What is a nice soft color that goes with gold/yellow?

Linda RossFebruary 26, 2008

My kitchen/dining room will be painted BM Dijon but the hallway to my master bedroom/bath can be seen from the back kitchen area and the hallway connects to the kitchen. I don't want to paint my bedroom BM Dijon but a soft calming color that will look good with BM Dijon. Is there a nice soft green, blue, apricot or other color besides a cream that I can paint my bedroom/bath that would look great with the BM Dijon which is a yellow/gold.

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How about BM Philadelphia Cream that reads yellow/gold on my walls in my spare bedroom.

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How about something like a Silver Sage or soft, light turquoise?

What's going on in your room?

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You did mention an apricot. That would be really pretty too -- warm, inviting, and soothing as well. I'm wondering if you like the feel of the warm, goldens around you and would just like to see a gradual color shift -- still on the warm side -- as you look down the hallway. Or, something totally different with a blue or green.

Something to think about : )

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Linda Ross

I am completely paint challenged and can't go back to the paint store without some idea. Do you have any recommendations for a specific color in silver sage or soft apricot? I usually go to the BM store.

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I think BM Gray Wisp (am I right?) is the same as the RH Silver Sage that everyone raves about. Sorry I am not familiar with BM Dijon, but BM Soft Fern is a nice soft green...I have no idea how it would look with Dijon.

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Your BM man should also know a soft apricot, and be able to show you colors that would work well with it with what you have in mind. Also, what the most popular selections are.

Do test them in your own setting though, as they will vary from room to room.

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Yes, Gray Wisp is the same as Silver Sage. Apricot sounds lovely too.


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