What primer for bathroom/what paint

new.beeOctober 18, 2012

I'm painting a small windowless bathroom that only has the vents typical of highrises. Some cheap semigloss paint was used. I removed some bubbling paint near the shower, spackled, and primed with Glidden Gripper. Also, washed off walls and ceilings with a degreaser.

Do I have to prime the whole bathroom or is it enough where I spackled?

Can I use Glidden Gripper or Sherwin Williams Adhesion to prime? These primers seems thick and don't go on very smoothly.

Do I then use BM Aura bath or SW Duration in a semi-gloss or satin? I've heard not so good things about SW Emerald.

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Hate to say this, but re-wash the walls with a POWDERED cleaner like Dirtex or Spin-n-Span!!

ONLY then....keep using your existing primer!

ANY QUALITY paint in a Satin or higher sheen will do fine.
Just do TWO full coats, and let paint dry a day b4 a load of steam hits it!!

* A good Mildewcide, like M-1, can be added to ANY Latex paint if you've had that issue.
* Over the repair spots, brush a hazy coat of primer FIRST.
* When that's dry...apply the normal full coat of primer everywhere.
* This way, you'll have ~ 1.5 coats of primer on the THIRSTY patch spots!!
* Now....your paint coats won't have ANY sheen variation!

Here you can see what I did in our bath:
1) Repairs filled & sanded flush. Dust washed off all surfaces.
2) Gray primer brushed over repair spots.
3) Spray-texture then sprayed over these areas.
4) The blob on lower-right hadn't been spray-text. yet. It was one of the towel-bar holes.
5) The gray edge is of course my cut-in for the full coat of primer, applied when spray-tex spots were dried.
6) My final result?? Flawless paint sheen & evenness of new text.-spray!!

Other side of shower, showing the FULL coat of primer being applied over that repaired/sanded/brush-primed/spray-tex. area.

Vanity side of bath, showing fan cover off, and fussy repairing/priming/texturing there too!

Final look!

Waayyy too much flash here I guess, but....

A pic/angle that doesn't show lights/camera-flash!!

There WERE other repair spots here where the old towel bar was!!


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Thanks for the info. I'll do that. What's wrong with my degreaser? The bathroom is small, so no problem going over it with Dirtex.
So, the Glidden primer is fine with the BM or SW paint?

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No prob with the info.!

I probably got too pic-heavy though...?!

You don't have grease on the wall I'm assuming. The main reason however, is that you have to rinse cleaners like that VERY well...multiple times.

With the mentioned POWDERED cleaners, these rarely need rinsing. I'm erring on the side of caution here by suggesting the re-wash!

ANY high-quality LATEX paint is fine over that primer.


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

My favorite bathroom paint is Perma White by Zinsser. Don't let the white in the name fool you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perma White

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Nope, no grease but there was an incredible amount of hair and sticky stuff, probably shampoo, on the ceiling.

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Faron79 -- That looks just like our bathroom and we painted earlier this year.

The paint we used and have found to hold up great in our small, windowless bath is Benjamin Moore Kitchen and Bath. We did prime the whole bathroom first. The paint we used before that (I think it was Behr?) lasted a few years before pealing and cracking due to lack of extra prep work (like priming).

The guy at the paint store said the first month is the most important for running that fan and helping the paint cure. We are fortunate to have another bathroom, so we actually didn't use the freshly painted one for a couple of weeks.

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