Has anyone try the Paintzoom?

harry_wildOctober 11, 2010

I say the infomercial and cannot believe it works!

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It's a paint sprayer. Pros and amateurs use them all the time.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Amatures, maybe, pros? I think not.

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I was using the word professional in the sense of someone following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain.

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It's just another paint sprayer, nothing to get excited about.

Their blurb, and my comments, based on experience and reading the instruction manual.

With your Paint Zoom⢠power sprayer �" all you do is just pull the trigger and paint.After prepping the surface, carefully masking off the parts you don't want to get paint sprayed on, testing the settings to make sure you have the nozzle adjusted correctly, straining the paint, and adjusting the viscosity of the paint.

Now you can paint, stain, or varnish just like a pro except that you have no clue how to handle a spray head and you need about a week's worth of practice to get decent coverage.

The Paint Zoom⢠power sprayer does the hard work for you - painting in just minutes instead of the hours it takes with a brush and roller.Only if you don't count the practice, masking and clean-up time

Imagine no drips or errors!I've seen what beginners do with a spray painter ... I'm trying real hard and all I can imagine is drips, overspray on the furniture and windows, that sand-grain finish you get when the spray head is too far away, and utter frustration. It ends with me imagining the PaintZoom being thrown out the window.

I also note that you can't feed the paint from a gallon or a 5-gallon bucket - you will be continually refilling the container. And after the first few minutes, that container gets HEAVY!

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Ha! I was browsing different forums and came across my old message that I posted. Well, I end up buying a Graco paint sprayer at HD for $450.00. It works great. Do not have to dillute the paint and it has all sort of accessories like extensions for spraying and different tips for patterns.

I did run across someone who unfortunately purchased a Paintzoom while I was running and saw it work on an outside fence. It paint like crap and no power at all; very thin stream of paint. Compare to my Graco paint sprayer; his path was like 3 ins. wide and he could not go very fast because the paint output was so weak you had to hold it for the paint to accumulate on to the surface while my sprayer has a 12" wide path and I just whip it and it covers immediately! This guy took about 20 minutes to cover a 6' X 5' area. It would take me about 5 minutes. Plus, he had to reload 3 times.

A paint roller is much faster in my opinion.

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So did you offer to paint his fence for him? :)

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