Need to update country looking kitchen -Part Three

tinker1121February 7, 2014

There had been so much discussion I have had to start a Part Three. Three hundred messages to date and I still don't have my floor, countertop or paint color but I sure have learned a lot about the options. Major stress is finding flooring that doesn't clash with the existing wainscoat and cabinets. Not painting the wainscoat ;)

I am sticking with the color scheme of cream, tan, golds with black accent from my last Olio board and not sure how to post more than one pic but will try. The formica here is Labrador granite and I do like it but exploring tile for counter top. Sink is also not a definite.

Keeping the cabinets which match this wainscoat and need a floor, counter, hardware, light and sink.

Today talked to our friend who is to install the floor and he thinks I should go with a tile floor after I expressed my disappointmen with the faux vinyl patterns I am seeing and how difficult it has been to find something that looks good with the oak wainscoat. He thinks it is beneficial to make an appointment with the decorator at the tile distributor he uses and I will take my fabric, cabinet door and paint samples. He assures me he will assist in making the project nice. I spoke to him about the tile counters and he has done them in the past and can take it on if that is the direction this goes.

Thanks to everyone for the ideas and keep them coming.

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Before wall paper removal. Keeping cabinets and wainscoat.

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I like the look of tiles for the counter and appear to be 12 x 12 but 24 x 24 looks great per other threads I read. These appear to be granite tiles and I will look for them and ceramic as Mayflower suggested. Any experience with these anyone?

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For what it is worth, you could keep the pretty wainscoting and consider doing a dramatic black paint on your cabs. It will seem like a shocking idea but I have seen photos of folks who have done just this and the effect can be both stunning and dramatic. And then do a light counter and a light floor. And even a white porcelain sink. Pop! And definitely paint the kitchen table and chairs...which I recognize as mine :). The material is durable...painting it a sort of shabby chic could yield great results for not too much investment.

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Pretty arched doorway! After 300 posts I'm just now realizing your table is in a corner of the kitchen. I always thought it was in an adjacent dining area, maybe to the right of the sink wall. I feel that many suggestions were made without understanding the actual space. At least some of mine were. Please post a pic of the entire room.

Ask your installer if the subfloor needs cement board if you go from vinyl to tile. I hate my raised threshold strip. Your choices may come down to the strip, sheet vinyl, or luxury vinyl tile, which doesn't need cement board and is grouted, making it look more like ceramic tile.

Now that I see how narrow the room is, at least at that end of the kitchen, I would make the floor quieter than the vinyl you had picked out before. I even think the diagonal layout could look busy. I think countertop tile should be somewhat quiet so it doesn't look like a floor on your counter. You'll see a lot of faux stone, so you can avoid those. The backsplash can provide the interest, but I wouldn't use a mosaic since the bones of your house are very traditional.

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I'm a very visual person, so I would put black trash bags and white bags or paper on the counters and see what it looks like.
I've never had ceramic floor tiles in the kitchen, so I don't know to what extent the hardness is a factor.
I know you have a lot of wood already, but I'm wondering what hardwood floors would look like. Probably a no, I guess.
Below a link to oak kitchens with dark counters; many have oak floors but no wainscoting.

Here is a link that might be useful: oak kitchen, dark counters, floors

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Yes, this is just one room which is 12 x 14. It is hard to get the entire room in one picture.

Looking straight on from the room behind it, sink area straight ahead with rounded doorway to LR on left and basement door on right. Left wall had the one window and corner with kitchen set. Left wall is stove more counter and comes to back wall with fridge.

I also had the thought of the counter looking like a floor and you may have missed it in Part 2 but I did put black trash bags on the counter per lov_mkitchen and the black counters look great. Thanks for that link and think it is the pop I am looking for.

I am leaning back to laminate counters and still like the Labrador Granite but now liking Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone. I think black counters, creamy walls, not too busy of a cream/beige floor and a nice tile back splash will do it.

I also don't want a SS sink. So with black counter, a bisques sink or black?

Going out today to another flooring store to take one more look see at vinyl. Tile would be easier to pick out but not my first choice as all Mayflowers comments correct. Old crooked house, more weight, doorway issues and maybe not worth it.

Thanks and any sink ideas?

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Well, I wouldn't go with a shiny really black sink because it'll be just as bad as SS to keep it looking nice.
Maybe a slate color depending on how dark you go with the counters.
Linked to part 2 below for pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: link to part 2

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Before slab granite, I remember 12 x 12" granite tiles being used on countertops. You can use black grout and cleaning won't be an issue.

If you don't use a solid black counter (which I wouldn't because of the size of the kitchen, the single window, and the wainscot), you can use a black sink. Some of the top-mounts have a flush edge.

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Pretty sunflowers!

There were black granite tiles in a home I toured (showcase of homes last year) and they looked a bit cheap. Maybe it was the grout(?) but I think it was that the granite was shiny and the grid lines REALLY stood out. I think a granite slab would have looked a lot better :)

If cost is an issue, I've seen some nice laminate that looks like granite. It looked better than the grid lines in the granite...and very easy to keep clean.

Also, I've missed a few posts. What happened to the birds?

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My sister did black granite tile countertops in her last house. She used a very dark grout (black?) and I didn't even notice they were tiles until she pointed it out. It looked really nice. She did say it was tricky, keeping pressure on them, getting them even, so there were no high/low spots. She is an excellent tile installer and did a great job though. I have to say that I would rather the granite tiles or laminate than a ceramic tile countertop. To me, that is a very outdated look. Just my opinion though. We are one of the few who chose laminate for our remodel. The premium laminates are not that much cheaper than solid surface or lower end granites. Its not the materials that cost, its the labor to install it that costs. But we wanted the easy care and durability of laminate and are happy with it. They make some really beautiful laminates today.

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The tiles are actually large format rectified porcelain tiles, an entirely different look than the old ceramic tiles. It's just a matter of finding the right dark tile.

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I went to a tile store today and found out something interesting. There are many people even more confused than me! lol Started several conversations with others shopping and three people told me they have "been doing this" since before Christmas, took a break now at it again. How can we all be so confused!

Found a very pretty tile but I think way over the top for my space and I may tire of it. It is only sold as shown with the different sized tiles. So pretty that wanted to post it. Fabric is a valance with the colors I would like to use in the room, my cabinet door and a backsplash display.

Mayflower I will try to get a picture of the whole room tomorrow when lighting is better.

I need to spend more time looking a the kitchens from the link posted. Thanks for that!

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I really like the combination in the last picture: tile for the floor not as a counter. How would the soapstone laminate look in the mix?

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I like the colors in the floor tile, but I steered away from tiles with chipped edges because it looks too ancient Roman ruins to me. Fortunately there was a lot of that so we could reject a lot. Took us 6 months to find floor tile.

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Love the floor! It's definitely pretty and you can't see the dirt. Low maintenance is very important to me :) I've actually been looking at something similar in more of a brown tone. My neighbor did her whole house in a travertine that looks similar to the one you posted.

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Since you want a simple black have you priced out the cheaper granites? They sell certain kinds already cut for regular depth counters and they can be on par with some of the laminates price wise. only limit is the choices, but I believe they have some dark ones with little movement as part of this.

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The floor is very pretty but cut of the stone and varied sizes not for my space I don't think but it is the nicest flooring I have seen to date. The coloring is stunning in person and of the color scheme I am going for and I had a small piece of the laminate soapstone with me and would work well I think.

My floor guy deals with Daltile and wants me to make an appointment with the decorator there and I think that will help a lot.

Still haven't ruled out a vinyl floor and haven't looked at any since deciding on black counters and taking the fabric along. Going back out today.

Lyfia, tell me more about these pre-cut granite counters please and where I would find something like that.

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I don't know much, but have seen it mentioned on here and the decorating side. I believe our builder used it too based on the allowance we had, but don't know for sure as I was in the hospital when that all happened.

I think it is called prefab granite. You might want to do a search or post a separate question about it.

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Below is a link. Of course, I have no clue how much it is to install these.

Here is a link that might be useful: prefabricated granite counters

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Tink, in the ugly duckling to swan thread just posted, she put 12" tiles on her oak cabinets.

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That was my thread.

This is the second house where we have had 12 x 12 porcelain floor tiles for the counters. I loved them. So easy to manage. You can put a hot cast iron pan right on them, no problem. If you choose them, try to find a tile that comes with a companion 3 x 12 bullnose edge piece.

I will say that in both homes I have had with them, I also had large butcher block islands so I did have a solid surface without any grout lines for rolling out pies and cookie dough.

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Thanks everyone for more input. The perfect scenario, just sticking with the floor would be the colors in the tile I posted in an 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 for the floor. I still love that pic above and they are to call me when a sample is available.

As for tiled counters, I have not ruled it out but just found out about a granite yard close by and investigate the cost. The labor of changing out the formica could be very close to finding a good price on granite and since I only need 35 square feet, I think it is worth checking out.

Tile on the counter is still a nice idea but may be stressful to coordinate a bunch of tile on the floor, counter and backsplash in such a small space.

I have taken some good shots of the kitchen with the wallpaper off. My other pictures tended to indicate I had a separate dining area. This is one 12 x 14 eat in kitchen and we have no dining room so like this to look as nice as possible.

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another view

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funky corner because of chimney behind those drawer cabinets

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Sorry I don't know the trick to post more than one pic in a post.
Any examples and ideas for flooring would be much appreciated! I still so love the colors in the yellow and gray. So soft and pretty and the coloring I am looking for but do you think I would tire of it? I think everytime I walked in the kitchen I would say, so pretty, at least for a few years.

Oh, and that is Princess, the diva cat who must be in the pictures and we must run this by her before making any choices. She must sit on and nap on all flooring samples I bring home before she approves of them.

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Thanks for the photos! Your cabinets are beautifully maintained for 20 year old cabinets. Quality sure makes a difference. Kraftmaid, right?

You have very little counter, so you might be able to get the material of your choice without breaking the bank. All I know about pre-fab granite is from a KD here who said you aren't really getting a custom install, so do your homework on the granite and the installer. You might just price a full slab. Maybe there will be enough left over for a vanity, making it the wiser choice. Some fabricators will hold your remnants for other projects.

Your cabinets are insisting on being the star of the show, so keep the colors light and the patterns quiet. Don't compete with showy and modern elements--it just never looks appropriate with an older style cabinet. They say diagonal tile patterns and large tile make a room feel larger. I don't like high contrast between counter and tiled/vinyl floor, so pick one to have a medium tone. I'm not feeling the black counters for the size of the room, and it could be just too dark with a medium-toned floor.

Why not put the valance up to see if inspiration strikes for the light fixture and wall color?

So glad you didn't use the bird mural. That would have taken over the room!

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After seeing your whole kitchen, I may throw a wrench in your project (sorry). But I actually like the colors you have now, that is, light counter and light floor. So:

I like the idea of hanging the valance for test purposes and to see what colors would go with it; however, for permanent use, I'd hang it higher above the window, so that it doesn't cover as much.
If the floor is in bad shape, then that's something you need to do, but if the counters and sink are still in good shape, I'd leave them for now. Would the floor tiles you like go with the current counters?
Paint the walls a light color.
Get a new light fixture, and be done with it.

With respect to the paint samples, I actually like the color the wall looks to the left of the window, without any paint, bu tit's hard to judge from a monitor.

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I called two granite places this morning and as I only have 35 square feet total, they each quoted about $1700 for fabricating AND installation. I think that is quite reasonable and have an appt. Saturday to look at the place that someone recommended. Does this sound reasonable? Early on HD quoted me $3000 and turned me off to the idea as didn't want to spend that amount just in counters.

Yes, they are Kraftmaid cabinets and I credit having the back plates on the hardware as helping them look good for so long.

I did put up the valance and like SW Believable Buff for the wall color and would love a floor with cream and bit of gray and gold, same colors as the fabric.

If anyone could post pics or make suggestions for granite and sink colors I would be forever grateful.

I may do another post for granite color suggestions.

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I like the lighter colors too. I think cream, gray, and gold would be pretty. It's similar to my Daltile porcelain tile. Gray cools down the warms that are in the oak. Be careful about going too gold as the gold in mine makes the tile look yellow. Though yellowish, it's cheery and works with my beige quartz.

Don't shop strictly by price for granite. We have seen so many awful installations on GW.

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I like Santa Cecilia and especially Kashmir White

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The granite place I am going to has been in business for a long while and a good reputation and would be a few hundred more but worth it.

Sorry but I find the granite above a bit blah and would keep what I have which is still presentable and blah.

Condition of current kitchen is floor finish about gone but no wear or tears and it needs replacing as dirt catcher now. Counter is beige formica with tiny flecks of brown, taupe and blue with some scratches on the large area on left of sink. Oak bullnose trim has wear in front of the sink but both could be used for a while longer. Then of course is the infamous blue sink. It is a shame to pull it out just because of the color but it is 20 years old.

I could just get another neutral floor and paint and call it a day for now but wanted to freshen things and update.

The paint on the left of the window is the white primer that was under the wall paper. On the right of the window right next to it is Believable Buff and next to that, closer to the rounded doorway is Manchester Tan that looks very gray in the space.

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One of the lighter colored granites that isn't extremely "hot" right now is Giallo Ornamental Light, so the price might be reasonable. I used a remnant for my guest bath. It has a lot of whitish quartz crystals, taupey gold, blue-gray, and a few brownish-burgundy garnet inclusions. When you search (Houzz is good) or visit the stone yard, make sure it's GO Light. Regular GO is very gold.

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I had to laugh. Yes, I would recommend a granite that's "blah" because (1) your cabinets are very nice, and I wouldn't distract from them with a wild granite; (2) I also think that the more permanent the item, the more neutral it should be; so I wouldn't invest in a wild granite that you'll get over with quickly, especially since you don't seem to be absolutely in love with one particular type of stone; (3) I'd pick a light color; however, you could also go with a black granite. (4) For non-blah, I'd go with things that can be more easily changed, paint, fabrics, accessories.
That's why I suggested for now to just replace the floor, paint, hang the valance, get a new light fixture, and maybe art work, and hold off on the sink and counters.

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I do appreciate your input no soccermom but it feel I am already tired of the speckled look of granite and I don't even have it. I tend to like things that are different that you don't see a lot of (the blue sink!) but something light may catch my eye.

I saw a pretty granite online Honed Jet Black and a soft black on the order of soapstone. Would love to see it in person.

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I also like the paint color by the window.

I have to say that I don't care for the counter that you have been thinking of. It seems a little strong for the space with the black and gold. I myself would prefer something plainer, or at least lighter; if granite maybe steel grey (but I hear you about speckled granite. I didn't think that I wanted it either although that is what I ended up with).

In Formica, what about the colors Flax Gauze or Ivory Kashmire, Parquet Latte or Santa Cecilia Light?

I think that I might prefer a plain solid surface, actually. It comes in lots of colors, most might be more than you want to spend but the simplest colors are not bad price-wise. A plain vanilla color might be just right with the strong color of the cabinets and walls, and bold accents of the valance, black chairs, red cookie jar. Soft color like in the floor you showed would be just right.

I think that the floor you showed above is very nice; I like the blend of colors (tan, cream, grey, a touch of blue) and don't think that they will become tiresome. I have sample of Trafficmaster Allure 'Corfu' and 'Corsica' that look very similar -- but read many bad reviews of this brand. I am sure that Armstrong or Congoleum must make something similar too.

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Tinker, even though Believable Buff is a gorgeous color, you do not want to go with it because that color is from the yellow family. You want something from the Cool Neutral family that has gray undertones. Google Home Staging & Redesign + Top 5 Wall Colors for Oak Cabinets. That should bring up a page where the home stager shows the five best colors. They all have gray/green undertones with no yellow. Three are Benjamin Moore paints: Sweet Spring, Hazy Skies, & Pleasant Valley. The two from Sherwin Williams are Oyster Bay and Ancient Marble. The SW website has Paint colors by Family. Scroll down to Cool Neutrals. The gray/greens are second row, left half. Your cabinets seems to have a lot of red in the wood which is another reason to go with a complementary color, green. I agree with the other posters, you want very little pattern since the room is so small and chopped up. Stay with solids or speckles for the counter. Just remember, stay completely away from anything with yellow undertones and select from the gray/black (cool neutral) family.

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Texasgal, I found this picture of BM Sweet Spring. So pretty though this is a huge room with lots of light and if I could find tile for the floor in the fireplace stone colors it would all work.

I sort of gave up on a "cool" neutral and as you see the Manchester Tan looks very dark and flat on the wall on the right of the Believable Buff but the Sweet Spring may be lighter?

I am off to check out the formica you suggested also and agree too much pattern will chop up the room and the issue has been floor patterns with the wainscoat wood grain. Although I love love the colors in the tile in my picture with the valance fabric, could it be too busy as packaged with the different sized tiles to be installed as shown?

Something softer in tones of this fireplace stone could look very pretty. Problem is and has been finding this stuff IRL.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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I've been following your journey since you first posted with interest. It's fun to see the evolution of your plan as you test out ideas and then move on.
I'd like to suggest two things. First, paint colors have more possible variants than any other element, so pick your counters and your floors first. You don't want to pick out a paint then find yourself unable to use your ultimate flooring choice without repainting.
Second, have you ever worked on a dark or heavily patterned counter? It's a personal thing, but many who're used to light counters have a great deal of difficulty transitioning to the dark counters. If it's something with a lot of movement or patterning then crumbs don't show and it's hard to tell when your counters are clean. If it's something shiny and solid then every streak and water spot shows. I'm not saying don't go with a dark countertop, but rather think about the function too, and whether it'll drive you nuts.

Personally I love your blue sink, and wonder, just wonder, if when you go to the stone yard you might find something, like Blue Pearl, that will allow you to keep your sink. I know you've been through this, and have maybe moved beyond keeping the sink, but you did just mention that you like things just a bit different, like your blue sink. Remember when pricing out counters that if you keep your sink you're saving $700-$1000 which is about the replacement cost for that Kohler Sink.
If you do decide to go with a formica-soapstone look counter take a look at the silgranite sinks. The Anthacite color is perfect for soapstone and everyone who has one Loves it.

FYI, the transformation with just the wallpaper removed is amazing. And I love the flooring you pictured above.

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Well, you obviously don't want counters that you are bored with before you even put them in! But you also shouldn't get something a permanent as granite just for the sake of wanting to change it up...
Do you like your sink?
I personally think it's cool. Always loved blue and always will, and now it's very "in."
So, Blue Pearl could be a great choice as suggested by mlweaving.

I also like the floor tiles you posted. Could you take a sample home and see how the size would work in your kitchen?
BTW, I love your phone!

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You guys are great! The phone is gone and DH spackled over the cord. lol He loved that phone and I said it had to go. Maybe I should have kept it? Thought it screamed COUNTRY.

I love that gray/cream and gold floor tile too and see it with the Formica Soapstone counter and a cream backsplash and nix the granite.

Sorry, I don't like the blue granite. If I keep the sink, I keep the counters and then just a matter of painting and getting a floor. I really could get away with that.

I was thrown into total confusion with that wallpaper gone. Seeing a clean pallet leaves for so many possibilites and opininons.

Nosoccermom, those formica light colors you posted are very gold and I don't like it with the Sweet Spring paint color.

What paint color does anyone see with the floor tile I posted and Oiled Soapstone formica in black?

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I didn't post any Formica light colors.... only granites.

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I was looking for Formica to go with Believable Buff.

If you are discarding that, and going more grey/cool then I do like the Oiled Soapstone (Wilsonart?) and also the Soapstone Sequoia (Formica). I haven't seen those in real life, but I have seen dark greys that look good with both cool and warmer tones.

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I saw the tile as gray but now I see the blue after someone mentioned it. I know you don't want blue walls. A cream color would brighten up the room. I think my SW Antique White would work with that floor tile, if it doesn't go yellow in your room. Looks like you don't get much direct light, so it could be good. I think the tans are too fleshy and muddy with the oak.

There's a thread on here from 2008 where she said her OS is a blue black. It's Wilsonart, right?

The backsplash tile is too pink and too busy. You might want to think about how the pattern of the floor tile will affect backsplash tile. Will you be happy with a boring backsplash?

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Sorry nosoccermom. I believe it was Raee who was nice enough to post the formica suggestions.

Yes, the laminate is Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone not Formica.

I do have a quart of SW Antique White, Mayflowers, but have to get that tile sample and calling her now to see if she was able to get it. The tile in the picture is more gray creams and light gold/tan and not really blue IRL.

That backsplash was just something I liked, not necessarily with that tile.

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

The floor you like (with the various sized pieces) IS the same tone as the beautiful fireplace you posted. Don't rule out Manchester Tan--it doesn't look dull and dark to me at all--and it is in the neutral family you need to complement the oak. I have Bleeker Beige, which is next to MT on the BM strip, in my dining area and it doesn't seem dark at all.

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Junco, if you look at my kitchen pics, I painted Manchester Tan on the walls. It is above my cat, lol, in the one photo, and in the photo of my sink counter I painted it on the soffit directly above the canister set.

I also tried Kilim Beige on my wall but picture on my home computer.

What do you think of the Manchester in my kitchen?

Just talked to the tile store and the tile I like is actually stone and on the expensive side at $6.44 sq. ft, supposed discounted from $8.59. They seem willing to negotiate and another 10% would make it only $284 more than a vinyl floor. I can live with than and then laminate counters.

Almost there, maybe. lol

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

I like the Manchester Tan very much. I was encouraging you to keep it after you told Texasgal that it was dark and flat.

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Can someone i.d. this sink, granite and faucet color please?

Love the shape and size of the sink!

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I like the floor with the different size tiles- most of them are big enough to make your space look bigger, but I think the variety is nice.

What is the gray color, not above the cat? I'd probably go with that one first, it's lovely.

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That sink looks like the Silgranite 1 3/4 double bowl Diamond sink, in Anthracite. Same sink I suggested above if you decided to use a soapstone look.
They make it too in a low divide, and reverse (which side is the 3/4) which is something to look into.

Faucet finish appears to be oil rubbed bronze.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silgranite sinks

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Thanks for the link to the sink.

The "gray color" to the right of the cat and near the doorway is the BM Manchester Tan. That was my first choice as my daughter painted the first floor of her townhouse and it is very nice but she has lots of light and a skylight.
I also painted some Manchester Tan on the soffit and you can see it on the picture with my dishwasher and it is above it (the color above the right cabinet door of the large wall cabinet).

That floor tile I posted is stone and not going to work as way too random in the coloring. The picture I posted is the display installed on the floor of the tile store and I am sure they put in the nicest pieces. It is soooo pretty as they have it and I don't think I could duplicate the look and can't chance it. I went for samples and the 5 or 6 pieces they had for me were almost unrecognizable and I actually thought it was the wrong stone. They were large pieces too. It is expensive and wrapped in bundles of the random sizes and I think just too varied and I would be unhappy with it. Love the coloring and hope to find something similar in colorings and would like a 16 x 16 size or larger as you suggest to open up the room.
Thanks for your input on the Manchester Tan.

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Wow, if they could come up with a slab like the one in the showroom, I would say go for the total package -- backsplash, sink, faucet, knobs, counter, and floor. Too bad they haven't. However, I think you've got the idea.
If the Manchester Tan is the paint on the right on the furdown, it should look fine. I also like your sample that is close to the door arch (in the photo with the window).

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The paint by the door arch is also the Manchester Tan.

There is so much out there but hard to find what I have it pictured as which is soft a bit dressy in pale tones of gray, cream and a little gold or tan. Also something you don't see coming and going and a bit unique.

I am liking this Wilsonart laminate after taking time to look at all the Formica and Wilsonart brands online. (did I say I received the large sample of the Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone and is very dull and dark and think I would hate it. The plastic bags looked better! lol)

I think a large sheet would have a lot of movement but love the soft colors with the cabinets and with a non busy floor it could work.

This is nicer than the Labrador Granite laminate which I see quite a bit. It is an in stock laminate at Lowes.

Saturday I am going to look at a granite yard just to see what is out there.

This post was edited by tinker1121 on Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 23:02

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Tinker, that Wilsonart laminate posted above looks like a nice option. What is the name? When you're at the granite yards, ask to see Dakota Mahogany granite. It's darker, a good "neutral" type stone (level 2), with no movement, that works well in small kitchens. It looks great with cherry stained cabinets. I mention that since yours seem to have quite a bit of red in the stain, at least on my monitor. My interior designer says she often recommends it. I happen to have it my kitchen with cream cabinets and have greatly enjoyed it.

    Bookmark   February 13, 2014 at 1:01AM
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The laminate is Café di Pesco but I need to see it IRL and have ordered samples and not going to get excited just yet as still curious to see the granite on Saturday.
(I meant that the Labrador Granite is an instock laminate at Lowes and I thing the HD too, the reason why you see it everywhere).
Your kitchen sounds really nice. If I were able to get new cabinets I would get cream.

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I read about half this posting, so forgive me if it has been mentioned before but linoleum might be a good option for you. You said you liked the yellow and gray mix in tiles. Armstrong's marmorette in constellation is a neutral mix of tanish grays. Forbo has some slimlar selections. We hope to use their click product in our remodel because we can DIY it and it will accommodate our old house floors. Availability of these products varies around the country, so it may not be an option, but worth a look maybe.

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That wilsonart laminate looks like crystalline dune. When remodeling my mothers kitchen for resale, we put crystalline dune laminate in with spice stained cabinets. It looked really great together.

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Progress! I wanted to post as so many of you helped me get a handle on this and it is very much appreciated.

I have kissed soooo many frogs and spent 2 1/2 months looking for just the right thing to change up my kitchen and found mostly what I didn't like and what wouldn't work.

I am totally disenchanted with granite for this kitchen. This house is now almost 100 years old and I can't take all the country out of it. The "estimates" I had received ended up being much more when said and done. Then add in removal of the older countertops and disposal, granite would have been $2600 or more and some of it so gorgeous but nothing seemed to fit this kitchen.

I had one fast talking guy who would have given me Antique Finish Uba Tuba for $2150 installed "If I bought it that day", I actually did as thought it a good price but when I brought the large sample home and put it on my counter it look quite awful, especially at night. Almost tar like in appearance with the unpolished (antique) surface and I cancelled the order.

After ordering larger sized samples of Formica and Wilsonart I have decided on Wilsonart Green Soapstone. It is a medium rich tone and I like the look of it with the oak and it is as if they belong together. I did like the Oiled Soapstone which was black, but I think black was just easy. (like when buying clothing). The gold, black and cream theme from my valance was just not working out.

Second runner up was Formica Concrete Stone but the colors are exactly what I have now and it just seemed silly.

No turning back now as our kitchen guy has ordered the laminate and will start next week. He is great and did the original kitchen. He will touch up the knicks in the cabinets, getting new hinges that won't be exposed and he is happy for the work and to be part of the update.

I am looking for a copper sink for something unique and think the coloring will be great with the green. The Silgranite would work if I can't find something at a good price point and think it would have to be black but hoping for copper.

I still need a floor (tile or vinyl?), tile backsplash which I am really looking forward to shopping for and then a paint color. I predict the floor will be the most difficult but hoping for tile and choosing them both at the same time.

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I am now excited and this is my final olio board. Paint color here is November Rain and I think a contender but will wait for the counters to be in. No floor or backsplash.

I really need to thank mudhouse as her green and copper board from the Golden Oak challenge topic really stuck in my mind and also lov_mkitchen who helps me so much via email and so much great advice and input.

Also need a light and this one smallish as my table is 48".

Thanks again for all of your help and any floor and backsplash ideas and pics would be great to help me finish this up!

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Wow, your ideas are really coming together! Looking great :-)

    Bookmark   March 11, 2014 at 10:58PM
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Good choice on the counter. I really like it. The gray tones in the green should nicely play down the yellow in the oak. The copper sink sounds fab but pricey. That jewel should make the sink area the focal point of your kitchen. Thanks a lot for the update. I've been wondering how things were going for you. Do you plan to put lighting in the cabinet with glass?

    Bookmark   March 12, 2014 at 12:23AM
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Texasgal, thanks for your input. The ideas had evolved into a light countertop color and thought my green choice may be poo pooed. It just seems to be best with the oak and better than black.

I forgot about the suggestion to put light in the cabinet above the sink. I don't think I will as then have to worry about what is in there and also DH not up to par to do it and in his younger days would have wired up anything we needed. I really don't want to hire an electrician so will keep it simple. I will look into under cabinet lights and how they have to be installed and lower to work with if he can.

I will have that glass changed out as brass colored leading and new faucet is ORB. Into what, I don't know. Many more decisions to make but at least a concrete plan.

I think my biggest obstacle was finding the time to shop, and finding too many items online that were a disappointment IRL. Internet is great for ideas, pricing and looks but putting the colors together like that impossible.

Copper sink not a given and second runner up to copper , though no comparison, and would have probably have to be a black (anthracite?) silgranite and thoughts on that appreciated.

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I'm glad you're changing out the glass as agree, it does date the kitchen.

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I have kissed so many frogs since stripping off that wallpaper in January that I almost put a halt to things and was just going to paint and be done with it.

Finally started the project this week and old formica countertops and backsplash off and new countertops being made with the Wilsonart Green Soapstone. Can't wait to see them.

Remember the blue sink? I posted it on CL for $125 and one person fell in love with it and called the same day the plumber removed it and now it has a new home!

A small project compared to the many new kitchens here but many decisions. Have the countertop, Swanstone sink in Nero (their black), Delta Saville faucet in ORB, new cabinet hardware, having the glass cabinet insert brass leading patina in black, new Quorum light fixture, oh and the floor tile.

Only two more major decisions which will be the backsplash and the paint color.

I came upon a huge bargain with Adex Hampton line decorative tiles in "olive" and awaiting them to come and then will need to choose a layout and get the field tile.

Finally a go, I am a bit nervous as this has totally evolved on it's own many times but I think I got it. Fingers crossed and should be finished in a few weeks!

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b


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junco East Georgia zone 8a

Sounds good! Be sure to post pictures as you get it done.

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On pins and needles :)

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Thanks for the update -- can't wait to see the "new & improved" kitchen.

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It is finally starting to get exciting but stressful. Not sure how people do total remodels.

I had to edit this post. Countertops are in and I never really took a close look. The entire perimeter and edges of the counter and bullnose front are full of chips!!! VERY shoddy work and counters are unacceptable.

Also the top on the wide counter is too wide and fridge will not fit back in. He put bullnose on both edges and not stove does not fit flush and fridge would not fit back in. A sheer nightmare.

This post was edited by tinker1121 on Sun, Apr 20, 14 at 10:12

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Glad to see its all coming together. As for the back splash, I'd wait until you get your counters and floor installed. Once you get the counters in, get a few sample backsplash tiles and bring them home to see how you like it in your own kitchen, with your lighting. . Seeing tiles in a store, with store lighting will not always look the same as it will in your kitchen, with your lighting. Can't wait to see the finished results!

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Great to hear the progress! I'll be glad to photoshop backsplash and paint options when you're ready. Best, oldbat2be

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Back to square one. New sink has to come out and thank goodness a "dual mount" and can be undermounted in new countertops.

I am really wishing I would have never started this update and just painted and got a new floor.

This post was edited by tinker1121 on Sun, Apr 20, 14 at 10:18

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Looking great Tinker. Can't wait to see your countertops. I think I have those same floor tiles in my second bathroom- they are a great color!

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Another edit.
Counters have to come out. Contractor is fired.
Ordered granite from a reputable company.

This post was edited by tinker1121 on Sun, Apr 20, 14 at 10:15

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Tinker, I really like how your new sink looks on the new counters. It works well with your appliances. The blue sink was a fun color, but the low profile of the new sink edges really takes a big step towards making the space feel updated, I think.

I'm feeling like square tiles would be appropriate for my sixties kitchen, as I consider ideas, but since your house is around 100 years old, I think subway tiles would also be very appropriate for you (if you find something that steals your heart.) I know you'll find something beautiful.

Sorry the floor tiles have been such a challenge, but it sounds like you are zeroing in on what you need, and that is progress (even if it doesn't feel like it!)

Good to see the pictures of progress!

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