Advice on color scheming this living area

cindy24October 11, 2013

Our home is 1 floor and our living room is tied to our little eating area and continues to the kitchen.
One side of the wall is painted a dark brown color and the rest is a light brown color. Our curtains are on the orange side. Our kitchen cabinets are dark too.
It's so dark in here and I want to lighten up. I was thinking a light orange?? Or even just going with a clean white to get rid of that dark brown...
What can I do with the dark wal and keep the light brown sides?

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I suggest you post this exact question with the picture over on the Home Decorating forum . You'll get lots of great advice there. This forum tends to deal with technical paint issues whereas the home decorating forum is more oriented to decorating-with-paint issues.

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I agree with ashef about posting over on Home Decorating. What I notice about your photo is that there are no lamps in the room.

Your paint color is beautiful. What you need are two table lamps and a torchiere lamp. The torchiere will shoot the light onto the ceiling and bounce it around the room. Put a 65 watt floodlight in the torchiere.

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Thanks... you are so right, it should be posted in home decor.
And thanks graywings, a light might be the key if I don't paint over this.

Thanks again!

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White reflects the most light so I would go that route or maybe a creme color.

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