does anyone know the BM paint match for Andersen storm Almond?

WendyBOctober 14, 2009

I'm considering a new Andersen storm door. Unfortunately their "almond" doesn't match my existing trim (Barrister White, which is a cool offwhite). Almond seems warm very off-white.

It doesn't work quite as well with my house body color, but it will be okay so I am reluctantly willing to repaint house trim to match the new door. Does anyone know the exact Benjamin Moore color match for this door? Couldn't get an answer out of box store "help".

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Just a thought...

Consider a closely coordinating color for trim(s) that may "highlite" the door. I've seen trim done this way, and it looks nice!
Far more cost-effective than re-doing ALL trims...unless they need it anyway?!?!?!
Consult with perhaps a decorator, or someone who has talent with exterior color-coordinating.

As for matching...there's no such thing as an exact match. Won't happen. However, given a few hours, I can usually get D@MN close!!!!
Give any good paint-shop an afternoon, and they can usually tweak a great match.
Is there a little fandeck of the door colors to work from??
Many door/siding companies have them.


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hmmm... not sure what you mean. THe door is quite the highlight already. It is dusty coral. So I would have two shades of off-white -- the new almond storm door and the existing trim. I can't picture a 4th color.

If only wood storm doors didn't warp and buckle and give me grief every winter!!

I'm having trouble visualing it all.

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Post this on the Home-Dec. board.
Lots of talented decorators/coordinators over there...ESPECIALLY when given a nice pic!
(You've got a beautiful entry!)

What I was getting at with my "extra" color is...think of picture-frame matteing. Some of my favorite styles of framing/matteing have two different color mattes.
Same concept with your storm door color-change.

Off-white trim/Almond storm-door/Dusty-rose door.

A talented photo-shopper over there, Squirrelheaven, may be able to work wonders with your pic!


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Very pretty entrance. Have you considered getting a metal storm door painted to match the coral front door? That would be less work than repainting your exterior trim. I also prefer the storm match the door, just my 2 cents.

I wanted my white interior trim to match my Anderson windows. I took a sample of the interior color to Sherwin Williams and they told me the closest color (they would be custom mixed a color for me, but the closest was close enough).

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Thanks Sue. The Andersen doors are metal. They are factory painted in a whopping 6 color choices.

I suppose I could paint over them, but it seems wasteful to spend money on a nice door with a super smooth finish and paint over it. (ALtho, I am such an Aura fan after my kitchen redo, that I bet Aura would do it justice)

I was thinking if I go to a specialized window&door place, they might come up with something.

As I've been driving around lately, I've been studying people's storm door/trim/door colors and it is interesting. In 9 out of 10 cases (the 10th usually being white on white), there are 3 separate colors involved.

I'm trying to find a live example where the door matches the trim. Haven't found one yet!

THe door I have in mind has very little trim, so I am hoping it would disappear into the trim if it matched colors.

I just googled images to find an example and voila! WIth my color door too! Here the door matches the trim very well. Slightly off depending on lighting in spots, but I could live with that.

Here's another example and is a mismatch white and off-white. This would bug me. Even if it was two different off-whites.

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I would get the door in white metal and then have it sprayed by an auto body shop.

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terrific idea! Then I could go with the pink-coral door color, which i would prefer over the almond.

Although going with the pink may not be so practical/neutral long term. But I will probably only be here another few years or so. And its fine by me!

In the meantime I tried an experiment. I painted some almond over a section of my trim (in the back of the house) to see how noticeable it was. It wasn't overly noticeable. Maybe I could paint the door trim in almond and leave the rest of the trim as-is. It could be one of those things that only I will know about unless I point it out to someone. And at some point the house will get repainted.

I tried to take a picture of that experiment but it was too subtle a diff for the camera to pick up. Here's a close up though.

Looks like I've got options.

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Just thought I would post an update if anyone ever reads this thread again looking for the answer.

Last fall I finally decided to go with the new Andersen "almond" storm door and match the wood trim color to the storm door color. I thought I had the trim color nailed 3 times, but when it went up and dried, it was always a tad off. The fourth attempt was a dead-on match: Benjamin Moore "White Sand".

Of course, now the door trim doesn't match the trim on the rest of the house, but it is close enough and not touching. It will be one of those things that only I will know and only if I am looking for it.

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