Pigeon Forge fire

terilynMarch 18, 2013

There is a huge fire in Pigeon Forge,Tn. Started yesterday, dozens of cabins have been destroyed, hundreds of acres. Prayers to the firefighters.

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I've been there and it hurts to think of them burning. God bless the firefighters.

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We love Pigeon Forge. I hope the fire can be contained.

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Awful. I saw yesterday that Myrtle Beach had a bad fire.

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We were seriously considering going there this weekend for the week. Now I'm not so sure.

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I hate that there is such a devestating fire. Firefighters lives at stake and property destroyed.

A friend and I were talking about the fire today. The developers have destroyed a lot of what E. Tennesse had to offer.... beautiful mountain scenery where they have denuded the area of beautiful forests and replaced it with cracker box cabins, crammed so close together that you can almost reach your hand out the window and touch your neighbor's. It's all about the dollar, but what they have destroyed can never be replaced.

Enough ranting from a native East Tennessean.


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We spent about a week in the area years ago--truly beautiful and people so nice. Great craft show in a two story barn with all local homemade stuff. I was limited on space (and a hubby). Sorry to hear about the fire.

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I live about 60 miles from there and there was lots of news coverage here since Sat. afternoon. I think the latest number of cabins lost was 59, with 6 more damaged and nearly 200 acres burned.

Like Jude, I can't believe how those rentals were so crowded! I could have never enjoyed vacationing there packed in so tightly. And to become aware of how much of the land has been sacrificed to build them.

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I know that's a big tourist attraction and jobs provider. Hope that stay's safe.

What started the fire, has that been figured out?

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I guess the Smoky Mountains are just that right now. Sure do love that area. I hope no one is injured and that businesses can get back to work soon.

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