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the_adamsNovember 22, 2006

This is a debate forum. Therefore I thought posting this link may be beneficial to those who choose to read it!

The link below is to The Truth Tree, a forum for rational and scientific debate and discussion.

"If we don't want to live in a dictatorship, we must be vigilant to preserve our freedoms. If we wish to preserve our freedoms, we must be informed on the issues. Being informed on the issues requires that we become acquainted with alternative points of view. The history of the development of civilization can be seen as the history of debates on issues. In democratic societies, there must be public debating. Newspapers have served this purpose and still do to some extent in this country. However, we seem to have lost awareness of the importance of debating since the days of Thomas Paine. The sixty-second sound bite has created the illusion that the important issues are all brief and cut-and-dried. The importance of debating issues is fading from the public consciousness. One principle aim of The Truth Tree is to increase awareness of the importance of rational debating. But constructive debating is an art. With all this in mind, the following suggestions are offered." Click on link...

Here is a link that might be useful: The Truth Tree... How to Debate Effectively and Rationally

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Why don't you take this over to the Hot Topics forum on the Garden Web. They are probably better suited to your interests. This is a forum about issues concerning pets.

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Thanks for the info!

I know this is a forum concerning pets. I just thought some might be interested in the article I found concerning debatin tips. I really enjoyed it!


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Frankly, I think some people in this forum could stand to read the article in question. This is an "Animal Debates" forum, not a "forum about issues concerning pets" (I think you're thinking of the Pets forum). Too many people here don't even know what a debate is, and seem to think it means sharing your feelings and opinions only with no rebuttal. God forbid that you ever disagree with someone else's stance -- that means you're judging or criticizing them! Too many people here don't know how to use logic or rational debate methods. I applaud the_adams for trying to point people towards proper debate methods...not that it'll actually do anything.

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rivkadr - Thanks for posting, atleast someone saw what I was trying to do! Someone posted on another thread on this forum "May i suggest you join a good collage debate team and learn the rules."

Apparently their is someone else out their who thinks that formal debate rules should be followed. I had already posted this link it hopes of helping others learn rules.

Thanks again rivkadr!

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the_adams, I like you and hope you don't get upset. I read the Truth Tree and it was interesting,in fact amusing. It's been a long time since i've read so many contradictions in an article.
I especially loved the paragraph on evidence. Why don't you start a debate on Schrodingers Cat, using only the rules listed under evidence. That is a good debate item for animal debates.

I noticed there was a lot of latin(sp) quoted.The Romans were very good debaters,yet i beleive they were defeated from within and hordes of half civilized germanic tribes.

I'm really looking forward to a debate on a cat in a box.LOL
have fun

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for posting that!
I have been looking for a site to debate stuff for a long time and haven't found any site to do that except for this one and unfortunately people here get too emotional.

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quirkyquercus - Glad you're enjoying the website. Here is another debate forum that I love...

Here is a link that might be useful: Volconvo Forums

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I looked at your debate site. To debate "if a black woman is undesireable." Is not a subject for public debate.
Am sending link to appropiate groups.

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Oaklief - That is certainly a bizzarre debate! The person apparently wasn't making a racist comment - just posing a stupid question.

I usually do not look under general or miss. in that forum. And even under the other topics I choose my debates wisely. Freedom of Speech will inevitably lead to uninformed/unintelligent people saying things that reflect just that! :-)

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Sorry, That was definately sexest and racest and on the front page.

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Hey, no need to apologize to me, I didn't post or respond to it! :-) The title does sound bad and the post really is stupid. The post is the OP's attempt to make a genralization based on their own experience. Basic sociology will teach you that genralizations made on ones own experiences are generally inaccurate.

I certainly wouldn't respond to the post, not really worth my time.

I like the Volconvo site for their Philosophy, Breaking News, Politics, Society, and Science forums. I have found sites with such a broad spectrum of debate forums can attract some really, uh, uneducated people. That is why I choose my battles wisely! :-)

Here is another debate forum I enjoy, although this one may not appeal to everyone because it is more genre specific. Earlier my reply was to Quirky who showed interest in debate forums.

BTW... On this forum, under the "Health & Medicine" section, there is a post that is of paticular interest to me that is entitled "A Hot Cure for Diabetes", with a link to an article in "The National Review of Medicine" entitled " Canadian team cracks type I diabetes code." (My DH has Type 1)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Science Forum

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the_adams, Hey!!!! thanks that is a great site. i really mean it.
Do you ever read Lancet?

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Oakleif - Finally, got one you like! :-)

Are you speaking of The Lancet Medical Journal? If so, that's obviously a Yes! I don't have a subscription but I frequent their website.

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