Tile floor woes

momand3boysFebruary 8, 2013

So I'm told my floors are not level. OK. We had tile installed in the foyer and half bath first. After they grouted it, I could see that the floor was not level. I never noticed it with the tile we had there before. I think it may have been because the edges were rounded down. These are straight and jagged. Then I could see and feel that some tiles were higher than others, especially the tiles on the bathroom threshold. If I walked out of there with socks on, I could almost stub my toe. And, where they put the tile around the door casings, there were gaps that they didn't even fill in with grout. So they came back and replaced 5 tiles. 2 in the hallway, and 3 in the bathroom and grouted the gaps.

Then they came to do the kitchen. They grouted the edge that butts up against the hardwood floor. Wrong. And they grouted the painters tape that was holding the paper down on the edge of the hardwood floor to protect it. They didn't bother lifting it up. So they came back and dug it out and replaced it with silicone. And they tried to put the blame on the installer for putting the tape too close.

So today, I put the floor vent (angles up against the wall) in the bathroom because it was getting too hot in there. And what do I see? Those freaking people cut the tile too much and there is a gap in front of the vent! I don't want them to just grout it. I want them to replace it! And of course, I'm paying for these additional tiles.

Because my contract is through my kitchen store, I don't know whether I should just let them fix their errors and be done with it? Or should I ask for a concession? What is the proper thing to do? With each error, I have complained to the kitchen store.

But I do have to say my cabinet installer is the bomb. His attention to detail exceeds my highest expectations. And he is an all around great guy and is honest. Although who knows if he is looking through my underwear drawer while I'm at work everyday! He agrees that this tiler is not as good as others and he wouldn't recommend him.

I will not be having this tiler do my backsplash.

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I don't think you should have to pay for tiles to fix their mistake. I hope you can get everything fixed to your satisfaction.

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No, your floor doesn't have to be level for a successful tile installation. It just has to be flat. If the subfloor rolls like the ocean, then it's got to be addressed before you install. But, if there's a gentle 1" slope from one side to the other, and it's not a structural problem, there is no problem with installing tile on that floor.

On a properly prepared flat floor, there shouldn't be lippage unless the installer is inexperienced laying large format tile or a non recommended tile pattern was used. And if the floor wasn't flat enough to tile, it should have been brought to your attentions so your GC could evaluate what it would take to make it ready for tile. This is your GC's failing, as that is something he should have checked. And your tile person should have too. And he should have made you sign a waiver if you declined to do the proper prep work for the tile. Instead, he didn't even tell you what needed to happen.

It all should be taken out and the subfloor properly repaired. On their nickel.

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