what do you think about these pewter kitchen cabinets?

southernmumFebruary 28, 2013

I've been unsure about super white cabinets, but also didn't want glazed white cabinets that feel dated quickly. Anyway, I saw these pewter cabinets at my cabinet makers showroom and I'm wondering if they're a happy compromise... What do you guys think of these? Timeless or trendy? How will they wear, etc. I'm thinking of pairing this with a walnut island.

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They somewhat looked glazed to me. Maybe it's the door style and all the edges.

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I like the color but not paired with the blue.

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ellendi, I don't like the blue either.

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I like the color, and I like it with blue -- just not that blue. However, I think white kitchens are classic, not dated. I think the grey colors will be more likely to feel dated if you are inclined to think of them that way. And that's a door style I'm tired of because I had something similar in my last kitchen and couldn't wait to be rid of them (function and bad finish, not not a bad style -- until you've lived with the other problems).

Are you choosing for something you love and would always turn to or are you decorating for a current look or trying to be safe? Any choice can be a good one, just be honest with yourself about why you chose what you do and make it part of your home.

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To me, they just read "almost white cabinets". Either my monitor is a little off, or the pewter is very subtle.

Personally, if I were going for timeless, I'd go with white. I think most of us like white cabinets, whether we choose them for our own houses or not. What I really think will look dated in a couple years is the mixed cabinets -- I'd skip the walnut-toned island and go with whatever I used on the main cabinetry.

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They look glazed and cold to me, but hard to comment only on the color because I don't like the fussy style of them or the backsplash they're pared with.

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Maybe on another door style, but the pewter glaze on that busy doorstyle plus all of the other visual noise in that display hurts my eyes.

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They look glazed to me - reminds me of the "antiquing" finish my mom did on some old yard sale furniture when I was a kid! It doesn't look "pewter" to me at all, which would be a more of a grey with brown undertones.

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Thanks for the input! As much as a kitchen is my favorite room in a house, I'm just wanting this DONE! I wish one of you guys could pick it all out for me! ;)

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I love them. I think the color might require some good lighting, though, since it has so much gray to it.

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If you had "US" pick it out for you southern... you'd end up with a white walnut french country contemporary yellow kitchen with ORB stainless chicken knobs complete with corbels incorporating minimalism and a pottery collection!

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At first I thought the cabinets would be actually made of pewter. :p

I love gray in small doses. These don't look gray so much as through a fog of depression, like an overcast day when the sun never breaks through.

As for trendy vs. timeless. It's like tilting at windmills. If you don't love it, what does it matter?

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You need an intervention here.

STOP looking at the internet for a few days.

Go watch a movie this weekend. Make dinner in your current kitchen. Go to a mall, or a hockey game. Do something to take your mind off of the decisions. Come back to it fresh, and then look at only a couple of choices. Pick the one that you like the best from that group. Put the other ones away. Then take another break and make a cup of coffee. Look at your semi-finalist with a couple of the other choices that weren't in the first group. Throw the losers off the island.

And don't look at anything new until you've narrowed down your choices down from 50 to 2-3.

BTW, that's not a pewter color, that's pewter glazing on a white cabinet. Which if you like glazing, is fine. And you seem to have gravitated to a lot of glazed cabinets in the past, so that would be a strong clue that you really like the look, and it's in your heart, regardless of if it's that silly term, "timeless" or not. You can always have them painted without a glaze in 10 years if you end up moving.

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Hhmm, I haven't been around here enough to know what chicken knobs are! Sounds like an interesting GW kitchen! ;)

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live wire oak, thanks for the good advice! wish you lived in my part of TN and could do my kitchen! :) Yes, I think stepping away is sometimes a good thing!

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Remodelfla, You made me laugh aloud.
This kitchen is ornate, with the cabinet style and the glazing which magnifies the cabinets details. I agree with what others said: if that is your style, go with it.

Live wire oaks' advice on how to select ''your style'' is great. I would follow it, beginning with a complete break from thinking kitchens. Dinner and a movie and. . . .

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