cold weather exterior painting

jaaaOctober 1, 2010

We were going to paint our exterior windows next week but I'm concerned about the cold weather. Temperature is only going to be in the low 60s and will dip down to around 40 degrees at night. I've heard that temperatures shouldn't go below 50 when painting. The guy at the paint store said we might want to use a low temperature paint (like Pittsburg Timeless Manor Hall or Sherwin Williams Duration) because these paints are specially formulated for lower temperatures. Since the weather is going to continue to be cold for several weeks, I wasn't sure if I should just forget about painting or go ahead and use this low temperature paint. I am concerned that we will end of having some paint quality issues if we paint at this low temperature even if a special low temp paint is used. Has anyone painted exteriors in this type of weather with a low temperature paint and had good long-term results?

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If I could choose my perfect painting weather, it would be about 58 degrees and cloudy with no wind. With temperatures dropping into the evening, you really just want to make sure that you stop early enough in the day to give the paint a good couple hours to dry before the night arrives. I have used the low temp paint, but I would choose to use normal paint unless I am actually painting when the weather is below 50 degrees.

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