Is there a glaze that will not change dry paint?

kitchendetectiveOctober 14, 2012

I ended up using my left over Farrow and Ball samples--you know those charming little pots--by painting a faux harlequin backsplash for the cat landing pad in the mud room. Most of the colors are in the Estate Emulsion formulation, although one is Modern Emulsion, and one is Estate Eggshell. Now, it occurs to me that the whole thing would be more permanent if I could put a clear glaze or preservative coating of some sort over the area. Do you know of something that will not alter the colors or make them bleed? If it matters, colors include Teresa's Green, Cook's Blue, Arsenic, Folly Green, Cabbage White, Off Black, Pitch Blue, Drawing Room Blue, and Ellen Kennon Cornflower Blue.

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I asked this question recently and didn't get a definitive answer. My idea is to put a water-based polyurethane over acrylic paint. I doubt it would alter the color or make them bleed. The sheen will be what the topcoat is. My fear that is that it may crackle. I'm toying with the idea of making some test pieces and seeing what happens to them over the winter.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Try here under acrylic clear overcoat

Here is a link that might be useful: clear coat

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Since we're not talking Michelangelo here, if I use the acrylic clear coat, and later want to paint out the whole piece, would I just use a latex primer over the whole thing?

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A hidden, key point here....

Paint CAN take a month to cure-through...!
Don't trap curing paint under a "clear" of any kind.

The net benefit of "clear-coats" is usually minimal. High quality paints don't need them, unless you'll have a high-wear area, or a lot of splashing/etc. hitting that wall.


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If you have a flat paint, it's crucial that the acrylic clear coat also be flat because a glossy finish appears to darken colors. An art-supply product called fixative is very color-neutral for obvious reasons.

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VERY good SM!

I didn't recall that angle at all!
Is a fixative very durable??
Are there different types?


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The Estate Emulsion samples are ultra flat, even chalky. There won't be splashing, but when DS's Maine Coon visits, there could be cat food smears, if he (the cat, not DS) pushes the bowl against the backsplash while he eats. This does sometimes happen. (Our beloved tortoise shell cat is now deceased.)

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