How BAD can a paint touch up get....

chefwongOctober 10, 2010

I have 2 quarter sized area where it got dinged when the electricians were here. I have patched and sanded it...

The ceiling was painted 4 years ago in a BM color in Muralo Ultra...

My paints are trashed and I will need to avoid paint.

I'm avoiding painting the ceiling and would prefer to touch up mainly cause I have crown moulding that part of my natural cherry kitchen cabinets, pantry, etc that I want to avoid getting dirty at all. Will need to drop the hi hat trims, lighting, etc....

Am I asking for trouble if I just order a quart in the same base - muralo ceramic and attempt to touch it up .

Or do I suck it up and recover the whole ceiling...which will involve alot of masking, protection, drop cloths, removal of lighting fixtures, etc....

The ceiling coverage looks good, etc except for these 2 spots...

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Two spots each the size of a quarter? I would go to BenMoore and find one of their sample bottles closest to your color and paint the spots with an artist's paint brush.

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A brush would be too much eyesore for me with my golden eyes. I can spot brush marks on walls easily if not the cut in brush marks on ceiling if I LOOK for it..

Not quite sure about if I would be able to spot it in the middle of the ceiling.

Paint color/match/shade/reflectance may come into play as the color was used with Muralo Ultra Base

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I have been successfully touching up paint for years by brushing the color on the spot, then going over it with a *dry* roller. The roller completely gets rid of any brush marks and blends the new paint in. If your ceiling paint is flat, then your touch-up will be practically invisible.

If you buy a new quart of the same color, there may be some shade variance, but unless your ceiling is really dirty you probably won't notice it after the first week or so.

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Dry roller paint lift ?

I generally do touch ups by brushing with the paint and then using a very very misted roller to create the same stipple. However this was with like/like paint. I've yet to mix paints....even though it's a different color.

At $60 a gallon....I guess u can call it that I'm going to try Aura and see it compares to Muralo. Love love the Muralo...

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You can use the brush, but then just dab the paint on to simulate the stipple. This would be the only way to go if you are trying to keep the touch up areas small.

Here is a link that might be useful: touch up

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