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CallahanDVMFebruary 12, 2013

I have been given a green light to start planning my kitchen reno. I used so many ideas from this forum when we built our last home several years ago, that I know you are a wealth of information! I love the view from my sink and really don't want to change that. I just need more storage! The few cabinets are falling apart. I am open to a new layout, but don't want to move my window or sink. The pantry is acceptable (I have learned to live with it), but certainly not a good use of space. The fridge and DW are pretty new, but the range could go. The only other difficult factor is there is a load bearing beam that would prevent me from going to the ceiling with cabs near the sink. I would love to pick up more space in the eating area- maybe with built-in banquettes?
Give me your best ideas. I want to get a good layout down before I even start drooling over the other kitchens here : )

Thanks so much!

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More views.

The butcher block is no longer here (previous owner's photo)

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Anyone, please?

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can you add some open cubby hole cabs or more molding to the cabs?Not sure the reasoning of why you can't get taller cabinets.Maybe do an overhang at the sink area with stools if the view is wonderful out the kitchen window. It's short on counter space. I regard the laundry room and pantry as a "unit". if changes were made to that unit,you could have a different pantry/probably a little smaller laundry room and more counter and cabinets for the kitchen. that's a bit more carving things up....

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I definitely want to go to ceiling with cabs everywhere else. You can just see the beam at the top of this photo.
This is the view from the sink that I won't give up :)

I would love to utilize the wall near the window for storage if possible. Currently there is a small buffet with the microwave.

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since the buffet and microwave are outside the kitchen[is that right?] ...I'd start with the pantry in the kitchen as the least hassle to redo. Take the whole pantry wall and redo it and get the microwave assembled there.. It sounds like you want to leave well enough alone in the kitchen,but need to replace cabs and are lukewarm about pantry. Redo the pantry a mock up including microwave and cabs/counter for starters. I don't know where else you could do changes to make a difference if you want the sink setup left alone. You can move the fridge over to pantry wall and have a chance to get side panels and greater depth cab at least on one side to handle the protrusion of the unit-but with all new cabinets you'll have a chance to side panel it on current location.....[no soffit-very ease to enclose].... I don't know why you'd change the range and vent....not worth it.

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herbflavor thanks for the help.

The window wall has the microwave now in the kitchen.
Here are a few more pics just to show the space. I can't fit anything in this kitchen!

Notice the missing door on the lazy susan?!

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you have a large range with hood/large fridge/ back of peninsula you have not used for any storage or seating.and who knows what in the pantry closets.You have to make decisions. I'd carefully think about how much more storage/what kind of storage you want. What seems logical would be to use pantry space by the window-do something that then turns the corner so you can extend storage of lesser depth with counters under the window. the buffet cabinet doesn't meet needs for drawers/usable counter/etc. Or recess the fridge back into that pantry space and thus extend counter/cabs and usable space to the left of range.

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Do you need more counter space? It seems like you have very little room to prep anything. Also, is the laundry area behind the pantry wall, as in the blueprint?

If it were me, I'd try to move the fridge to the pantry wall and if at all possible, recess it a bit, as mentioned above. I'd also move the microwave over there to make it a separate snack area/pantry space.

If you can move the fridge, I would definitely move the range towards the window and give yourself a much bigger prep area, between the range and sink. You would also gain more cabinet space in that area, when you move the fridge. Hope that helps :)

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Lavender- thanks for the ideas.

Moving the fridge sounds like a good idea. I love to bake so increasing the available counter space is a definite yes. The blueprint is accurate except for sink. I don't have much room inthe laundry now so I don't want to take up any of it if possible. If I recess the fridge into part of the pantry, will a pull out pantry give me more food storage area? I have only had a walk in pantry before and miss it.

The wall under the window seems like such a waste of space. The window height is too low to be able to put a counter there :(

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The biggest challenge of your house is that you have windows every where in such a way that there are no wall spaces to create storage.

I would consider closing the kitchen window or raising the window to the counter level. This way you can have a U shaped functional kitchen. As is, the wall with window is a wasted space without contributing to the function of the kitchen. This will also give you more counter space.

Unless your house is made of brick, raising the window may not be that expensive.

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