Human/chimp hybrids?

runsnwalkenOctober 19, 2008

Go to Youtube, and see the Oliver the human chimp series 1 through 6. Scary! But interesting.

Turns out in the end he wasn't really a humanzee like everyone thought he was. BUT I did some research on it, and found out to my horror its perfectly legal right now to use human sperm to impregnate a female chimp, its illegal the other way around but not this way/ a fetal bill protects human females from being implanted with animal sperm. There's an artical online about fears science could create Human/chimp hybrids to use as organ donors.

Goats and sheep have been mixed already and scientists say those two species are further away then humans are with chimps, they say we share 99% of our DNA with chimps.

What are your thoughts on this? Could it really happen? Also what intelligence level do you think such a mix would have?. Chimps can be as smart as an average 6 year old/though thats very rare, a 4 or 5 year old human is about average.

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Scientifically speaking, no, this could not happen.

There is much tabloid talk on this topic. If you are truly interested in science it is important that your research does not consist of a random Google search. You will only find reputable scientific news in accredited Scientific and Medical Journals.

Humans and chimps actually share 98.5% DNA. However, it is not DNA that determines whether two different species can procreate.

That has to do with what genus they are. Only species of the same genus can procreate together. For example, lions and tigers are both of the genuses Panthera. Therefore, they can procreate. However, their offspring will be sterile due to the fact it would only have 47 chromosomes. Due to this the offspring (Liger) is not technically a new species.

Humans are of the genus "Homo" and chimps are of the genus "Pan". These two species chromosomes amounts do not match. A similar amount and type is needed between the two species to be able to procreate.

The lion and tiger have the right amounts and types to be able to procreate. The same goes for horses and donkeys, which when cross bred creates the mule.

The most widely known and controversial experiments regarding impregnating female chimps with human sperm is known as "The Ivanov Experiments." Other experiments have been done, both trying to impregnate a female chimp with male sperm and a female human with chimp sperm. (Just because it is illegal in the US does not mean that is the case in other countries, nor that this law always existed) ALL experiments have failed.

Also, post-zygotic reproductive isolating mechanisms would also prevent full term pregnancy. It would be impossible for a animal fetus to grow in a human female and the opposite would likely result in a miscarriage.

New species evolve over great lengths of time through gene mutation, not crossbreeding.

With that said, science is able to fuse the DNA of two different species. The first human/animal fuse was reported in 2003 form Shanghai Second Medical University. They fused human skin cells and dead rabbit eggs. They developed for several days and were then destroyed for stem cell use. This, though, is in its infancy and obviously this fuse does not result in a living being. Just cells.

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It has happened, according to the oliver TV show, in the 1920's a chimp was impregnated with human sperm in the us in a lab, she did give birth and the baby was soon PTS afterwards to prevent mass media from getting hold of what happened.

I suppose as in most hybrids, its very difficult, and results in sterile/deformed offspring,

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First, and again, if you cannot confirm the information you are reading in an accredited Scientific Journal, it should not be accepted as reputable, let alone fact! All major scientific breakthroughs will be accredited by other scientists and the results published in a journal for the scientific community to review.

Above I already noted the most widely known chimp/human experiements "The Ivanov Experiments", which primarely took place in the 1920's under Stalins command. As I noted above, all of his experiments failed.

There is also the Yerkes Primate Research Centre. It has been RUMORED that in the 1920's they impregnated a female chimp with human sperm, that she gave birth and the offspring was destroyed days later. This is a rumor among sensationalists only and does not carry any weight in the scientific community. In fact, the Yerkes Centre will not even substantiate this claim. Today, one of their main missions is to find a vaccine for AIDS. This rumor is a mammoth defamation of Dr. Robert Mearns Yerkes work and Centre. (He also founded the Yale University Laboratories of Primate Biology in New Haven)

NO CASE OF A HUMAN/CHIMP CROSSBREED HAS EVER BEEN PROVEN. Furthermore, science has shown that this match is impossible.

Sensationalists come from all walks of life and can include other scientists. They are not respected by their community and their claims are usually false. Do you ever watch late night TV? It is the same as the doctors on the info-mercials that are endorsing this or that miracke cure.

This is truly a silly debate. Sience proves your information to be sensationalism and nothing more. No matter how many Google stories you find, crossbreeding of humans and chimps will still remain impossible.

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Oh, and BTW, most hybrids are not difficult to create at all. The mule, the liger, the wolf hybrid, for example, are all created by a male and female of each species mating, on their own. Nothing special or difficult about that.

Plain old birds and bees stuff :-)

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The Adams is correct. It is biologically impossible to cross-breed humans and chimps. This is nonsense.

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Don't believe even 10% of what you see on Youtube, and be judicious about what you read on the internet, too.

Gene splicing is another thing and no doubt there are unethical experiments happening, but as for the initial post, it is the subject of bad science fiction.

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Wouldn't that be bad science, and good fiction?

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