Do you think cats are valued as much as dogs?

livvysmomNovember 25, 2006

To answer my own question -- no. It seems that people are much more willing to put up with bad behavior in dogs (chewing, barking, house-soiling) then in cats (especially scratching).

I know of at least two cases where people were looking to rehome their cat (one they had had for 8 years) because the cat didn't like the new dog they got.

People also think nothing of offering cats or kittens for "free" -- whereas you rarely see that same offer for dogs or puppies. Free things are usually not valued as much as things you have to pay for.

Maybe it comes down to the reputation cats have for being independent -- maybe dogs are valued more because they usually give more unconditional love and are more dependent on people?

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livvysmom-Unfortuantly, I have to agree with you. As to why, I cannot give you an answer. Independance may be part of it but I think it is partly that dogs provide a "service" in that they bark to alert their owners of things. We have all heard of the 5 pound poodle who scared off burglers by barking. Or the 3 pound yorkie who alerted their owner of a house fire. Cats are more likely to hide from burglers or other threats in their environment and therefore do not offer this "service". The days of cats "service", mouse and rat control, are going away due to them becoming indoor pets and few people will depend upon a cat to control these pests in their homes. I am sure there are still some cats doing their job in Barns and out buildings but they a few and far between.
I, for one, value my cats as much as my dogs and love them all equally. nova

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I value my cats as I do my dogs. They receive the same excellent healthcare as needed like the dogs, love and affection, good food, clean litter box. Yes, the cats did come from shelters, one was left at my vet's office by someone who wanted to dump a kitten, etc. I think the cats are even maybe a bit more labor intensive than the dogs:))).

When you ask value, you mention people go to a breeder for a dog. Well if you want a certain breed dog, you need to go to a reputable breeder, right? In the case of a kitten or cat, I really don't want a purebred cat, as the ones my friends have paid big dollars for seem to be much more aloof and standoffish?

I don't think that whether you get your pet from a breeder or from a shelter is a measure of how much you value your pet. I also disagree that pet owners value dogs more than their cats.

Yes, I do agree cats are more independent, but 2 of the 3 males I have love to be loved, will lay on your lap like a baby whilst being loved...

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In general, I think that YES, many people do value dogs more than cats.

There are plenty of people who pathologically hate cats.

I've never seen message board postings advocating killing dogs when they bark or poop on one's lawn or otherwise cause problems but I have seen HUNDREDS of message board postings over the years on various garden and pond forums advocating killing cats for various reasons.

The only animal I've read about more people wanting to kill was snakes

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I don't hate cats I just don't see what's so great about them. Can your cats do agility, play fetch when *I'm* bored, guard the house, sniff for bombs, find narcotics, hunt, find trapped people in need of rescue, tow you around in a cart, go jogging with you, go swimming, help the disabled, cheer up the sick & elderly, get the paper, sit, stand, lay, roll, show me tummy, crawl, bounce, stay, run, leave it, give, take it, heel, watch, sneeze, speak, quiet, growl, HUG (!), find ___, sleep, bang bang, come, go away, stop it, and last but not least "go potty"?


Can your cats do even one of those things aside from scaring the crap out of me by hiding behind my trash can when I go to throw out the trash at night?

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Well, cats are much cleaner than dogs. They don't eat poop, drool or bark. Size for size, they run faster. Cats are much more agile than dogs, softer, more intelligent and all around better pets than dogs.

Okay, maybe not, but I felt the need to stick up for cats! :)

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And, let me just add, that when the farmers start plowing their fields, and all my neighbors whine and cry about the mice coming in, I have none. Thanks to my cats. :)

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quirkyquercus - That was really a good laugh - thank you for posting!

"cheer up the sick & elderly?"

It just so happens that I rescued a Sphynx Cat (hairless) and she found permenant residence at my Mother In Laws home, she brings her elderly mother (grandma) over every day. Grandma was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers.

Grandma finds great comfort in this cat (Nova). One of the main highlights of her day is the time her and Nova spend together. Grandma even has pic's of Nova on her dresser mirror!! LOL!

Nova is a very odd little rescued pure breed Sphynx as she has patches of hair!

I also did put a body harness & leash on one of my cats once. You can see a pic of him below, this is Jordan.

He loved sneaking outside & so I thought he would like to go on a walk with me. He was reluctant to go out the front door so I had to tug him along.

Once we reached the front doorstep he procedded to lay down & "play dead"! When I tugged he demonstrated that he would rather be drug then actually go on a walk with me!! One of the funniest things I have seen!

Jordan is the orange cat in the pic:

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I have had cats and I have had dogs and I much prefer cats. I have one on my lap now head butting me and purring. Much more affectionate than my dog ever was. They are cleaner and way smarter. Maybe they don't perform tricks but that's because they are so smart. Even a four month old kitten learns in a few days the routine of the house..This kitten waddled to the litter box at four weeks and never had an accident since. Can you say that about a four week old puppy?

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Ok but you have cats walking on your desk. What's up with that?

And yes a lot of people have zero accidents with puppies. It's a realistic but difficult goal to shoot for.

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haha! that is funny. That is one thing I hate about cats, they get on counters! ewww!

I have had a cat and now I own two dogs and I know I will never go without a dog again. My one boy treats ME like royalty! I get to go through the doorway first and he always wants to be by MY side! Cats don't make me feel that way. I like feeling loved and important!! who doesn't ?
My husband loves playing with our other dog. He plays fetch every morning and afternoon. It helps my husband get some exercise and get out of the house. Cats can't do that!
Also, yes I do like knowing that my dogs may warn me when something is wrong.
My brother, sister and best friends have cats and they never give you the affection that a dog can give you. I think if my brother didn't work long hours he would have a dog instead.

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Cats on the desk are "o.k.", cats on the bathroom counter is "o.k." Cats on the kitchen counter, NO WAY.

My cats live mostly upstairs and the dogs spend most their time downstairs. But it is only fair to allow the cats to get out of the dogs reach if they end up cornered in a room.

The cats have their own room with a protective baby gate at the door!

In the pic the darker cat, Sadie, and Jordan are meeting for one of the first times. This was one of the best cat introductions I have ever seen!

Jordan has always been so accepting and happy to meet other cats, it is the others that are always hissing, etc.

Maybe it's because when we got Jordan DH wanted a dog and so Jordan was treated more like a dog. In return we have a cat that really acts like a dog. (Except for going on walks!!)

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"Give kisses" forgot that one... don't use it that much since I don't have to ask them for kisses.
"Let's dance"... we do the box step.
"Gimme 5"... hands out paw.
"patty cakes" hands out both front paws.
"lets get pretty" Get on the grooming table. Oh god how did I forget that one when I do it every day just about.

Still waiting for a cat person to top this.

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I think dogs are valued more than cats. Personally, I have had several friends/acquaintances who have both dogs and cats. The dogs are gated in a yard, kept in the house, kept in close contact/eye sight when out of the yard, etc, etc, yet the cat is left outside alone at night to wander who knows where and be susceptible to fights with other cats, exposure to predators, and hopefully avoid being hit buy a car. Nine times out of ten, if I see a dead domestic animal on the road, it is a cat. Most people that I know of who have lost dogs to cars or other accidents is because the dog got out by accident, not intentionally left to wander all over the place. That shows me that cats are not valued as much as dogs. At least in my own experience. Ask those owners why they don't let their dogs out and wander around? I think if they were valued as much, cats would be offered the same protection and supervision as a dog.

I am not sure why that is, but we (my family) and I have always owned a dog that served a purpose, mostly as a hunting dog. Most cats aren't bought or sought after to fulfill a purpose (and yes many dogs aren't either). But, perhaps dogs are acquired to fill some role, whether it be guard dog, sled puller, hunting dog, etc, etc. and thus thought of as more of a loss if they disappear? With many dogs, lots of training, time and money can be invested on them. I don't see the same being said for cats. Thus, there is more of a monetary loss if the something happens to a dog.

Just some of my views on the subject.


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While I have seen both species mistreated, I have to say that cats for some reason are seen as more of a "throw away" animal than dogs. It's much harder to find a home for cats than dogs.

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Dogs are truly here for us and they need us, cats just aren't and they don't, plain and simple. Feed them and they are happy without us.

You know, I have both indoor and outdoor cats (I live in the boonies). The outdoor cats have their own house, though, complete with a dog door so they can come and go. Then there is the one that resides in the barn...her name is "Barnkitty". She was a kitten living under the low porch of a place I worked. Everyone pressured me to take her in...but, unfortunately she was feral and I had to wait until she was sick before she would let me catch her. She seems very happy with her barn...she does know that it is all hers (she lets the other cats know). She doesn't need me, I know that, but she does appreciate the feedings.

The outdoor cats do quite a great service keeping the mice and moles at bay, not to mention the occasional 'oops' like a snake or a bird. They will either leave them at their door step or sometimes at my door step. I do so like getting gifts :o)

Another of the outdoor cats...miss IcyBelle Liptrap (long story) is famous for thinking she is one of the dogs...running along with them and swatting the offenders when they get into spats. I do believe she has actually "cured" a couple of the dogs of their snappy behavior. She even comes running, literally, when she is called.

I have to tell you though, my indoor cats are more destructive than my dogs. Their acrobatic displays have knocked countless houseplants to the ground. Many of the plants look like swiss cheese from being chewed. They are the ones who dig in the trash, not the dogs....blamed it on the dogs for a while until I caught miss Bit-O-Honey digging in.

Everyone has their claws, but they don't do any damage with those...I think it is mainly clumsyness....boxes of rocks.

I think somebody mentioned that cats don't do tricks because they are smarter than dogs...I beg to differ...fluffy dolts, but you love them anyway. An easy way to discern intelligence is when an animal can learn from its mistakes...cats don't, whereas dogs do.

I have a preference for taking in abused or shy dogs and getting them ready for their new homes. One that I took in, I had to use a different trick everytime I wanted her to come inside. Each time, she learned my technique and adjusted her behavior to oppose it....was the coolest thing how quickly she learned. She didn't learn from repetativeness, these were single experiences. I will tell you, the first time she just ran inside with the others and I made a big deal out of it...oh boy, oh boy, it was all over. She never played the games with me again. She was testing me to see how I would react to her antics and I guess I passed the test! The trust was set.

Back to learning from mistakes, heck, even rats learn from their mistakes! I have had rats as pets before (in college)...they were such quick learners. Bilbo Baggins was trained to jump from a railing to my shoulder on my command. One time, the little bugger used my beer cup as balance while he was standing on his hind legs and positioning himself for the jump. Yup....the beer cup came along for the flight...oh well, at least he made it to my shoulder safely! Oh, and I spent some money on this little guy, too. He had a blood clot next to his spinal cord that released and obstructed the nerves to his hind legs. Yup, the vet discouraged treatment...for heaven's sakes, it's a rat, but this little guy was my friend and he "asked" for my help and I gave it to him. If I remember correctly, it took about 2 weeks of steroids and he began moving around like normal. He was truly one of the most affectionate and loyal pets I have ever owned (next to dogs, of course).

You story of the rat is probably going to freak many of you out, but it brings me to the point of all this. We are each individuals with different needs. Our personal views about our pets, about what they bring into our lives, about what we need from them, or about the value of any animal, is 100% subjective.

People could wear it out...but would never get any farther than they are now.

2 pennies, right? (woops, I just previewed this...didn't realize I wrote a book...sorry!)

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One more vote for dogs.
About rats, they really are smart. Had a pet black and white rat as a child. Even my mother grew to like him which was amazing.

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I forgot herding.
How did I forget herding?!

Anyway I changed my mind.
I think there are cat people and dog people and both are completely different animals. BUT the cat people seem to value their cats a great deal no matter what. Of course if you look at the value of a working dog to a farmer or hunter the dog is a valuable tool. Or it may be easier to accept a playful friendly dog as a member of the family. So I believe cats are valued more considering there isn't a myriad of uses for them and they don't do too many tricks.

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Check out the link below to see a cat doing sit, shake, down and up.

I think that people don't train their cats because generally they ae peaceful to live with. I think the same goes for people who don't train small dogs. But I can't imagine having my 100 pound Doberman untrained, he would take over the house!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cat Obeys Commands

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Dang it! This thread is getting my ire up. :)

Here's one more for the cats. Get the flu, spend a week in bed and see how much happier you are with your cats vs the dogs.

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Feed them and they are happy without us.

From my vast experience of ONE neighbor's cat, I would disagree with this statement. This neighbor has a cat and a dog and both have been essentially abandoned. Long story, but the neighbor remarried, moved to town (we live in the country), and the house has not yet sold. Dog and cat remained behind. To give the neighbor a tiny bit of credit, he knew that we would take care of the dog. Which we have done, he is now our third dog (and will never be given back to the neighbor). For many reasons, I do not want a cat. I like cats, but I do not want a cat. So this poor kitty lives by himself. They come out and give him food. But, to address the point above, this cat HUNGERS for love. If I go over to the house, he comes running, crying and meowing and asking to be held and loved. Which I do, I go cuddle him and love him for awhile. The point is, he is fed, but he is not happy without humans.

All that said, I will admit I am a dog person. I would not like to say I consider cats "throw-away" animals, but I hate to even say I "value" dogs more than cats but .... I probably do.

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prairie love... I wish so much you could find it in your heart to take that cat in. *sighs* We have a similiar situation here. A neighbor moved away and left the cat behind. Just LEFT it, not knowing whether anyone would feed it or not. This cat is an un-neutered male that has sprayed all over the place. My hubby has always run him off. The other day he ran him off and I asked if it didn't bother him that the cat (Boots) had been abandoned. He simply shrugged. I didn't tell him, but I put food out. I know the right thing to do is to call animal control but I haven't found it in myself to do it. There's been nights I have had a hard time sleeping for worrying over this cat. Just can't understand why someone would abandon an animal like that. We have 6 cats... 2 which were dropped off by former owners. I just don't get it.

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I believe you took my statement out of context: Feed them and they are happy without us.

This referred to the idea that dogs desire to do things for us, to work for us, not simply be pampered. They actually want to earn their keep.

Cats cuddle with us to keep warm or to get rubbed.

Dogs cuddle with us to literally be close to us.

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webkat, okay, that is not how I interpreted your comment. And re-reading your previous post, I still don't see that you meant something other than what I saw, but that's okay. Your clarification makes sense.

moonie, it's not a matter of finding it in my heart, it's a matter of what's right for the cat and other animals in my life. I cannot have an outdoor cat (which he is) because of the birds at my feeders. I will not have an indoor cat that sprays (as he does) (and yes, I have read the threads regarding a peeing cat). Most importantly, one of my dogs has proven to be a danger to cats, she has already killed one. I will not put another cat through that. I do not want to hear "you can train the dog" because I will not risk a cat's life while we are training the dog.

I am actively looking for a good home for the cat, and I will not allow him to go to the Humane Society. I will find him a temporary home if need be while I find him a permanent home. Don't worry, he has some lonely times for a little while but in the end he will have a good home.

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Here is the first phrase of the sentence directly before it (same first paragraph)...maybe it will help clarify:
Dogs are truly here for us...

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prairie_love.. I understand exactly where you're coming from. The spraying problem is only one reason that I couldn't attempt to bring the abandoned cat here into my home. It was just wishful thinking on my part that you could take in your poor abandoned one.

I really got us into a bad place by taking in strays, two which were pregnant. By the time I could afford to spay/neuter them all we ended up with another litter. All are fixed and we have a happy home of 6 cats, one golden retriever for the past 7 years now. I will never get myself into the same position again as we had 11 cats at one time... and that was after finding homes for the first litter!

I love cats and it bothers me that to many they are so low on the totem pole of pets.

Good luck on finding a home for that cat.

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Just a side note, dogs are pack animals by genetics. Most of them long to be with the family (pack). Almost all cats in the wild, with the exception of lions, live a singular existence, only coming together to mate. Thus, I think dogs, because they love to be with us, need to be with us, are perceived as appreciating us more than a cat, thus lending them to be valued more. I don't know for sure, just another thought.

My dog, a lab, follows me everywhere in the house. If I sit at the computer, she is there laying at my feet. If I sit in the recliner to watch TV, she lays down next to the chair. If I go outside, she goes outside. I seem to agree, after having a cat for 18 years, that cats only come around when they "want something". Pet them, and when they have had enough, off they go. See ya. Of course, these are generalizations, but seem to be quite common place.

And when your sick, I think both cats and dogs can sense it. That seems to be the animal way. They both can be quite good companions at those times.


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I think what Moonie meant by the sick comment is who will deal with the down time better.

DH and I were recently hit by a truck while on our motorcycle are having to stay pretty inactive. One of our dogs is a Jack Russel, she is very smart. She knows we are hurt and she can't jump on us or try to rough house. But the boredom is getting to her and she has taken to barking & running about the house.

You should see the craters in my newly landscaped backyard due to my doberman digging. He's bored too.

I know they love us being home more and not at work/school, but they also want to go out!

My cats though, are loving the down time with mom and dad. They aren't bored at all!

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OK, ever since I posted on this thread earlier today, I've been thinking about it (good job, livvysmom, got at least one of us to think!).

I really hate the thought that I put more "value" on one animal's life than another's. And until junebug referred to "throw-away" animals, I didn't think much about it. But now I have. I hate to say this, I *really* hate to say this, but I guess cats are more "throw-away" to me than dogs. Oh gosh, I hate saying that.

But it's true. I mentioned the neighbor's abandoned dog and cat. Well, I did NOT want a third dog, I really really really did not. And I still do NOT like having three dogs (that could be another discussion at some point if we want). But, the point is, I would NOT let that dog be abandoned. No way.

The cat though ... a different story. I said in a previous post "I will not allow him to go to the Humane Society". Hmmm, I'm not sure that was true. I will work hard to find him a good home, but if I fail, I will not take him into my own home. So, where does that leave me? (I never heard of sanctuaries before, so please, let's for the moment leave that out of the equation). He's a sweet cat, and I hate for anything to happen to him, but I won't take him.

So I started thinking about the premise of this thread - which do I "value" more? And I came up with this scenario. There is an emergency situation and both a cat and a dog are in mortal danger. I have the opportunity to save one, but not both. The chance of success in saving my one is equal for the two animals, also there is absolutely no chance I will be able to save both. So, which do I save?

I would save the dog. I hate this. I hate saying I would save one animal over another, but it's true. I would save the dog. So I guess that means I "value" the dog's life over the cat's.

Enlightening for me. And a little sad. Thank you livvysmom.

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Dogs are truly here for us and they need us, cats just aren't and they don't, plain and simple. Feed them and they are happy without us.

Oh my god, Webkat, I wish you could meet my cat, Bob...the minute I am in the door she is yowling at me, not because she's hungry, but because she needs luvins. All during dinner, she sits at my feet and occasionally stands up and puts her paws on my lap, yowling the whole time. She is probably the only cat I've met who could live solely on love. I found her and her daughter in an arboretum parking lot, dumped off. She's lying on my lap right now, gazing up at me adoringly, lol. I admit that she is rather unusual.

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I agree that people are usually cat people or dog people. But since I have experienced both, I decidely love cats more. When I walk, if I see a dog in the yard, will I pet it No,, but if I see a cat sitting in a yard, I always go up to it. I gravitate to the cat aisle in gift shoppes where they have calendars and stuff. No, I am not a collector of cat knick-knacks, but I guess you could cats. They are all rescues except the 17 and 14 year olds and all girls except the 4 month old and the 17 year old. Because they are always indoors and have much attention, they are very social and "greet" anyone who comes in the house. The newest one is so friendly. He races across the floor and launches himself on my lap where he stays all evening lying on his back w/ his feet up in the air. The two dominant females in the house hate each other and as long as they are apart all is well. No one hates little Henry altho he gets swats from the big ones. I have a Russian Blue, Phoebe , who is especially sweet. I say give me a kiss amd she runs over and does. I can go away for two days and all will be well when I return. I couldn't go away for 6 hours when I had a dog because my life was dictated by her needs. Ruby was a rescued greyhound and I loved her very much and before her I had Pasha, a gorgeous Afghan Hound. They were sweet dogs, especially the greyhound and I wish she was still w/ us. But I doubt I'll get another dog..will just enjoy the antics of my eight felines.

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Dogs and cats are totally different animals and I do believe that some people are cat people and some are dog people. But, in general, cats are much less valued. People that don't have pets or want pets value dogs more than cats. It isn't because dogs can be seeing eye dogs etc. It is because some people have an almost pathological hatred of cats.

Cats certainly can be trained to do tricks or perform behaviors. Look at all the cats used in TV and movies. They are all trained to do things, they can't just film hours of cat footage and hope kitty does something they can use.

Cats are used as therapy animals at hospitals and nursing homes. Not as many as dogs but there are cats.

My cats don't do many tricks but they know what parts of the house they are allowed on and where they aren't (any counter, desk, table etc.)

My cats also beg for affection, especially the abandoned one we finally gave in and kept. He was outdoor only for the first year of his life but since we neutered him, he has not sprayed in our house once. Hasn't had an accident at all. I know he was outdoor only in his first home because I found and talked to his owners before they moved away and left him.

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The dog show is being aired this weekend...

Someone refresh my memory... when is the cat show scheduled to be aired live and simulcast on two or more networks?

hehehe raaarrrr.

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Where I live I have seen more dead dogs by the road then dead cats.

Its more or less equal in terms of strays. When I lived in a more rural area the number of stray/abandoned dogs outnumbered the number of cats though. I think cats are more capable of living on the streets than dogs.

Cats tend to not bother humans as much as dogs. A stray cat, if you leave it alone, won't attack but I wouldn't trust a stray dog to do the same. Cats and dogs in packs tend to be dangerous period. But I have found that cats in packs won't stalk humans while dogs in packs will attack unprovoked.

My folks had a dog for years we got a cat later on. My sister brought home a cat that her room mate abandoned. The cat was very affectionate and yes she would give hugs. Unfortunately the cat wasn't spayed and it hooked up with a bobcat - we lived in the country at the time. That bobcat mix was wonderful. He would come when called, take walks with you, was very affectionate and got along with our dog.

I'm not in a position to have either a cat or dog now, but I would consider both when my lifestyle is more suitable to pet ownership. I think cat ownership is a better option for most people. Dogs require a lot more training and attention than cats.

I never considered any of my pets as working animals or owing me something for its food and shelter. Our pets were companions to love and care for. They were not security alarms or security guards, herders, fighters, hunters, etc.

I have visited friends that have dogs and friends that have cats. I find that cats are more affectionate - if you can get them to trust you. If the cat doesn't like you or doesn't want to be near you it will just go away. However, a dog that doesn't like you will bark the entire visit or attempt to attack you. Cats seem to be more cool headed.

It all depends on the personality of the individual animal -however I prefer cats as pets because they are affectionate, lower maintenance, quieter, and less likely to be dangerous.

I think dogs and cats are not very highly valued. Cat and dog owners seem to be equally susceptible to neglecting or abusing their pets.

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Good post nativebear!

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I have had both cats and dogs, love both of them. But now we have cats, 3 of them. Most people seem to be blind to the fact that not only are there prebred cats but that YES some people seek them out and do actually pay for them. Those same people might be willing to pay a couple thousand dollars for a pedigreed puppy but can't wrap that same principle around a cat.

Our cats are all good cats, they come when called and are fairly well trained....2 of them are only 10 months old and still learning, but they do fetch, and are learning to sit, they listen well. They are all loving creatures, wanting to be held and loved and when I am off and working around the house I know that if I turn around I will see that my shadow usually has 14 legs.

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I also have noticed that people seem to care about about dogs than cats. I posted a few weeks ago on this forum "dog versus cat, which would you choose?". I was shocked that me and only a couple of other people said cats. I knew that there would be dog people, but practically everyone that responded was a dog person. I don't know why people care more about one type of animal over another, unless it is simply for function or selfish reasons... I need him to need me. If people prefer dogs so that they (the people) feel needed it could be called selfish. But... the reason we get pets is somewhat selfish anyway. When I adopted my cat it was because I WANTED a companion... he didn't even know I existed before I sought him. Of course I am selfish because I had to have a companion for myself... but also giving... I took a homeless animal into my home and part of my paycheck goes to care for him. In the end it works out good for everyone. I think cats should be seen as at least as valuable as dogs if not more so. Sometimes I wish we could go for walks together so I can show his majesty off, but I trade that off gladly for the fact that I don't HAVE to walk him after a long day at work or when the weather is terrible. Equality for everyone :O)

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Cats are easier. It's not difficult for most people to provide everything it takes to give a cat a good , loving, happy home. Dogs are more difficult. They need more, but I also feel they give more in return. A dog wants to please and will obey even when it doesn't particularly want to. A cat can be trained, but it can't be trained to obey when it doesn't want to. Maybe because (JMHO)it doesn't care if it pleases us or not. Some say it's because they are smarter, but whatever the reason, I think that is part of the difference. Dogs and cats just have a different bond with people.
I have both, and am glad I am able to enjoy both bonds.

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I find that most people who do not like cats, have never had one as a pet. My cats are all affectionate. They love to be held, kissed, played with. They love just to be with me. They follow me from room to room. I have 3 rescues and I am getting a Devon Rex. You love your cats and they will love you back. When I sit down at night to watch TV all my cats are in the chair with me. I also have a dog and I love him. He tries to sit in the chair with me also. He is a Golden and I have to make him get down. There is just no more room. But fear not, he gets his kisses too.
I don't think people understand cats. Dogs are after all
Mans best friend. I am definetly a cat person, but I love all animals.

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I've had cats and dogs, and now only have dogs. I think most people are either cat people or dog people.. I love my dogs so much, and when my golden died a year ago, it broke my heart. But I have to admit that as my cats aged and the time came to ease their pain, I was sad by not heartbroken. I'm happy to see any neighbourhood cats drop by my garden, and I pat them, but another cat of my own? Nope. And I would (and have) spent much more $$ on my dogs than I ever spent on my (3) cats. I guess that means that I don't value cats as much as dogs. (But I absolutely hated with a passion the next-door dog at our previous rural home, after I saw him chase down and kill a barn cat.)

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I have a cat now and not a dog due to the hours I work. Ethel misses me when I'm gone but not as bad as I know a dog would. One day a dog will be part of our family but I don't think it's fair until I work less hours.

She gives me kisses, comes to check on me when I'm feeling under the weather, etc. She even senses when my DD is feeling sick, and will dote on her.

As far as the 'watch dog aspect', here is my true story:

Back in 1988, my roommate and I had a daschund and a very old, 20 year old cat. She didn't do much but eat and sleep at that point.

I was on the phone talking to a friend when the cat (who I never saw move much) went crazy! She ran to the balcony door, hissing, meowing, making such a ruckus! At first I thought it was a raccoon, but then SOMEONE STARTED TRYING TO OPEN THE DOOR!

I hung up with my friend and called zero to get the police (this was before 911) :-)

They said the police were already patrolling because there had been a report of prowlers. So the police came, canvassed our yard, searched the bushes, etc, then came upstairs to my apt door and knocked.

THEN THE DASCHUND BEGAN TO BARK!!! LOL she didn't care about the prowler on the balcony but she was not going to let the police in the apartment! LOL

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm a cat AND a dog person, like so many of you are! I had one cat who had all sorts of tricks up his sleeve, none of them taught to him by me. Sneakers would play fetch until my arm was tired. He'd sit in front of me and play,"guess which hand?" and get it right, he'd sit in front of the chess board and take turns (even 'studying' the situation before he moved), he'd sit on the side of the tub when I took a bath and always (!) steal my washcloth when I wasn't looking, "TAG" you're IT was a favorite, too. Heck, I'd even let him pick out my clothes some mornings.

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Yes, if the right humans are involved.


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Growing up, my family always had both dogs and cats. (And the occassional bird, rodent, what-have-you...) But as an adult, I've only kept cats. I live alone, always lived in apartments, and have a pretty crazy schedule; work a lot of late nights, go away for a couple of days at a time, etc --not a very dog-friendly life, but the cats have always taken it well.

Dogs need much more regular schedules, much more interaction, much more work than cats. I see dogs like little kids. The human is always (or should always be!) the boss, and they're always trying to follow you, nudge you. "Take me out, toss my ball, let me sit on you, let me worship you, train me, take me out, watch me defend you......" Like living with an agile two-year old -- exhausting!

Cats, on the other hand, are like adults. Mine have always been very affectionate, and run to the door when I come home, but there's no need to lick me all over or jump on me. They like to play, but it doesn't always have to involve me. My Siamese will play "fetch-the-hair-fastener" until my arm falls off, but he also plays happily by himself. Or simply takes a nap. Cats don't seem to need their human to do so much.

If you're rude or unpleasant to a cat, they don't fight, they just stalk off. But they don't foget it, the same way a human would. A good lesson to remain courteous! But dogs will forgive anything if you toss them some pepperoni and a peanut butter kong! (I'm not talking about abuse or injury, just being rude or unpleasant to an animal.)

Since cats are not the pack creatures dogs are, I feel really honored when they shower me with affection. They don't fear me, they're not trying to up their status, they just felt like patting my face or licking my ear. Again, just my subjective opinion, but dogs always seem like they're 'sucking up'.

Unfortunately, I think dogs *are* more valued than cats in this society. People like to be flattered and made to feel important, and dogs are happy to treat us like gods.

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Companionship.... that is a key word in having a pet of any kind, isn't it?

Yes dog's, being pack animal's do look up to their owners as so called God's, as it were, when actually the term leader is more appropriate. Just as it is human nature to feel the need to look up to something higher than ourselves for protection and guidance, be it our parent's, religious belief's, or whatever.

Now, about the dog VS cat thing.... If you are the type to say you own a dog, so be it, but I am also a very firm believer that nobody can "own" a cat, they "own" you!
This much can be gathered when they sit across the room from you and stare you on. It is all in the eye's that a cat can mainly speak & say it all. I have found many a cat who was more than willing to share their thought's with me through eye contact. It can be a nice thought or it can be a down right ugly thought going through a cat's mind, when it comes to us ridiculously stupid seeming human types. LOL

Actually, I don't even like the term "own" for any living thing. I like to think of my own pet/human relationship as both a companionship & a partnership.
They can fulfill a need or void for us, just as we can for them while they are in our lives. Be it a dog, cat or other, they teach us a lot about ourselves. THAT'S what makes it all so great, being a pet person.

I had told to me one time, year's ago, that sometimes it is thought that dog people were much more outgoing people, where cat people are much more reserved, private people.
I, in turn ask, what about those who have both cat's and dog's? Response was, " Those are the ones who seem to go though a lot of mood changes easily, throughout their lives due to different circumstances surrounding them".

I cannot say this is true, but I have found it does seem to be a general rule, least from the many people I have known personally. Can anyone else say if they have found this to be true to a rather large degree?

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Anya..Yes, I agree that cat owners are more private and not as gregarious as dog owners, and Alison, you said it very well..Dogs are like a toddler. When we had one, a lovely greyhound, our schedule revolved around her, but the cats down to the smallest five month old are on their own. They have a pretty good life because someone is usually always here but if we go out say all day Xmas or on a Sat night to dinner/movie, they are so glad to see us when we return and are all over us. My old guy always sits by the stairs and greets and used to do it with the dog. .You know the saying..Dogs are like men and cats like women. I am glad to see many men having cats today. I know quite a few single men with cats. Years ago it was thought to be unmanly to love a cat.

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Dogs are suck-ups. They need affection too much. I respect cats more -- they'll take affection, because they like it, on their own terms, but they can just as easily go do their own thing. Dogs are for people who need to be wanted.

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Actually you quite wrong! Cats are the number one pet in America statisticly speaking.Many people who live in apartments cant have dogs,but they are allowed to have cats.Cats also are much less needy then dogs and can be left alone,which many people value alot.They are cleaner as well,and cost less to care for.
And no,this all isnt my opinion.It comes from this book I have that states all the reasons why cats are now viewed as the more favored pet in America.
The people who dont "value" cats are obviously people who shouldnt have them.And I happen to know just as many people who are not fond of dogs.
I love all animals,cats and dogs~so I could really care less.But I do love my cat very much,who has more personality then most dogs.He is a family member just as any dog would be.And he too was given to me for free.
I would never move anywhere that wouldnt allow me to take him with me.

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I'm a dog person...we have 2 cats that are my fiance's and he's a cat person...I adore dogs and hate cats, he adores cats and doesn't care for dogs...this is a dilemma in our relationship! sighs.... To me dogs act just like 3 or 4 years old kids but cats are just like big rodents. HAHA! My bad! ;) I've always had bad experiences with cats damaging my things...

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