New Construction Sheetrock Primer Recommendation

blondie859111October 17, 2010


I live in a very rural area and have had such bad advice lately about sheetrock primer. The HD paint guy said I didn't need to prime if I use Behr paint, but the Lowes guy said I need to. Hoping to use Martha Stewart paint from HD ultimately.

The I read the paint forum and see horror stories due to bad primers, and I am just overwhelmed.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good sheetrock primer brand for walls, ceilings, and another for baths?

Thank you!

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We just did a new addition. I got some 5 gallon containers of "speedhide" from Pittsburgh paints. It was recommended as a value primer from our BM paint dealer. I had no problems with it on new drywall - except maybe a bit of hiding issue on the bathroom green drywall. I would use it again.

Here is a link that might be useful: speedhide

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You may not need to prime, but why spend $38 per gallon for Behr paint and use that as the primer when primer can be purchased for much less? You can have the primer tinted towards your finish color. Zinnser 123 is a good all around drywall primer.

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Speedhide is a pretty basic primer, but you're not wrong to use it...just use a good FULL coat. I'd consider TWO coats of this primer if you're one to put on thinner coats.
>>> Apply this kind of primer at no greater than 300s.f./gal rate.
>>> Aim for about 250-300sf/gal.

123 is a much better choice!!
* Some new-construction painters/sheetrockers/construction people will think that's insane, because all they know is how to do stuff "at its cheapest".
* Per arm/roller movement...123 is giving you TWICE the sealing/holdout ability relative to cheaper "PVA-Class" drywall primers.
* The "primer" in paints like that Behr-series....IS NOWHERE NEAR the capability of primers like 123. Not even remotely!!!

What kind of stores are near you, besides HD, for paints?
Do you have an ACE "nearby"?


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Yep on the 123.

Don't skimp, but also don't over apply; remember it's a primer and as such will not cover as well as a paint.

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Thank you for all of your input. Our sheetrock guy has asked us if he could put in a bid for priming, and he likes SW primer, but I am not quite sure which one as there are so many.
My nearest ACE is about an hour away, but I do not mind traveling because where I live an hours drive is not unusual for errands.
I really appreciate the good advice. The only paint I've ever used was Harmony by SW because the smell of paint makes me dizzy, so I am very tempted to bid this job out! I thought HD had a nice deal on the 123 stuff, thank you.

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Wipe down the new drywall with a wet (but not dripping) drywall sponge, this gets the layer of dust off the newly sanded joints. I've always found it helps adhesion. Then, let the first coat really dry hard before recoating. Most blistering and peeling problems down the line are from not letting the first coat cure dry.

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