Getting rid of old paint drips on door frames

diy_novice_23October 12, 2010

I am getting ready to paint door frames that have old paint drips on them. How do I get rid of these before I start to paint? Will a paint scraper work or do you sand them down somehow? They look like latex paint. Is floetrol a bad thing to add to the paint? I am worried about roller marks showing. I am using a semi-gloss Sherwin Williams Duration paint.

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I use a sharp wood chisel and slide it parallel to the wood to shave off the drips. Then I sand it if it's obvious. I use the chisel because I like it, not because it's "the correct tool".

You can also use the popular 5-in-1 painter's tool, or a flexible putty knife to knock the top of the drip down to where sandpaper can do the rest. If you sharpen the blade part of the 5-in-one they can remove a lot of drips in a hurry.

Razor blades are harder to control, but they can work well too.

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