Painting Fiberglass Doors

tuesday_2008October 25, 2010

I have 3 smooth fiberglass doors to paint and need all the pointers I can get. I have heard that they are difficult to get a nice finish. They are factory primed; it has been suggested that I reprime to get a good finish. Is Binzer 123 appropriate for this?

I am looking for suggestions/recommendations to get as nice a finish as possible. Is it better to roll or brush? Or a combination of both? My husband thinks I should get an auto-body shop to spray, but I don't want to do that. I plan to paint the enteriors to match my interior trim and the exterior a color to match exterior.

I know that I will not be able to maintain that extra-smooth factory finish and I fully expect some brush marks -

just looking for pointers on doing the best job. I plan to use semi-gloss inside and stain outside. Thoughts on that??


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Yes, Zinnser 123 is a fine primer for this. Whether you like roller stipple or brushmarks showing is a matter of personal preference. I use a roller no matter what because it just gets the paint on quicker...once it is on the door you can backbrush if you like. I roll them and leave them...I use self levelling paints so that the stipple is barely noticeable.

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ONe more quick question - as you know, the fiberglass finish is extremely smooth. Should I try to do any light sanding before applying the primer. They are so smooth, it does not appear that sanding is going to "rough" them up any. ????

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