Raw Meat Diet for Cats

maureen1953November 12, 2006

I have been converted. Do any of you cat lovers out there feed your cat a raw meat diet? Cats are true carnivores. Their dietary systems work best digesting raw meat, like they get in the wild. (mice, moles, etc. ) We have two cats who were fed high quality dry food with occasional canned food.

One developed a severe case of colitis, with bloody stools, blood clots in the litter box, obvious discomfort to her. We tried every different type of cat food imaginable, no improvement. After the vet told us she would probably have to be on steroids for the rest of her life, I looked up alternate diets for cats who have colitis, and found a website by a vet that advocated a raw meat diet. We followed the recipe, started the diet, and within 24 hrs (no kidding) she stopped bleeding and hasn't had a problem since. She is healthier now than ever before, beautiful coat, more active and playful. Her brother, had an obesity problem at 22 lbs eating dry food. We put him on the raw meat diet and he has lost 7 lbs, is healthy and frisky. They both love it. It worked for us. Anyone else doing it?

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As long as the diet is balanced and complete then it should be great. I personally think an evolutionarily correct diet is the best no matter what the species. But you do have to make sure that your pets is getting the benefit of eating the WHOLE prey, otherwise they will have serious problems (heart disease, blindness due to taurine defiency, nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism due to incorrect Ca:P ratio, for starters).

I feed my ferret whole frozen thawed mice. He isn't taking to them quiet yet, but he does at least supplement. He's taking a while to convert.

Dogs are omnivores, so I feed them pretty much everything. I'm too busy right now to make homemade for them (I have 5 giant breed dogs), so I've been feeding a high-quality whole dry food with major supplementation for meats and veggies. Until I'm done school, that's going to be best I can do.

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A few months ago I was looking for something more natural for my dogs. I read about raw food diets, but felt uncomfortable about raw meat, although I wouldn't take a stand against it. I just personally didn't feel comfortable enough to feed it after reading all the pros and cons.

What I decided to use was Sojourner Farms grain mixture with my own cooked meat and raw vegetables added. It's easier than making their food entirely from scratch, yet they're still getting fresh food. They have mixes for dogs and cats and can be used with raw meat too.

I've had similar results as you're reporting. My 12 year old dog slimmed down, is more energetic, and both of my dogs have shiny, healthy looking coats.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sojourner Farms

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My wife used to breed & show Persian cats. A couple of other breeders and she began feeding "zoo food" which was for big cats, along with that they would grind whole chicken necks and mix in. Of course they supplemented with all sorts of stuff like dried cottage cheese and yeast and other stuff? I dont think they needed all the other stuff as the zoo food(horse meat) is/was a complete feed. I do know the cats did well on the stuff. Around here a lot of rabbits go for canine/feline pet diets.

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Meghane, The diet we feed them was developed by a veterinarian with a background in feline nutrition. We grind up raw chicken with the bones, liver, gizzards, heart. We chunk some of the meat so they get some tearing, chewing action with their teeth. We add supplements like fish oil, vitamin E, Vit B complex, taurine and raw egg yolk and cooked egg whites (raw egg whites interferes with the absorption of biotin in meat). It sounds complicated and time consuming, but it's not really. It takes about two hours to make about one month's worth of meals for two cats.
They get fed twice a day, each meal about the size of a mouse :-). We freeze the meat in individual sandwich bags, and use one bag/day to feed both cats. They both love it. If you are interested in reading more about this google search for raw meat diet cats. We're glad we did it.

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We do raw with our 3 cats and 2 dogs, but I do supplement with a high quality dry. To me giving them the dry is like when I make boxed mac and cheese for the kids or feed my kids hot dogs. It's not often, but it is quick and easy. Tonight the dogs had chicken leg quarters and then a bit of dry food. Usually the husky gives me SUCH a look when I put the dry in front of her, like, "you've got to be kidding!

Our vets used to ask us where we got our dogs' teeth cleaned. Ha! Raw bones take care of the teeth cleaning. When we adopted our 3 year old lab his teeth were a mess and the first thing the vet said was "you need to get his teeth cleaned ASAP". Yeah, right. The raw diet had his teeth looking good at his follow up visit. The vet just shook her head and agreed he no longer needed to be put under to have his teeth cleaned by them.

Since my husband and I are big on home cooked meals, it is not a big deal to dice up some raw veggies to mix into the dog's ground meat before we cook the rest for ourselves, and we save grains to do the same with.

Once you've got your pets on a good raw diet you really notice when petting other people's animals how dull the coat is or how bad they shed. As the rest have noted, weight is no longer an issue either.

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I know several cat breeders who feed the raw meat diets and swear by them. They buy the big rolls of frozen meat that is the same stuff that is fed to the greyhounds at the racetrack. They mix egg yolks and oatmeal and heaven knows what else. Sounds like too much work to me. I have too many cats to prepare a special diet for them. I'm lucky to get all of my cat chores done as it is.

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Domestic cats are descended from Asian wild cats that eat small rodents and birds. They don't eat fruits and vegetables and certainly not corn or wheat. They do get some vegetable matter from the stomachs of the animals they eat but not much. They also don't drink much water and rely on their food for moisture. Many pet cats are chronically dehydrated.

They are carnivores not omnivores and they would all be much healthier if they were fed raw meat. You can buy frozen raw diets for dogs and cats now and there are lots of recipes to make your own too.

Chicken and rabbit are the closest to a natural diet. Beef, fish and pork should be avoided.

Dry pet foods with the exception of Innova EVO contain grains. Corn is especially bothersome with many dogs being allergic to it.

Dry food causes dehydration and bad teeth in cats although many vets say it will clean their teeth. Many vets are not trained in nutrition just as many doctors aren't. Doctors routinely prescribe drugs when weight loss by healthier eating would cure the problem.

Having said all that I am not yet feeding my cats a raw diet. I'm working towards it though. Was a tough struggle with DH to get rid of Purina Cat Chow and to switch towards premium canned foods with little to no grains, He was even buying Cat Chow behind my back because they were turning up their noses at the first premium dry food I bought which was Chicken Soup for Pet Lover's Soul. I later learned the Lite version had far more carbs and tried Innova EVO this week and they love it. It costs more but not tons more. It was only three bucks more than Science Diet.

I'm trying Wellness, Natural Variety, Merrick and Innova canned foods this week. They are low carb and low to no grains.

Tons of articles recently in Cat Fancy about nutrition. "Catkins" diets and raw diets. Tons of info online.

Too many cats are fat and sick from poor nutrition, too much bad information being perpetuated by vets and pet food companies. Very similar to how the tobacco companies downplayed the dangers of smoking. The cereal companies are controlling pet food.

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buyorsell888- I couldn't agree with you more. The change in my cats has been dramatic. I hope you can give the raw meat diet a try....even the best canned foods are cooked, but a good step in the right direction is to avoid grains and vegetables, excess carbs. You're so right when you say the cereal companies are controlling pet food...and you wonder what payoffs vets are getting to promote the stuff. You would think vets would be on top of animal nutrition, but even our vet was surprised to hear that we were feeding our cats raw meat, and that our female cat was CURED of colitis in 24hrs (without steroids), and asked ME for more information on it! When you look at all the urinary tract problems cats get, renal failure, obesity, diabetes, skin disorders, digestive problems, etc, etc, something must be wrong with the promoted way of feeding cats. I hope more and more people try this and convert their friends, families, and their vets!

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I bought some Nature's Variety raw medallions yesterday. Haven't fed them yet. Don't want to upset kitty digestive tracts with too many changes all at once.

They all three turned up their noses at the Merrick wet food. The store where I purchased it said it was their number one seller. Must be the labels and variety names, they are hysterical. "Granny's Pot Pie" "TurDuckEn" "Cowboy Stew" The pictures on the labels look delicious.

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I'm all for it! I fed raw to my Somali kitten for almost a year but Grace my new mom ( dad remarried) banned it until I have my own living arrangment/ expect for when we have a turkey and the guts are going to be thrown out anyway. Personally I'd do it in a heartbeat if I could but having special needs means that going out into the "real world" means going into a group home which may force me to de claw/abandon them to a shelter or due to limited income and a social security spend down, disallow even the proper brands of cat food. Leopalorn has a breeders agreement not to sell/give him away. which further complamates the mess morally/ and legally possibly that would happen if ever a suitation from the group home/new living arrangement ever did happen.

Because of all this I'm happy to stay here until the cats pass away from old age. And I have the power to do just that until my parents die, Grace in her 50's still has her mom and dad, though they are very old. many people that age don't have their parents still around. Dad will probably had guardianship rights over to his wife when he passes.

Right now I feed, Wellness grain free, Innova EVO,Instincts and Ziwi peak. Its not really raw but sometimes I do put in an egg yolk to help boost the protein.

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Just happened to notice this thread is nearly 2 years old!

My wife bred Persian cats. She fed a mostly raw diet of "zoo food' , a ground horse meat product along with ground chicken necks. She added various other ingredients such as yeast, dried cottage cheese, dried egg and more of which i cannot remembr. We bought the necks 100 pounds at a time and the zoo food a ton at a time, several breeders co-opted the deal. The cats did very nicely on the feed having very few illnesses and were generally in very good condition.
I sell my cull Mini Rex rabbits either as snake feed or to a person who produces a raw diet using rabbit, goat and sheep meats. She is usually in need of much more than can be supplied.

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I know its old, but sense it has no person in relation, thought I may bring it back up again, I also posted another thread

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I did get my husband switched to feeding the cats all wet food.

They love Wellness chicken and Wellness chicken and beef. They did lose weight. The oldest who was the fattest is now much friskier and is of ideal weight.

They have refused to eat raw. I have tried giving them thawed chicken necks and other pieces and several commercial products.

They also refused Wysong's 95% canned meats and Innova's and Evanger's as well.

I keep a small bag of Innova EVO for treats and they just get a few kibbles at the time.

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In gen a kitten imprints on whatever he or she eats within the first year of life- after that you must starve them to get anywhere- and that can be dangerous.

Good you got them on canned.

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You all sound so very knowledgeable. My 4 cats get mostly canned with about 15% raw assorted meat. At night they get a snack of kibble. I would love to increase the raw meat or get them on a complete raw meat diet but fear deficiencies. What are you folks adding per pound of say ground chicken or beef or turkey to make sure they have all the nutrients? =^..^=

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I think the raw diets sound like a good idea but my vet (young, not old school) says no, no, no!! I think he's concerned about salmonella and such; probably inadequate nutrition, and dumb clients too. But not sure why he feels so strongly about it. I stopped researching after his reaction. I do try to buy the better quality no grain foods. Right now they're off it due to one kitty's illness that required a switch to whatever he would eat!

They don't even know what real food looks like though when I tried a little. Wouldn't go near it, lol, they looked scared.

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I live on a farm, and my cats catch and eat mice and birds. We offer the good quality dry food to supplement, as well as milk when we have extra. They get first choice on table scraps before the chickens, and they would much rather have the raw.

I wish more folks had access to let their cats run free, but if you can afford it I think they would love the raw diet.


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