Neighbor Lets Goats etc Run Loose in Area.

oakleifNovember 9, 2006

We have a neighbor that lets about 15 goats,1 donkey,2horses and recently an enormous hog run completely free. He has only a partial fence along part of our road. We're in the country with 5 to 30 acre plots of land near him. Everyone else keeps their animals up.

This neighbors animals has destroyed crops, flowers and is always on someone elses land or runs out in front of our cars on the road.

We,ve called the sheriff. They want do anything except talk to him. The neighbor has told everyone to shoot the animals if we don't like it.

Some have got to the point that they are ready to shoot the animals. This is something none of us has come up against before. I can't just kill an animal neither can a couple of the others.

Arkansas has no cruelty to animal laws so thats not an option either. What would you do about this problem?

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After multiple incidents and exhausting all other options, I would probably detain the animal once it gets on my property and then find a new home for it. The owner's response, "shoot the animals", is a good indicator that he would not care if the animals were dead, so I am sure he would not care if you found a new homes for them, nor would he know the difference.

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That was my first thought too - catch them on your property and re-home them. I'd try to have some place ready to take them ahead of time.

For all he knows, they could be dead in the road. Its sad he has any animals at all. :(

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I concur. The animals on the road you can't do much about, those that trespass I would give away; heck I might even fence them in a keep them if I had interest in them. It would likely be tough for him to prove ownership.

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That is sad and pathetic and re-homing them seems to be the best option. Much better than shooting them.

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my mother has all of the above mentioned animals, those goats and donkeys pretty much go where they want too, donkeys can slide right under a barb wire fence, she has had to build special fencing for both, I doubt if this person is going to make even half that kind of attempt to keep his animals in, if I caught them I would rehome them. I can imagine the destruction going on! horses and donkeys eat anything to the ground (including trees) hogs rutt the ground up making that ground ruined for anything, and goats eat everything else (horses will eat paint off of cars too)
why would you chance someone hitting your livestock, in our state he would be liable for any injuries caused to the motorists.

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Neighbors, let goats run free? Good argument for a backyard Bar-B-Que. Invite the neighbors.

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I don't know Arkansas law, but up here in Michigan you are 100% responsible for the actions of your animals including but not limited to damage to personal property. It that's the case where you live, why not sue? If you win he pays 100% of your court expenses + what ever settlement is awarded for the damage his animals cause. Now he has time invested in court + a monetary reason to change his ways. This way you all win, especially if you & all your neighbors go to file suit at about the same time. I would think he would want to change his attitute right quick.

Otherwise,have your local animal control pick up the animal and take it away. Again, a time and money penalty if the person wants his animals back.

Good luck!

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You rarely win by suing(the lawyers always win), you may win a judgement but you wont see the money. Take the things to auction, keep the proceeds. If they arent catchable, well, shoot them and then return them dead.

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eat them then sue for bad meat. everyone should sue, for the smallest of infraction or biggest, makes no difference.
don't try to talk to neighbors, too easy. i'd sue after eating rank meat.

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There are ordinances in all states regarding things like this. Whatever you or your neighbors may want to attempt to do... If anything... about this being a problem, "carefully ready in full", the attached ordinance's linked to your state.
perhaps this will give you the material needed to defend your property and solve the problems.

Hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Arkansas Livestock Laws

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Anya101, Thanks so much for the link. That might just solve our problem.

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Ewww... sounds like you do have a problem neighbor. Like some others, I would catch them if they were on my property and either re-home them or keep them. So sad he doesn't even care if they get shot.

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This is a very old problem, even before there were an United States. While reseaching in a library in Massachussettes, I found an entry about the organization of village in the 1600s (Colonial times). The town board prescribed only about 4 appointed positions, one of which was 'fence viewer'. Now, that struck me as an odd occupation, but a little more searching shed some light on the subject. It was the job of the Fence-Viewer to inspect landowners' fences, particularily if they had livestock, to insure that they had made good effort to contain their animals to prevent them from running over their neighbor's property and gardens. No mention was made of how infractions were treated. That could have been interesting.

After finding this, it brought to mind a line from a famous poem:

by Robert Frost

... 'Good fences make good neighbors".

To see the entire poem, click on the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mending Wall by Robert Frost

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Thanks for all the advice. everyone got a laugh abt the bar-b-que. Most feel it would feel good to cook the neighbor. LOL
Some of the laws in the ARK statutes were a little old. The livestock in question had to be kept in a pen no farther than a block from the courthouse. That could cause some fun today too. : )

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Oh geeze jemdandy, I would love to be able to say my occupation was a Fence-veiwer. What a great job. Oh wait...I can still do that. I just have to go a bit more south to make sure it's secure.

ummm.. then again, maybe fence-veiwer isn't such a great job. I might end up in prison for doing my job.

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Did you read the entire statute on the subject?
No matter how old, it still exists, even though some parts may be amended...
The part about the courthouse and the animals being pens, that was mainly for animal control and/or police personnel way back when.
The main part was livestock running at large and the duties of the owner of the livestock.
Point is, you can go to your local government and get copies of any & all state statutes pertaining to pretty much anything you want. Should even be able to get through most libraries.

Some of the older laws are fun to learn about. It can be amazing as to just what all you can find out that is actually illegal in some communities. Such as cutting your own hair at home. : )

Anyway, you can & do have laws that prevent this guy from allowing his animals to intrude on others lands & on public lands also.
Just have to investigate your alternatives.
Good luck! : )

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