Animal Abuse in Ukraine

doggydogNovember 12, 2007

About 156,000 stray cats and dogs are annually hurt, abused and killed in Ukrainian cities and towns. When caught by the dog catchers, some stray animals are used for painful experiments.

Stray dogs are often bludgeoned or put to death by electricity or caught using an inhumane poison and sometimes die slow, painful deaths. Instead of putting an animal to sleep with the use of euthanasia (i.e. the act of killing an animal painlessly), the animal service uses dithylinum (suxamethonium chloride), a poison which paralyzes the animal and causes it to die of suffocation in a few hours of agony. There is ample evidence that the poor creatures are still conscious and feel all the pain before they die. It is often the case that animals are beaten with legs and metal sticks, whereupon they are buried or burned alive.

Lots of people witnessed animals being tortured and murdered - little kittens tied up in plastic bags and thrown in the river, people intentionally run stray pets over with their cars, newly born puppies dumped on vacant land without their mother and left them to die. Stories are endless and make hearts of every Human Being bleed.

Authorities of small Ukrainian communities for ever used and are still using different kind of poison - rat poison and recently they "discovered" a new method of killing stray animals - Isoniazidum (Tubazidum) anti-tuberculosis drug causing cheap, but very slow and painful death is requesting all concerned people to get involved! Please join us in this caring mission of hope on behalf of thousands of innocent and silent voices in Ukraine.

They have no one else and really need our help.

more information and the details of our program are available here:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It seems the root problem is those who are uneducated in pet/animal responsibility. Putting the unwanted to death is the result, not the cause. What about an educational program directed at the people responsible for the problem animals? Its the same in the U.S.A.

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