How to remove peeling paint on porch overhang most effectively?

bluesilkOctober 3, 2013

I am repainting exterior of my ranch house which was built in 1950's.

The front porch overhang has a lot of peeling paints. I plan to

  1. scrap off loose/peeling paint
  2. sand with random orbit sander
  3. spot prime with water based primer (Sherwin-William)
  4. two coat of Sherwin-William Duration gloss paint

However, I can't get a good handle on scrapping off loose paint.

I am using a 5in1 tool which is not effective.
I don't want to use chemical stripper.
I googled but only find instruction and video on using paint scrapper on vertical walls, not sure whether that will work on overhead wood planks.

Any one has advice or similar experiences?

Many thanks!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

A regular carbide paint scraper will work, it will just be hard on the shoulders

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If you are going to use a sander, is there any reason to scrape? Other than to get any big chunks off, which the 5-in-1 should take care of.

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Yea, it's true that a sander almost means you can skip the scraping, though sometimes the sander can't get under the flaking paint to remove big chunks of it. Also, I don't really like using a 5 in 1 tool for anything because the blade is too thick. I prefer a thin putty knife.

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