Diamond Vogel Paint

najohnsonOctober 23, 2010

anyone have any experience with Diamond Vogel Paint? I have done a search and don't find anything. I am getting ready to paint oak kitchen cabinets. My choices for paint in my community are SW, Diamond Vogel, Ace and Home Depot Behr. Diamond Vogel is the closest to me.....any recommendations or thoughts? I appreciate it!!

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Lori A. Sawaya

I've recently discovered DV paint. They are independent and from what I can tell, are in a position with formulations and products that rival Fine Paints of Europe. Biggest difference, however, is price point. Their CoteAll high-gloss for example has "hidden gem" for shiny front doors written all over it for less than $50 per standard U.S. gallon. Kinda reminds me of a Cabinet Coat but higher-end. It's not just because Diamond Vogel has a similar "Dutch paints" background like Fine Paints either - altho that is a major point of comparison where they align.

I would totally go for DV especially considering your proximity to a DV store. I'm a little jealous - you'll have to let us know what you think if your go with DV.

Per Katie at the Minneapolis store, they even ship. If you are confident about your color, I wouldn't hesitate to order paint and have it shipped.

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funcolors thank you for your response!! I was hoping someone would say something like you did. I will let you know how it goes; I am probably at least 2 weeks from being done with my project. I have done much lurking and reading on this forum, and have read several of your posts. I think you were the one who mentioned myperfectcolor.com
I gave serious consideration to ordering the paint, but the way I approach the project (with a lack of organization) it seems easier to buy here if it is reasonably convenient.
Anyway, thanks again for your response....I am going to go with DV and will give an update sometime soon.

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