wow!! ace's 'cabinet-coat' looks great!!!

Faron79October 15, 2007

Hi G-Webers,

Completed my ACE "Cabinet, Door & Trim" paint-samples this weekend...

* DAY 1: Took a couple of 1'-long pallet boards, and sanded them to fairly smooth. Boards were pretty good though.

* Got out the C2 SAP (Sandable-Acrylic-Primer), and brushed on a nice coat with our "private" Corona brush!

* DAY 2: Next morning, sanded the primer for a minute with a 220-sponge, and dusted. This stuff sands-off nicely, to a fine powder!

* Then, using the Corona (brush!!) again, applied the 1st coat of the Ultra-White tint-base, & set boards aside.

* DAY 3: Lightly sanded coat 1 for a few seconds, and removed dust. Applied FULL-coat 2 with Corona (brush);-) and set aside.

Looked @ my samples today...WOW!! They look fantastic!!!

* Leveled out beautifully!

* Nice S/G sheen!

* Beautiful "hard-look" shine. Kinda hard to explain 'till ya see it!

* The White is a much "whiter-white" than Cabinet-Coats'. CC looks "gray" in comparison.

* As I've babbled b4...the COOL part is that it'll tint accurately to any ACE color!!!

* I also discovered that there IS a Neutral-base...MEANING YOU CAN TINT TO A BURGUNDY if you want!!!

* ALSO...It's 50-state VOC-approved NOW, @ * Smell? Well...couldn't tell! Not much, if ANY!

I'll be trying one of our more popular ACE "burgundies" next...Cherry Chocolate!

(when we get the Neutral-bases in, that is!)

Your "ACE" reporter, aka "Dakota-Boy" aka "C2-Boy", etc.,


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes


Where can I get a gallon of that stuff?

44256 zip code.


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You mean ACE as in Ace Hardware? What is the gallon retail price?

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Hey Michael & Paintguy!

Yep...ACE, as in ACE Hardware stores!

Using 44256 zip on locator, there's an ACE "Buehlers Food Markets Inc." at:
3626 Medina Rd.
Medina OH, 44256
Ph. 330-725-5000
(there's a bunch more in a "30-mile" radius of 44256)

Obviously, call a few dealers to see if they're stocking it yet. Some small stores might not be aware of it!

Our Quarts are at $13.99. Gallons (for us anyway) will be in the upper $20's/gal.
Cabinet-Coat is usually near $40/gal. So the ACE version will be an avg. of $10 cheaper per gal.

I forgot the ACE SKU-numbers of the various bases. If you call an ACE and they're not aware of it, tell them to search ACEnet using "Ace cab" as the search term. This should pop up all these new SKU's for them.

Happy Hunting!

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Hi Faron79,

Can you please comment more on the "ACE cabinet door and trim" paint? Is it novice-friendly or does it have a long learning curve? From what IÂve read and understood about Cabinet Coat, it is thin, difficult to work with and requires many coats. How would you rank the ACE cabinet door and trim?

Also what exact Corona brush were you using for your sample with the ACE cabinet paint? What brushes/rolls (Corona and may be other brands) would you recommend for kitchen cabinet painting (inside and outside)?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Faron, you're just the one I need to talk to, also. Could you please tell me if this product will work on oak cabinets? I noticed that you sanded your board. As oak has a raised grain, how will it look on this wood? I'm debating on buying some that were built for a builder who went backrupt. They're not the type of wood I want, but the price is certainly right. I'm wondering if I could paint them. Thanks in advance.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Heavens, the grocery store is selling ACE paints? LOL


Oak looks very nice with a Cabinet Coat finish (if you like the oak grain enhanced). If you prefer the grain to be reduced, you'll need to do more than sand it. A grain filler is required to prime and fill the grains.

I prefer it as is. Test it to be sure it meets your decor.

Check out Rockler, Woodcraft and other wood specialty stores for grain fillers.


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Hey guys,
To me, the ACE-"CC" & Insl-x Cabinet-Coat flowed on very similiar.

* As Michael said...If you're after an "Ice-sheet" appearance, use a good grain-filler paste, and sand away!
* I used the C2 SAP-Primer, and sanded next morning with 220. This filled-in some graining pits. It's personal preference obviously, but I kinda like some "pitting" on an Oak door if its painted.
* To ME...doors are easiest if they're off. You could tape-off the stiles of your doors (if that style), and paint the inner flat panel. Or caulk any edges for a smoother look.
* Michael has great techniques since he's applied so much!!
* My Corona was a 2.5"-angle. It's a sample for our store, & I can't remember the model right now! Sorry. I used it for both C2's primer & the CC-paints.
* Use the best "FOR LATEX" brush you can...Purdy's, Corona's, Woosters'. If you're in this class of brush, you're fine.
* The "FLOW"...Both the ACE & the CC have a nice, creamy flow. NOT thin at all! It's nice to apply!
* Use just a few strokes to spread, then a long/light "tipping-off" pass the length of a panel.
* Don't brush much past 30 seconds if possible....ONE minute max.
* THEN...get away from it!! Leave it alone to level & harden 'till next day. Lightly sand at this time b4 2nd & final coat.
* If you've had to go beyond 2 coats, it's applied WAAAY to thin!!

>>> As I mentioned, ACE's CC can tint to all their colors!!


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Did you find your "ACE-CC" & groceries today...;-) ??

Michael's DW..."Honey, did you get the milk, eggs, & ACE Cabinet-coat"?


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Hey there Dakota Boy,
I've been out of town so missed a couple weeks' worth of posts. I'm intrigued by your report, thank you! ;D I plan to trot over to the nearest Ace in the next week and see if they have this new paint in. I have some projects beckoning me in the garage. Does it come in quarts? And if memory serves from earlier posts, you mentioned...(heart racing) black ?!?!

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Dear "Ohio Moon" (??!?!?),

Yes, the new ACE-Cabinet, Door & Trim comes in Qts.!
* We just got in another case (4) of White/tint-base,
* AND (just today) ordered a case of Neutral-base Qts.
* This means...drum roll...I could tint a "near-black" for ya!!!
* There's no "factory-tinted" black yet. This would be great, 'cuz then it would be a TOTAL BLACK!!
* Colorant-tinted Blacks don't get as dark.
* From the factory, black pigment is added as a powder...allowing VERY dark shades.
* I also ordered in 4 Gallons of White/tint-base.
* Give-'em a call to see if they've ordered any of this in yet!


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