Is it harmful for a big dog to be crated 9 hrs on a hard surface?

dustienNovember 18, 2012

I understand that my kids have to work, and they do love their dog, and although I'm not crazy about dogs having to be crated for that long, I do understand the need for it when both work outside the home. I do, however, absolutely hate the fact that they crate him in a bare floor crate for 9 to 10 hrs. They say it's because he's torn up all the blankets they've tried to give him and they've been told that it's better to use nothing in that case. I researched it on the net and found a couple places that offer bedding/padding that is tough and will probably stand up quite well to their dog, but they are expensive.

These guys are making very good money and can easily afford one, but they insist they will be letting him out of the crate as soon as he stops chewing (he's been crated for nearly 2 yrs...since 9 weeks old) and don't want to spend the money. They also think I should mind my own business. I, on the other hand, feel guilty about not speaking on behalf of the dog much sooner.

Problem is, I care about this dog, and it hurts me to see my own family treating him so. 9 hours sleeping on a hard surface day in and day out has got to hurt! My bones just ache thinking about it.

What do you think?? Should I just butt out and mind my own business or should I continue to push for the bed, and if so, any suggestions on how to convince them? I'd buy the bed myself but I think my son in law will refuse to use it simply out of stubbornness because it came from me. Besides, they make a lot more money then my husband and I do and I feel we shouldn't have to buy the bed.

Thanks for any feedback...

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I would think at this age the chewing thing is over?
Perhaps trying out some new materials as you said would be a good start.
Check out your local pet store and get advise, they might have something to try for a test.
Unfortunately, there are too many dog owners who do the same,.. being locked up in tight spaces for too long.
I do feel sorry for these animals, they feel lonely and need company!

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Trying to understand why anyone that works that much hours .Would even buy a dog?I would think in good weather being outside on a run with a good dog house would be the better option or a fenced in area with a dog house.. Poor dog .And then is he also crated up at night?

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Most dog owners I know work, and their dogs are alone for about 9 hours. I've been told that the very longest a dog should ever have to wait before going potty is ten hours. They can hold it longer, but beyond ten is cruel. You may want to confirm that on the Inet. Given that, if he has to be crated, you are absolutely right to think he should have a comfortable spot and I commend you for speaking up on behalf of that poor dog. I can't believe they wouldn't put down a soft surface; WTH? Are they being cheap or stubborn? In any case, I'd figure out a way to convince them as nicely as possible or if that doesn't work, what do they get from you that you can withhold until they comply? Or make something up about how the dogs joints will be affected and it will be lame and hate to be touched (if they have kids), etc. If they care so little and aren't Inet users, maybe they won't confirm. :)

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Give the dog a bed for Christmas...

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I don't know if it is harmful, but I think it is cruel. Just imagine yourself in a cage or in a closet 9 hrs everyday. I don't think there is a big difference. They need to hire someone to come in during that 9 hours and take him for a walk. If I absolutely had to do that I would put the cage in the laundry room so he could at least get out of the cage and stretch.

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Probably not harmful, but definitely cruel. I can understand people having to be away for 9 hours - most dogs can hold their urine for at least 12 (sleeping 12 hours a night, for example.) But, why can't they try letting the dog free starting out in a room then give him the house. He will probably just sleep or sit and watch the clock. Most dogs who have outgrown puppy-hood won't tend to be destructive if they are used to be alone for 9 hrs.

We have two large labs and they are just fine alone in the house when we are away for the day. They do expect PLENTY of play/exercise when we get home though. You would think they would play with each other when we are gone but they don't.

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I know I'm way late to this party but thought I'd chime in. As far as crating, the general rule is no more than 8 hours per day. The dog is probably past the destructive chewing faze but there are a few things they should try. Remember, a tired dog is a good dog. So, walking daily is great. Depending on the breed, some need to run. Give the dog stuff to do during the day such as kong stuffed toys, buster cubes, etc. Also, there are little timing devices that will drop out a new treat after a specified time. You can put it on the fridge so it drops a new toy throughout the day.
Ideally, they'd walk the dog BEFORE they leave for the day. They could also hire a dog walker, too.

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