Wear your 'jammies to school

momj47November 30, 2012

Today is pajama day at my granddaughter's preschool, she will be wearing her princess pajamas. It's also my DD's day to bring the snack.

She and Mary made these breakfast cookies yesterday.

I think we should all have to wear our jammies to work now and then, kind of levels the playing field!

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Really cute cookies!

And speaking of pjs a trend I've noticed is adult women wearing pajamas in public instead of sweats. I seen plaid ones most often but I did just see a "cloud" pair the other day.


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The cookies are adorable and just perfect for the occasion. I hope the kids had fun.

I used to work in a hospital. I wore a suit but those scrubs with all the cutesy teddy bears,etc, look like pajamas. Awful and not very professional.

I saw young girls walking around in PJ bottoms for awhile but the fad seems to have passed.

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Those are very cute cookies! Makes me want an egg even though it's lunch time for me, not breakfast.

I too see scrubs worn outside of the hospital, and it looks odd, but they do. Even regular plain blue ones. Not outside clothes. Not even if one wears a white coat over it. It's usually the young ones, not the older ones who do that. Maybe they decide it wasn't such a good idea later on? Who knows.

Kids in pjs are cute ;)

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How did you get the yellow part of the icing to look like yolks? It's very convincing in the photo!

We have casual Friday (which I pretty much ignore), but I would not want to have pajama Friday. I do have several pairs of Chinese silk pajamas, however, although I more frequently wear Italian cotton ones, which are less formal. I also have a very nice silk Japanese robe, which I wear with my Chinese pajamas. The robe has Mt. Fuji woven in the lining.


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She colored the white frosting with yellow, drop by drop till she got the color she wanted. Mary did a lot of the whites, my DD did the yolks, needless to say. These are the only eggs I'll eat now.

I hate scrubs and don't wear them now in the clinic where I work, though many do. I agree, they feel like pajamas. We have a client in the waiting room in plaid flannel "pants" right now. Very weird.

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Did anyone else get an Eileen West nightgown ad on the forum first page like I did? Love Eileen West, but quite pricey for sleepwear.


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Here's some fashion from 1961 that resembles pajamas and that I like. I have this magazine, although I don't remember where I got it.


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"I saw young girls walking around in PJ bottoms for awhile but the fad seems to have passed."

Heck no! Running to the grocery store in pajama pants is a civil right.

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I still see loads of people out shopping in their pajamas and even fuzzy slippers! Are they too lazy to get dressed?

I work in a clinic, too, but fortunately do not have to wear scrubs. Doesn't bother me to see someone in a store with scrubs as they are usually the staff from our hospital just doing their shopping on their break or their way home.

Oh...love the cookies by the way! LOL very clever and very cute!


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

LOVE those cookies! I don't eat breakfast, but I would eat those cookies in the morning... or any time. My mouth is watering just looking at the pic. My son's school did this day recently too. Does yours do "2 different socks day" or "crazy hat day?"

Saw a news story a few days ago about completely naked guys walking around in San Francisco. So I'm just glad all of the other shoppers I've ever seen are clothed, fashion notwithstanding!

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For several years, students wore pajama bottoms, tee-shirts and fuzzy slippers to class at the small liberal arts university where I teach. Except for the occasional emergency (late night party, overslept, hangover, no time/energy to find real clothes), it doesn't seem to happen these days, although I do see people wearing them in line at the grocery store.

Wish I had time to make those cookies to take for final exams next week!

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OMG, today there was a large woman in front of me in the checkout line with footie jammies (Dr Dentons)! I eavesdropped to see if perhaps it was an emergency situation that would cause her to be in a public place but no, she was cool and telling her friend that they should stop at the Dollar Store.

Cute cookies, I really like them. At first glance, I thought they were over easy eggs on cookies. Glad that's not the case.

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Cathy, I was fooled, too. I first saw the picture on my iPod and TOTALLY thought they were sunny side up eggs on English muffins, and thought, "Interesting snack. Hope the kids are polite about it!" Nicely done!

As for adults wearing jammies in public, to me it's one of those things that are either cute or revolting depending on who's doing it and how they're pulling it off. Kind of like banana hammocks. I suppose some guys can sort of get away with them, but I certainly know better than to offend my fellow beach-goers by parading around in one!

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many years ago, I briefly worked at a mall coffee shop and during slow times, my co-worker and I would just watch the people.....saw ALL kinds of dress/undress. My only thought then and still is today is: DO THESE PEOPLE NOT HAVE MIRRORS IN THEIR HOME????? Because surely if they could see themselves, they would NOT go out in public dressed like that!
Guess there is still a shortage of mirrors today...

Edit: Almost forgot, the cookies are simply too cute! Love the idea.

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For a long time, Fridays were to be official office dress down day in businesses.

There were many Pajama Days Fridays.

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When Y2K was about to happen and the world as we know it was going to grind to a halt, BIL HAD to work... he's a big computer programmer. SIL decided she was gonna have a "sleep-over". You HAD to arrive IN PJs and bring something good to snack on that was NOT typical party fare... no chips and plain old onion dip allowed!?! I had a gift certificate to Red Lobster and ordered a big tray of crab claws. Niece (maybe 17-18 at the time) was embarassed that I actually walked into RL in purple/green plaid PJs and slippers!

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LOVE the cookies! Our preschoolers/kindergarteners get to wear their jammies on Polar Express day. They absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing.


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Ok - we need that recipe and promise not to wear jammies out in public.
Even funnier - we were driving through a neighborhood at the crack of dawn but light enough for no headlights and some women went out to get her paper in her undies - You should have seen her fly when she realized she was busted! I bet she never tried that again!

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Speaking of getting busted...We had a CF get together for week in Charleston, SC. RiverRat bought each of us a t-shirt as pictured in the link below. I have been wearing it almost every night since as a night shirt (even though my DH as said enough already). I had to do the OGD (you know the Olympic Garbage Dash when you forgot to put out the cans the night before) last week and got caught in my bikini not only the garbage men but my neighbor who was leaving for early work at dawn.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bikini Shirt

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Those cookies are so cute. I bet the kids loved them.

If people are wearing pajamas to the grocery stores in our area, I haven't noticed them. The only time I wear pjs longer than about 20 minutes after awakening is when I'm sick.

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I saw two more people wearing pjs while I was out running errands. It's pretty balmy here today. Both women (looked like sisters) were in red/green plaid two piece pjs. Both were wearing santa hats also. The had cups of coffee and looked like they were having a lot of fun. Maybe Starbucks is serving eggnog these days.

If I think about it - it's not much different than wearing a plaid flannel shirt and jeans. Or a sweat suit for that matter. Pretty casual and comfortable I guess.

If I start seeing Easter Bunny pjs in the spring I'll start to wonder if it is a new trend. Maybe I'll check my latest In Style magazine to see if Minnesotans are on to something! :-)

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This one is rather easy - Pillsbury Ready to Bake sugar cookies ( the pre-formed one) and Wilton Cookie Icing in a bottle, with a tip. She warmed one bottle of icing in the MW and added about 10 drops of yellow food coloring, shook it up and dropped it on the cookies. Mary did most of the white decorating, and my DD did the yellow.

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Momj47 - thanks!!!
I might modify to make a home made variety

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Mom, those are cute cookies. They'd be perfect for those overnight visits when the kids stay with me. Then they could go home and say they had eggs for breakfast, LOL.

Pajama pants? Oh yeah, I've seen them at the grocery store, the local gas station, occasionally at school functions. Mostly flannel or fleece pajama pants and some kind of t-shirt or sweat shirt, not a set of pajamas, although one woman at the gas station was there in Mossy Oak camo pajama pants and fuzzy slippers.

I do wear my pajamas outside in the morning, but only in my own very private backyard and I would never go out in public wearing them. Nor have I ever done the OGD or ventured outside in my underwear!


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I think it's will be easy to modify, she was crunched for time last week, thank goodness for Pillsbury and Wilton.

My DD is a great baker. She made great little cookies a few years ago for my grandson's preschool - looked like burgers and fries, a recipe from the bakerella site. The kids loved them. She does homemade cookie pops for all kinds of things. We have fun modifying recipes, too, she's willing to fail.

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Banana hammocks??? What is that?! I'm sure my mental image is wrong.....I hope!

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Your image is probably not wrong Jasdip. :)

I've worn the flannel loungers before. People are fine with sweats but afraid of flannel. Go figure, as they say. Plus going to the clinic and therapy after the surgery, normal pants were not much of an option. And no way was I wearing the hospital gowns!

Far more offensive to me are the people who don't realize that spandex is a privilege, not a right. They're also usually marinated in jug perfume and the 10 other stenches, er, scents and yakking on their cell phones the whole time. Must be awfully important people.

I like the cookie idea. Super simple too. Right up my alley. But if they want to do a come in your sleepwear day, well, which day? Sometimes I sleep in my underwear and sometimes not even that. They might want me to call in sick that day!

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All the cookies were eaten. I suspect after the first timid bites they were OK with them. They are just cookies after all!

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I also thought, are those eggs real???? LOL

Thanks for the directions. I sent the picture to my daughter. I think, she will make them too. ;)

Moni... who does go out to the curb in her flannel jammies... occasionally.

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