built-into counter compost bucket?

genie73February 2, 2010

Today at a kitchen store I saw a built-in compost bucket (and garbage shoot) by Blanco. I think it's an awesome idea but it means cutting a 8" hole in the granite countertop. I'm concerned.

Does anyone have experience with it? Does it get dingy or smelly? Is it really useful to you or could you have made do with using a bowl while prepping and a regular under the sink counter bin?


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I have thought that was a great idea, for years. It is one of the few things that American kitchens have not figured out.

About 15 years ago, we visited a friend with a rustic, lake cabin-like house. He did the remodeling. He had a formica counter with a cutout for trash. It struck me as brilliant.

I think the trash is the most used 'appliance' in the kitchen. Some of Julia Ch.'s early shows had a big round trash right next to her counter. She'd just flip packaging and other trash in. Before recycling. Rachael uses her gb, garbage bowl, but the packaging is already off.

I keep a plastic bag in one side of double sink. For the trash. Toss it daily. Very ugly.

Franke has, UK has, under counter trash bins. Google "trash chute".

Whoever invents or refines this idea, and markets it well, will make a fortune. The new post-it or paper clip. Off my soapbox.

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Here's a link to the Blanco mentioned. There's also a pass-through to a trashcan below if you look at the bottom of the page.

Here is a link that might be useful: in counter compost bin

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I have room on my countertop for a good looking covered container that my compostibles go in. Leave it over in a corner and just open and dump veggie parings, egg shells, coffee grounds, bread heels. Works just fine and no one but me knows what lurks under that cover.

I salute you for composting and of course, your gardens benefit so much!

HTH, Rosie

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I think it depends on how you prep & what all goes into your compost bucket.

For me, a lidded bucket under the sink works because I do a lot of prep in my sink--peel carrots, potatoes, onions in the sink. When I'm baking, I toss the egg shells over into the sink. Then just scoop the stuff up & into the bucket it goes.

We have a couple of parrots--the bottom of the cage newspapers go into the compost. I usually gather up the corners of the newspapers & carry them to the compost--sometimes compost goes to the cages if there is a lot of debris that has escaped the newpaper. And I tear those fiber egg cartons into chunks & chuck them into the compost, too.

So, long story short--I wouldn't sink a compost container into my countertop because it wouldn't improve on the somewhat primitive system I'm already using.

Another consideration is the am't of countertop real estate that you have. Being seriously deprived, I wouldn't be willing to give any of it. Another thing is that countertop next to the sink is prime real estate. To be very useful, compost containers need to be near the sink & would end up being an obstruction to how you use that area.

And just one last word! :) Lay those bread heels out to dry! I dry mine, save them until I have the food processor out & grind them up into bread crumbs. Besides using them for breading, I like to sprinkle some into chili & soups that need to be thickened up a bit.

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