Basement : cinder block Interior Paint question

jalkSeptember 25, 2007


Our laundry area is in the basement which will never be a finished basement! I thought to lighten the area up I'd paint it - its concrete floor (foundation) and concrete walls - cinder block, I believe.

What 's the best way to go about painting this? Any particualr kind of paint? Also, I thought I'd try and rent one of those "spray" things...

any thoughts on that?

thanks so much!

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Our lower level (bilevel) is finished save for the utility room where laundry, furnace, etc. are. I painted the concrete floor with Muralo Quik Tred 12 yrs ago and since it's only needed one touch in walk path (about 5th year) and one entire recoat (did that in the 11th year). Can't recall color name, it's a sandy beige, warm and cheery. Good stuff! I have an old fashioned electric scrubber with two rotating bristle heads. In spring and fall I have used it to scrub because my two 80 lb pups track muddy paw prints in sometimes. Muralo didn't budge. Applied borders with a brush, rest of floor with roller. Some people use concrete stain, you can google images and see some. I've not had experience with it but it looks nice. Not sure if it's low maintenance or not.

On the cinder block walls I just painted with regular latex paint (on advice of my indy paint dealer) and used a very thick nap roller. 12 years later I haven't touched it, no chips or flakes anywhere. Believe I primed with Zinsser Bullseye 123. (I did that in a soft creamy white to brighten it up, there is no window in that room). Same as floor, painted border areas with brush, then roller for rest. To clean/prep, be sure to vacuum with a brush attachment first (before wiping walls) to get dust out of nooks 'n crannies in the cinder blocks.

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Lori A. Sawaya

I used Coronado's Aqua Stop It tinted to a buttercream yellow. Two coats, no primer. The intent was if we decided to finish the basement, the walls would have a *sealer* on them.

We never finished the basement! The Aqua Stop It is still up, looks great. Glad I had it tinted :-0 'cuz it looks nice.

Good luck. Painting our basement was hard work, but worth it.

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No need to rent a sprayer cause with cinderblock you always have to back roll anyway after spraying.

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