Do I need to toss this?

doucanoeNovember 25, 2011

After the feast and clean up last night I stripped the meat off the turkey carcass and pulled out the pressure cooker to make stock.

The stock was done about 9pm, I was able to release the pressure and remove the lid about 9:30. I set it on some pads on the counter to cool, covered with some foil. I went to bed about 10pm, Tim stayed up so he was going to put it in the fridge before he went to bed.

Well....unfortunately he fell asleep on the couch and when I got up this morning at 5:30 there sat the big pot of cooled broth....on the counter.

I am guessing I should toss it, but thought I'd see what the concensus was here. What do you all think?


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No need to discard, unless it tastes distinctly sour, which is very unlikely.

I do that all the time. The carcass was already cooked, so harmful bacteria (salmonella, etc) was dead. Then it was pressure cooked, further sterilizing it. It probably stayed over 140F until past midnight. So it's only been at a temperature, where common harmful bacteria can grow, for a few hours. And the only bacteria available to grow would be whatever got into the covered pot from your kitchen air, that is, not much.

I'd use that stock with no worries at all.

A pot of turkey stock and a pot of duck stock are simmering on my range now. Looking over soup recipes. Mmmm.

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I would not toss it unless it smelled or tasted funny.
I would then strain and transfer it into a stockpot and bring the stock to a rolling boil for a few minutes - then reduce to simmmer for awhile. Let cool, then refrigerate - to remove the congealed fat, then freeze or use.

Can't trust those hubbies! LOL~BTDT

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No way I would toss it. I have left stock to cool on the counter many a time....and for lots longer! LOL

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It's fine!

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I am so relieved that I do not have to dump 12 pints of beautiful homemade stock down the drain!

Thanks for the peace of mind, everyone!


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Was gonna ditto this but didn't want the "germ police" to jump on me. I'd probably bring back up to a boil for a little while, then cool/skim and process/freeze away.

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The layer of fat on top of the stock keeps the stock sanitary for days.

I have always left the stock to cool overnight.


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