Why no Kitchen Designer recommendations? (looking in MD)

dckitremFebruary 9, 2013

So there are a lot of posts about different cabinet lines. Many of these seem to say that the kitchen designer is more important than the cabinet line. But I never see anyone asking for, or giving, recommendations for a kitchen designer. Is there a reason why?

Also, does anyone have a kitchen designer they would recommend in MD (30 min outside of DC)?

Thank you!

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Because that's all local, and this is an international forum. It's like asking for a recommendation for your favorite grocery store. Everyone might have one, but on a forum like this, it won't do you any good to know that favorite that is 1400 miles away from you. It would be better to ask on a forum that is devoted to your particular location, or some place like Angies List.

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I don't know if this is helpful or not, but a few years ago when we built a home and I was scouting kitchen showrooms for ideas (my dad built our cabinets) I met Christy (hope I got the name right, it's been while), a kitchen designer at Carriage Hill Cabinet & Millwork in Frederck, MD. They do custom work and handle several higher end lines. I did hire her to review with me our plan and to give advice. So while we didn't work with her through a lengthy process like is usualy, I can say that she was a joy to work with for that short period of time and I valued her advice. Also met the owner who also was very, very nice. They were extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with for what little I worked with them. I believe they did a lot of "down 270" work near DC, Virginia, etc. If their info is still the same, they're at 5907 Enterprise Ct., Frederick, MD, 301-228-3700. Good luck!

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Nice to see you got a recommendation to start. To your question; it is partly because of geography as LWO says.

Another reason is that many folks on here have not worked with a KD or were unhappy with them. Fewer people who find a KD they are happy with bother to come here. Over the years I can only think of 3 clients who knew about this forum before I met them. I've mentioned and/or shown it to many, yet very few of those have bothered to use it much, fewer still register or post.

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I agree.
I think it's because most who bother to come here are designing it themselves (or letting people here design for them) after unsatisfactory KD experiences.

My DH was a GC in the area (family business in Wheaton since 1950), but he couldn't claim to know a KD who was "worth their salt" because he ended up designing every kitchen he built in the 18 years we were married. I guess, actually, that was pretty much every job. He was definitely design and build.

Don't forget in Frederick you're a heck of a lot closer to some of the PA Amish/PA Dutch cabinet builders.

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gardenweb is funny when it comes to recomendations. They only want to talk to people they know are far away. I get emails monthly asking advice on this or that knowing they would never actually use my services or products. Something about the distance that makes them feel safe.

If you need a kitchen design I will do you one for free. And let you keep the drawings.

I am in Loudon county Va. I have the design software on my laptop we can do the design in your house if you like.

I have 2 people I have worked with from Gardenweb that I can put you in touch with that were happy with me.

just email me.

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Good points live wire and jackuvall, I never really thought about it like that.

Thanks for the lead swtceleb! I'll see if she's still there.

That's surprising CEFreeman (though I am finding it to be true). You'd think a major metropolitan area like this would be exploding with talent.

Davidindc-I can see that. Something about sharing too much on the internet maybe? The anonymity of this forum makes people feel safe? I will admit that I would not post my kitchen on here for 'fear' of being identified, by whom I am not really sure!

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