Solution for blue masking tape peeling off paint problem

mileleOctober 29, 2010

Hello forum,

I have always had problem with the 3M blue tape but I never removed it right away. Yesterday, I removed it as soon as I was done with the painting and...Yeak...once again my primer coat was taken off in several spot at the edge. So, it is not the curing is the tape. 1) The plaster underneight was primed more than a week ago -> so it is not the time that matters 2) I have used the blue tape on other surfaces where the prime was on previous paint and not on plaster -> so it is not the undercoat 3) the primers was SW, last time was BM -> so, it is not the primer. Basically not use the Blue 3M tape ever!!!! But ...what do I know now? Sanding? Please help. Tx

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Well....sorry to burst your bubble....but it IS the paint AND primer.

More specifically:
It's ANY paint and primers' issue!

* Modern-day Primers and paints "skin over" quickly at the tape edge. This bond is stronger than the primer-to-paint/wall-bond....for many days.
* Primers and paints curing TO THE WALL takes a while...meaning daaays. FULL CURE of a paint/primer film can be a month....or more.
* For taping use, the paint "forms a tough skin" in minutes...BUT NOT TO THE WALL yet.
* This "skin" will EASILY get pulled-into by tape with paint on it, because...
>>> The paint and/or primer HASN'T EVEN REMOTELY DRIED/CURED to the wall yet....but it IS dried to itself somewhat.

I purposely wait 'till the NEXT DAY, score the tape/paint edge with a sharp snap-knife, and pull the tape.
LASER-STRAIGHT edge-lines are the result, with ZERO pulling into the paint film.

I've been giving this advice to our clients for years, and no complaints yet.
* .....and we sell LOTS of paint.
* That 3M Blue is our best seller, and my fave too.
(to the tune of several-hundred rolls/yr.)


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