 houses away for us.

These are not isolated cases. We hear of this kind of things much too often. Cats and dogs are never safe and all the above happened in day light.

I do not post often and I guess the reason I am responding is because this is so fresh and raw. Some have said we would take care of our animals and protect them and I believe most owners do. But we are all human and most of us think day time should be or is a safe time to not have to lease your dog in your own back yard with two fences around it. We are so heart sick that our (14+) puppy is in pain phycially and mentally. Also, the vet said now that the coyote knows Sinatra is here they will come back for him since he is old.

All this to day the coyote is just looking for food but we should find a humane way to deal with this. Please don't harrangue (msp) at the owners for neglect. It is sort of like blaming the victim of the rape.

I do not agree with chasing the coyote...that is man and to me it is cruel.

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