Wrong paint used on porch floor - How to fix?

maureeninmdOctober 14, 2010

I have an old house with an enclosed back porch (unheated, 4 steps off the ground). I sanded, cleaned well, and primed with Kilz2. Then I used 2 coats of BM's High Gloss Metal and Wood Enamel (Impervex Latex).

I KNEW I wanted porch and floor paint. That's what I requested and the guy at the BM dealer suggested a high-gloss as that would be the most durable for this high-traffic area. So he grabbed a can and tinted it and now two coats later, I'm looking at the can and it says "do not use on floors".

What will happen? Will it peel and flake off? It looks really, really good! Should I sand it really well and repaint using the "Alkyd Porch and Floor Enamel"?

Thanks for any help.


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Well, from what I hear those guys know their stuff. I guess if it was HD telling that it would be questionable. I am sure they will stand by their paint should it not wear well.....

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First off...

>>> MOST P & F paints DON'T need a primer!
* The paint needs "itself" to be the primer.
* At least with ACE P&F (& many others...), if using on bare wood, the 1st coat should only be SLIGHTLY thinned with water...to aid in penetration.
* 2nd coat goes on UN-diluted.
* Kilz2 is an "OK at best" primer...but only for VERTICAL surfaces, NOT floors.

>>> The main weak-spot here...the primer itself. >>> At least you've got high-gloss! From a TECHNICAL-only standpoint, the-glossier-the-better for floors.

All in all...I'd leave it as is. It would be a LOT of effort to strip down, re-sand, and re-paint.
It'll probably wear fine, believe it or no!

When it's time for a normal re-do, re-sand down to mostly bare wood (to get rid of the not-needed Kilz2!), remove ALL dust, and use a top-notch P&F paint.


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Thanks Faron. I should have asked before starting - or at least read the can!

This floor was the tail-end of a long project and I was eager to finish it up. The floor is very old, with some water damage and lots of holes (from having sub-floor aggressively nailed down as it was covered with vinyl). So DH told me to use the Kilz and I did so without checking. And then I trusted the paint-store guy. I have to stop being so easily led astray!

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