Martha Stewart 'Picket Fence'

marisanyOctober 15, 2010

I am considering using cabinets from MS' new line at Home Depot. I am going to have a row of five 30"-wide 3-drawer base cabinets built into a knee wall in our attic. The white color that is available is Picket Fence, the same as in their paint line. This will mean that I will be painting all the other woodwork that color. Because the attic doesn't get much natural light, I was planning to use a warm, light color. Picket Fence is grayer than the creamy whites I've used elsewhere in the house. I'm wondering whether it will look right with the clear colors I am planning to use. The two suggested coordinating colors on the sample are Rice Paper (grayed yellow) and Rainwater (grayish green).

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I, too am about to order "Skylands" in Picket Fence in my new kitchen and am looking at the same situation. Did you happen to notice the symbols next to the paint colors on her paint card? The symbol you see next to Picket Fence means that all other paint colors on the card with that symbol will be harmonious with each other.

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Thanks for the tip, blondie. I see now that there is a symbol that looks like an asterisk. Strange, Rice Paper, on the same card, has a different symbol. I'll have to look into this further. What color are you planning to use in your kitchen?

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