Furniture arrangement in small bedroom - please vote

marti8aFebruary 23, 2014

Bedroom is 10x10. Right now I have a full size bed (four poster) and a small dresser in it. It looks crowded the way I have it, but is easier to clean and make the bed with the bed away from the wall a little.

When we put the house on the market, I'll put the furniture in storage for a month or two and put something smaller in there, either a twin or a baby bed. But until then, do either of these arrangements work better for making the room look less crowded?

1. The above arrangement but with the bed pushed against the window wall.

2. Below with dresser turned

3. Below with bed in other corner. A little more light from the window.

4. Something else?

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Regardless of what you do, you have a 10x10 room and it is not going to look larger regardless. Until you decide to sell, place the furniture in such a way that it works best for you. I heard Lynette Jennings once state something to the effect that no matter how you place the furniture, a small room is a small room and it might be better to make it look grand and cozy rather than large (because it will not), as long as you have access to doors and windows.

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I think either way will work, but I would add bedside tables to either side of the bed. The guest room in my mom's house is very small like yours with a full-size bed and an antique dresser. She had the room arranged with the bed against a wall to have more floor space, but it was awkward for guests. The person by the wall had to crawl over the other to get out and there was no place to put glasses or water or whatever for the person by the wall. She pulled the bed away from the wall and put tiny bedside tables on either side. It's much better! It doesn't look any smaller than it did and it is much more functional.

Here are some ideas:

Eclectic Bedroom by Tiburon Interior Designers & Decorators Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

Contemporary Bedroom by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Duffy Design Group

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I like #2 although I would still scoot the bed over a little more so it's easier to make it. I also think it gives you enough room for a small nightstand with lamp.

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If I can find the wheels, I'm going to put them back on the bed and then I can move it around, I think. The wheels are small and I don't know how well they will roll on carpet.

Not having a bedside table is the reason I had the dresser beside it. I do have another small table. It doesn't match, but I'll see if it works.

You're all right of course. A small room is a small room. I think that's why so many model homes have small beds in them.

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I like it the way you have it. I don't think there will be a huge benefit to size perception from rearranging it, and I like the view when you walk in, seeing both the headboard and dresser head-on-ish.

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Kevinmp had a small bedroom, similar in size to your room. The post was "Canopy or no canopy." There, he posted pictures with different placements of his bed. I thought of it when I read Patricia quoting LJ: "a small room is a small room and it might be better to make it look grand and cozy rather than large." Kevin has small rooms but he works wonders with those rooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kevinmp canopy or no canopy

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would move the dresser as in #2, keep the bed as #1 but slide it closer to the middle of the room so there is room for a night stand on the far side, even it is only a shelf mounted to the wall like a demilune. If you can fit one on each side, more's the better.

There is a visual trick to make a small room seem larger...if you can see where the floor meets the wall in the corner, it adds visual space.

And of course, hang a mirror to enlarge the room and add light.

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We have virtually the same shape/size bedroom as you and #3 is the best option. We've tried them all. #1 and 2 aren't so good because unless you have the doors wide open, someone has to move them out of the way to get round the bed. With #3, the room appears larger because doors aren't in the way of moving around.

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I think the problem isn't the bed size but rather the bureau, because you have to be able to open the drawers.

What if you had only the bed in there, more to the center of the blank wall, and put shelving up to your clothes, use nice bins for things like socks and undies. You could even put a curtain up, made from a fabric you like, to hide the clothes. Then you don't have to allot for room just to open the drawers, and a body standing in front of the open drawers.

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Annette Holbrook

In my old house I enclosed a loft to create a third bedroom. The room was 10x10 when finished. I put a dresser in the closet and then centered a queen sized bed on the back wall. I put wall mounted lamps on either side and mounted 2 shelves on either side to serve as night stands. I also put a shelf up high the full length of the back wall, maybe about 6 1/2 feet up to put books and some decorative things. Since there was no dresser in the room I had room for a bench at the end of the bed. I painted that one wall a darker shade of the othe 3 walls. I swear when I put the house on the market that cozy little guest room sold the house.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I had a small bedroom growing up and for awhile I put the dresser in the closet and it worked well and saved a lot of room in the room.

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I actually have 2 dressers and had thought of putting one in the closet. But I could put the tall one in the closet and the short one in the foyer.

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I vote for #1. Regardless of the size of the room, I don't like beds that are pushed against the wall, unless they're twin-size.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

You might want to try removing the posters, if possible. Posters take up a lot of visual space and not really a good choice to put in a small room. Try it and see what you think.

I like the arrangement in number 4, but with the bed pulled a bit away from the side wall and put small tables on each side as Geokid suggested. That way you could also put a TV on the chest so that whoever is lying on the bed doesn't have to twist their head to see the TV.

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When you stage it to sell get a day bed frame off of CL or just use a twin set up like a day bed, put it up against the back wall with small tables on either side. There is a reason they use them in model homes so often.

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Bed 2 feet from window wall, dresser opposite window wall. Add a mirror above the dresser, panels on the outside of the window, and 18" round bedside tables with lamps.

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I like Suero's arrangement best. I think it opens the room up more to see the bed away from the wall. The dresser against the wall as you enter doesn't seem to visually take up as much room. It is a much airier feel to the room!

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Suero nailed it.

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I'm back. Finally got the room painted and the furniture back in it. And I discovered that the standard sized furniture on the room planner is no where near the sizes of my furniture.

This is how the furniture was before I removed everything for painting:

After painting, I first put the furniture in this way:

And as you can see, there really isn't room for a dresser at the end of the bed. The doors and drawers won't open.

As you can see, leaving off the posters isn't an option. It's an old bed and the headboard and footboard are part of the frame.

Then I had dh help me turn the bed as in #2. I didn't take a photo because dh wasn't being patient, but it's like this:

Still not much room between dresser and bed.

Not enough room to pull it away from the window with night stands the way suero suggested.

So then I had dh help me turn it back like #3 again, and I put the tall dresser in the closet, and the smaller one in the other bedroom, and one nightstand from the other room in here. Hard to see, but what do you think of this arrangement? Not that I see another choice. When the bed is turned like #2, it is either close to the window wall and blocks the window, or it is centered on the wall and takes up the whole room. The height of the nightstand bothers me.

I know this would be easier to see if I could back off, but I was as far back as I could get.

I asked dh to help me move it to the center of the wall, but he just doesn't get why I want it to make it look like the bed isn't sucking all the air out of the space and he rolled his eyes and left. Men!

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I need to get this bedroom done asap. I have company coming Friday! I'd like to have somewhere for her to put her suitcase besides the floor. Any suggestions there? I have a couple of ottomans, but I don't know where I'd put them.

Besides furniture placement, I'd like to know what you would suggest about window treatments and bed covering. I put the mini blinds back up for now, and I will put the lace sheer back up. I pull the the blinds up during the day. This window faces the street and I like the privacy. I also have a blackout shade because my kids complained about the bright light waking them up in the morning. Since we're going to sell, I don't know if I will put that back. It's form over function now.

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I know you're not going to want to hear this, but I like the original arrangement or #2 better. It shows you can have a bed and a dresser in the room. It also gives the person by the wall a way out besides crawling over the other person.

Try measuring out if it would work to arrange the room in your original way, but with the dresser moved against the right wall with the bed right next to it. How much room does that give you between the bed and the window? Enough for the side table? Or enough for any other small table you might have? I think you can pull off a mismatched bedside table look.

The white nightstand is not the same height as the dresser in the original arrangement, but that is easily fixed with casters. Buy some the right size and screw them into the bottom of each leg and you're good to go. Plus, the dressers look like they are on casters, so it would help pull the pieces together.
Another thing to do would be to get a wooden tray to put on top of the white nightstand so that it has a wood tone similar to the dresser. Again, if would help pull the pieces together.

I'd get rid of the blinds and put panels over sheers. Personal preference, but I think it's a prettier, softer look. Especially in a room with a street view: you can have the light coming in through the sheers but still have a bit of privacy.

If the dresser is out of the closet, then put the ottomans in there as a place for a suitcase.

Here is a link that might be useful: Great article on how to use mismatched nightstands

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I redid my DS's room after he went away to college which was similar in size. I bought a folding wood luggage rack like you see in hotels for when guests came to visit and that has worked well. The bed is quite similar to yours and as much as I loved it, the footboard and posts really limited arrangements. Here was how we placed it:

However, I found the bed too imposing when DS came to stay over school breaks so I ended up selling it and replacing it with a wooden daybed so that it now functions more like a den.

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Elraes Miller

I have my queen bed angled in a small bedroom. Have tried it many different locations and this gives me the most room and options for decorating. It is also easy to get into on both sides. Looks like you have two corners which may be worth a try.

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Re: place for a suitcase. Get a couple of corbels and create a shelf up near the ceiling she can side the suitcase onto for storage.

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I still like suero's plan - even without room for matching round side tables.

The sliver there is enough for a floor lamp and a little shelf or plant stand size table - just big enough for eyeglasses and a book. Makes ALL the difference for guest comfort when both sides of the bed have lighting and a space for stuff.

I have no problem at all with the bed "blocking" the window. Plenty enough light making its way through.

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How much of the window would it block if you put the bed in front of it? It could look cool with the posts framing the window.

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"I know you're not going to want to hear this"

No, I want to hear it all.

I remeasured everything, and redrew the room plan. My real bed is bigger than the standard I used before, so this time I'm using their canopy since it's most similar to a four poster.

patricia said it - a small room is a small room. One of my neighbors did just that, she put a queen bed in her small bedroom, and it has just enough room on either side for a regular sized night stand. She put a gorgeous comforter on it with lots of pillows and it really looks nice. Just enough room to walk around the bed though, so staying there and living out of a suitcase would be a pain. But it looks nice. The main difference with her room is that you enter her room directly facing the bed and it was a mattress and headboard. I think the four poster takes up more visual space.

I like the pictures geokid posted. Those night stands look really narrow too. My white ones are 18" wide. I do have a plant stand that is small and could put a top on it, or possibly build a couple of stands that are the right height too. I don't want to put any big holes in the walls after spending the last week fixing the walls, but I had thought of a floor lamp.

I would like to have the small dresser in there too, not just so it looks like there is room for a bed and dresser, but so there is somewhere to open a suitcase.

I can't move the bed by myself, but as soon as my company is gone, I'll see if dh will help me move it one more time. In the meantime, I played with your ideas in the planner, and with real dimensions.

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I'm sorry to say this after all of that work, but I think the way you had it before painting is really the best option. The shorter dresser looks like a great height for a night stand, there's room on either side of the bed, and it's the best view from the door.

Just add a table to the other side and make the bed the focal point with nice linens and pillows.

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I do expect you will do the best you can and it will be fine. I have smaller bedrooms in this house than I had at the previous house. We no longer needed to heat and cool big rooms, big house with formal rooms that we used rarely, and kitchen with a separate closed-off breakfast room.

If you cannot use each and every piece, store them in a closet or in one of those little storage houses with climate control as you may move to another house in your life that has bigger rooms. We never know in this mobile economy.

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I talked dh into moving the bed yet again. It's so much easier with sliders these days. I think it's too close to the window wall, but I'll get the dresser back in there tomorrow and see how much room I have to move it over. So then I'll be back with bedding choices.

When my dd was the one coming home most often, I bought a duvet and cover. But it was a polyester cover and had an unbelievable amount of static in winter. So then I bought the only cotton cover I could find, a solid brown, and not only does it look terribly blah in the room, the duvet is too warm for most people.

So I'm going to buy a colorful comforter I think. I'm stumped on the bedskirt though. I was 12 when I inherited this bed and I haven never had a bedskirt that worked right with it.

Is there a certain kind that works with wood rails?

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I think a colorful comforter with a pattern would look very nice. Or a solid comforter and patterned curtains.
For the box spring, I'd buy a coordinating fitted sheet and call it a day.

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Buy a very inexpensive metelasse white bedspread and shams, maybe even at Tuesday Morning or an inexpensive big box store, and put your duvet in the brown cotton coverlet, fold it at the foot of the bed for effect, but leave the white for utilitarian. It will appear clean, inviting and the folded duvet in brown will make it look cozy.

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You can buy thin duvet inserts and duvet covers inexpensively at IKEA or H&M. As I posted somewhere else, I bought a duvet cover from H&M, which is surprisingly nice quality.

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Yes, a fitted sheet on the box spring.

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I have a small bedroom as well, and under the bed is a great area for me to store things, my bed is similar with the footboard and railings so I bought a bedskirt with split corners.

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How did you attach it to the box spring Katrina ellen? I have boxes under the bed too.

Nosoccermom, what is H&M? Home & _____?

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