err on the side of too wide or too narrow for pulls?

ncdelFebruary 4, 2013

I have been looking at pulls & knobs for what feels like forever & just decided on Schaub Siena finally and ordered samples to figure out what size on which drawers...
BUT I have discovered they only come in 4 inch or 8 inch. I have a few drawers that are about 16" wide. I'm stuck- the 4 inch looks really itty bitty on there and the 8 inch seems like it could be overpowering but I still lean toward the 8 b/c the 4 just looks so small.

Another option was doing an oval knob instead of a pull on those drawers...they are symmetrical (one on either side of my stove/cooktop in the kitchen and one on either side of the sink in the basement wet bar)... might mix it up a little I guess but the cabinets below those drawers will have round knobs.


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See my picture below. The drawers in that picture are 19.5" across from inset edge to edge and I used (1) 4 inch pull on each. Feels fine and looks good IRL. I think 4" would be too big.

I doubled them up for a wider drawer (30 inches wide)

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How do the 4" pulls FEEL in your hand? I have a few of that size and find them pretty small. I'm not sure I'd want them all over my kitchen. My 6" and 8" pulls are much easier to use. YMMV.

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Your mileage may vary

My advice is definitely to err on the side of too narrow. And, I don't think 4" is too narrow, certainly not for a 16" drawer.

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My kitchen has a more contemporary vibe so I went with various sizes of pulls on all my cabinets and drawers. I love having wider pulls so easy to get any size hand around them. Just to help you visualize here are a couple pictures of my pulls.
This first picture is a 6-1/2 inch pull on a 13 inch drawer:

Here is a 10 inch pull on a 18 inch drawer:

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YMMV=Your Mileage May Vary

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The drawer stack next to my fridge is 16" and the pull is 5 1/2". The Siena is actually 3 3/4", but I would go with that before I'd use an 8".

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Thanks all...I ended up deciding to do an oval knob on both those drawers, thought it made things a little more interesting and solved my debate b/c I was just not loving the smaller pull on there. I agree the small ones are too small... I'm only using them on 4 narrow drawers on my island & using the oval knob on the top drawer of each 3 drawer stack so that will be sort of consistent anyway.

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I think big pulls give a more contemporary look although Schaub Siena is very traditional.

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