Can I paint my door knobs?

maryelizabeth78October 12, 2008

We currently have shiny brass knobs in our house which we bought 2 years ago. We are slowly changing out all the brass lighting fixtures and ridding the house of all brass and switching over to ORB. Eventually, I'd like to buy all new door hardware for the inside of the house but it's not in the budget right now.

My question is: Can I spray paint my knobs? If so, is there a product that is better for this job than others? Thanks!

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Yes, you can paint them. In the long-run I'd certainly replace them, but for the short term painting might work.

You need to clean them with a solvent, give them a light sanding with 400 grit or finer, then spray with a primer, then top coat using the color of your choice. Personally, I'd go with a hammertone finish--It seems to hold up better. I use Rustoleum hammertone because I can get it locally. The only drawback might be if the paint begins to wear off on your hands. I hope this helps.

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Yeah, but you need to be realistic. Don't expect the finish to actually hold up when it's an item that people grab and twist several times a day.

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Painting them would be OK. Sandpaper is hard to achieve total coverage. I would use a Scotch Brite pad, very easy to use. Clean with thinner or similar product. I would not use laquer dries fast but is very brittle and chips easily. A good primer and then the color of your choice. Should last along time

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I primed and painted one door knob going to the garage and it came off .
Good luck!

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You can try primer, two coats of color, and one coat of clear.

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