Rolled Turkey Roast

mxyplxNovember 19, 2012

Well I finally found a rolled turkey roast. Been looking for a couple years. Couple days later looking thru my cooking notes I found that 03-16-04 I did a rolled turkey roast I spose about the same as the one shown. However, I had tried to wash off the seasoning that came on it and use a seasoning recipe from a Cajun cook book. There is a sticky note on the page that says, "It tasted like Spam. Don't."

Well I dunno if that means don't wash off the as received seasoning or don't cook one of these damn things again. So I will cook it as received - see what happens. Tough to sit down to a meal with your mouth all puckered for turkey and have it taste like Spam.

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Yeah....I did one once too....the Spam remark was spot on....
And I had another just a few years ago, cooked by someone who didn't wash off the seasonings.....icky!
I think the only good use for those things is to grill them and slice for sandwiches....but they are not a sub for a turkey. If you want a small bit, buy a breast and a leg.
Linda C

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