Pistachio/light green cabinets with brown glaze or not - pics?

thedorkFebruary 12, 2013

I love the light green slightly glazed ( chocolate brown, espresso etc.) cabinets but I am afraid it will be very difficult to find stone and back splash so it doesn't look too traditional. I am between off-white with glaze transitional and light green? Please share your pictures if you have a green kitchen. Thank you!

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I love my green kitchen. The cabinets are Dynasty Omega in Pesto. I saw this green in the catalog and didn't look at anything else.

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We have both light green and cream colored cabinets, both very lightly glazed with a brown glaze. Green uppers and island, and cream lowers. I would definitely call our kitchen transitional. We're very happy with the colors.

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The color combo sounds like mint chocolate chip to me! Theres probably a reason there aren't many green kitchens out there, its a very personal choice.

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I think they are beautiful! I had a great green one saved but seems I got rid of it : (

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I don't have a photo, but a friend of mine has light green glazed cabinets and it's one of my favorite kitchens. Her cabs are somewhat traditional, but she has burnt orange concrete counters, so I guess the look is more transitional overall. Her kitchen has wonderful light, which makes a huge difference.

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Not really what you are looking for but I have walnut perimeter and painted green island. I think some shades of green are practically a neutral. I do love green though. From GW Photos

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