6:00 AM Dog trainer? Next to my House?

sak6069November 1, 2007

My dogs now have become accustomed to the girl who trains her dog at 6am next to our house. My dogs will wake up at 5:30 am and start jumping to go outside. I let the dogs out so they will not wake up the kids or my husband. But as I let the dogs out the girl is standing in the street next to my fence training her dog to sit and obey feeding him treats. After a few minutes she starts jogging around the block. Then she returns again and as soon as she gets a few houses from my house (which is on the corner of the street) she begins to walk... then will stop again out of our fence (but still in the street) and start feeding her dog treats again. While our 2 dogs are going ballistic. Now there is no grass left next to our fence from our dogs going crazy. The neighbors dogs on both sides of the street have now also become accustomed to her training her dog and so now we have 10 other barking dogs going crazy while she is standing in the street with her dog...training it...using all of our dogs as her training tool. do you think maybe she could train her pet at another time of the day so she won't wake up the entire neighborhood??? NOOOO...So what should I do? I am extremely laid back but this is just RUDE. I thought this was maybe just a temporary thing but no its every morning between 5:30-6:00. The poor dogs behind us are running and peeing at the same time just to get to the end of the fence to bark at this girl. please give me some good advice.

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Well, it would seem like a good idea for you to do some training on your dogs now. They dont have to bark! I had from 6 to 12 and more at times, and they only barked when they were hunting. They were trained to not bark when kenneled.

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Have you tried talking to her? Perhaps she is oblivious to the problems she is causing? It never hurts to try!

If that doesn't work, you may want to check your counties noise ordinances. If she is talking to her dog loudle enough to cause a disturbance perhaps a simple visit from an officer could solve the problem.

However, it really does seem that dog management is one of the bigger problems in neighborhoods today. We live in a suburban neighborhood where the houses are on top of each other. Our neighbors got a dog when they moved in and did no training with him. All they ever do is leave him in the backyard and he barks at EVERYTHING. For some reason they recently decided to get another dog, fortunatly this dog doesn't bark as much.

I have to respectfully disagree with Fancifowl. My dogs are highly trained dogs and exceptionaly well behaved. However, when they are not under command they will bark back at other dogs. They do not bark at everything (like my neighbors dog). But I do expect them to bark when something is amiss & once my neighbors dog gets to barking mine might bark too. I can call them in or give them the "silence" command, but that only goes so far. If I leave & the neighbors dog starts barking an hour later, my command is long forgotten!

Good luck, it sucks to be in this position. Keep us posted!

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I have to respectfully disagree with Fancifowl also. The key word Respect. I truly believe in being considerate to others. But this girl is standing outside of MY Fence!! causing the commotion. If she was not there my dogs would not be barking and going crazy especially in their territory. Why does she have to stop? Why can't she continue to jog as she does down everyone else's street?
I'm not the only one she seems to be having problems with even the people up the street, their dogs jumped the fence and she yelled at them saying you need to have better control of your dogs. Well girlfriend there is a cause and effect for everything.

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It doesn't seem to me that this girl is specifically coming past your house to train her dog, but just out for a jog and when dogs bark at them, she distracts and rewards her dog for staying quiet. It also doesn't sound as though your dogs went out this early until she started coming by, so I wonder why you give in to their demands to be let out now. You need to train them to wait quietly until you're ready for them to go out. Your family may lose some sleep for the first few days, but it will pay off in the long run.

This will only solve part of the problem because the neighbors' dogs will still be barking, but maybe you could convince some of them to let their dogs out a little later.

You could call and complain about noise, but frankly, your dogs and the others are the ones disturbing the peace. I hope I don't sound harsh, but in my neighborhood people and dogs pass by at all hours of the day and well into the evening and if my dogs yap, I consider it a failure on my part for not training them better. After all, people have a right to go out and exercise on public streets and it isn't their fault if we don't control our animals.

Now, if she's allowing her dog to bark and run up and down your fence, that's a different story, but that's not what you described in your post.

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yes you are right but I also don't think she needs to stand outside of my fence and use my dogs as her training tools. Why would she just stand outside of my fence but after she praises her dog she starts to jog around the block again.
Everyone walks their dogs around the block and that is fine I am extremely laid back I tell people all the time its a fence thing because if we didn't have a fence our dogs would be licking and playing with all the "walkers".
I just think she knows that she is ticking me off so she is doing it intentionally. I really do. Because she now smirks and giggles when she sees me at the window or outside.
I never complain about anything in our neighborhood but SPITE just kills me. When people do things intentionally to get a rise out of someone else it makes me furious.

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I think she is stopping to praise her dog for not reacting to your dogs, in the hopes that eventually she can jog and he will ignore the distractions. It's a responsible way to deal with the problem.

I'm really not sure what else you expect her to do. If she changes her route, she'll probably encounter the same situation throughout the neighborhood. It isn't safe to jog in a secluded area so early in the morning, and she probably has to go to work or school afterwards so waiting until later may not be an option. She may also need to give her dog exercise before confining him during working hours.

I mean really, if your dogs are barking to go out early in anticipation of her coming, whether she stops a minute to praise her dog or not is not going to change what you're going through very much. The only thing that will help is to teach your dogs to keep quiet until you want to let them out and then to teach them to be quiet when commanded to when people pass by.

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What came first, her stopping in front of your house to train her dog or you letting your dogs out before she got to your house? What time were your dogs going out before she started training?

My dogs have always waited for me to get up. If I sleep late, so do they. Unless there is the rare middle of the night "I have to go out now" they don't budge until my foot hits the floor.

You need to either let her know that she needs to take a new route and use someone else's home to practice, train your dogs not to bark when someone is next to their territory or train your dogs that they don't go outside until after she has finished her morning routine. Once she doesn't have an audience in front of your home, she'll move on.

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to Katsmah, My dogs have never gone outside at 5am unless like you said an occasional gotta go right now.
My dogs have always slept late with me. Its really hard not to let 2 dogs outside especially when they are crying pawing and whimpering, running back in forth pacing next to your bed. I believe that she knows we dont appreciate her training her dogs outside of my house so now she continues to do it out of SPITE.. If you were to look outside at 5am its dark outside. You look out the window to see why your dogs are barking and see a stranger standing there in the street next to your house you may suspect this person to be a stalker or burglar. I know its not but thats why my dogs bark at this girl and her dog. They are strangers who are standing close to them. So my dogs bark..

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So she stands there waiting for your dogs to be let out so she can then teach her dog to bypass distractions? Next time she does this, leave the dogs in the house and tell her that class is over and she needs to move on. It won't kill her to change her routine. My dog doesn't bark at dogs who are in their yard and may bark at us as we walk past. You can train to ignore distraction while you are moving. She could also go to a class and train her dog to ignore other dogs in class.

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Why did you post the same post in two places? I made an answer in Pets. I doubt you will like it, however.

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Hello bing bong, I am new to all of this. It is not like all I do is sit at a computer all day on forums and fight about what I think is wrong and what you think is right. I post a simple question and bam I'm in all kinds of fights. I am not a dog trainer by profession but it sure seems alot of you are. But I guess i'll stick to my snap n pops, that is one way to scare the hell out of that dog. Maybe I'll go buy the "scarecrow sprinkler system" and have it go off every time she stands next to my house. After she has icicles hanging from her walkman she will think twice about coming and ticking off not only my dogs but the entire street. Because you see I'm not the only person irritated with this girls training technique.

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We have a woman that walks her dogs past my house every morning between five and six. Only gripe I have with her, is her letting the dogs toilet on my whiskey barrel planters and property. My dogs go out between four and five every morning, on a leash, rain, snow or whatever. They do their duty in what we call poop heaven. Their go out time for their play yard is at nine and the latest they are allowed out in the play yard is seven pm. They are in and out for the course of the day. And yes they do some barking, at people passing by, but it is done briefly and during the day light hours. Both are energetic dogs and their time in the play yard burns off some of the excess energy.
If your dogs need to go out for nature, you should get up and supervise them and bring them back in. They have discovered a new way to manipulate you so they can have a good time. Dogs are pretty smart and if you allow them to do this, they are having a very good time. At everyone elses expense. If I were you, I would get up, leash them, one at a time, and let them void and bring them back in. After a few days of this, they will get the message. Five am play time is no more. And your trainer lady will move on to greener pastures.

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I am at a loss here to understand some folks attitude.
It is not illegal/immoral/unneighborly to walk one's dog at 0530.

It IS at least unneighborly, if not against local noise laws, to allow ones dogs to bark incessantly at 0530---regardless of reason.

Again, when a person decides to have a pet, they need to assume certain responsibilities---one of which is to prevent the pet from creating a noise problem.

I fail to see how this problem is in any way the fault of the 'Trainer from H%ll---other than the person is making good use of a training opportunity.
However, if she has done this 'training' for more than a couple of weeks and still needs to do it---the dog she is training is not getting it, or she is a terrible trainer.

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handymac, yes you are right. I do agree with you. But the "street walker" has most definetley been doing this longer than a few weeks, more than a few months. This actually has been going on for 6 months or so. And I have tried, I have put the dogs on leashes and walked outside, I have tried giving the dogs treats inside while the windows were open so she could hear what I was doing. But to no surprise it continues. Mondays seem to be hard for me because I work weekends and I'm beat in the morning. So I tend to slack on Mondays. But I'm going to try some more advice and see how that works. We will see.

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I think the sprinkler system is the best idea :)

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We needed another post so we can all come to the same conclusion again. Don't be a push over. Tell your dogs to hush and go back to sleep and tell this lady nicely to stop.

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OK, I'll give in. For some strange reason, the girl has not been coming by as much as before. hmmmm. Maybe she read the forum, or maybe someone knows her??????????????
hmmm. very strange.

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sak, yes really strange....... I'm glad your problem is partly resolved.

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Sometimes I wonder if people in my neighborhood are reading the comments that I post about them. After all it's not like anyone can't tune in and read it.

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sak---maybe your work with your dogs did some good----no barking, no training. I agree that the length of time she 'trained' was excessive----a good trainer should not need half that much time to accomplish nthe goal of having the dog ignore others.

Or, maybe she did see this post.(Wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

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Hey long time no talk. OK...who from the forum knows this girl???????????
Somebody must because believe it or not I have only seen her maybe 3 times since the last post. The last time she did come by she had 2 of her dogs and it was so funny. One of her dogs kept barking uncontrollably and she about flew off the handle. She yelled and grabbed the dog by the nose. Wheww I am glad I don't live with this "GREAT" trainer.
Yes I am trying to break the habit of allowing my dogs to go out at this time just to bark at the girl and her dogs. It actually seems to be working.
If I have any other issues with my wild and crazy dogs I know where to go.............

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Next time she does that, you should video tape it and then post it on YouTube. Once the person finds all this chatter about her online, she won't walk within 2 miles of your place. In fact she may never go out in public again.

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