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onewebfootOctober 19, 2006

I gather from reading some posts in this forum that some or perhaps even many have been victimized by barking dogs. That profile fits me well, as I have been victimized by irresponsible dog owners nearly every single place I have lived (mostly in Southern California).

Fortunately, I was able to confront 4+ irresponsible dog owners in my community of residence during the past year, and it meant preparing to go to court in one case. Fortunately, that dog owner came to her senses, realized I was serious, and so were 8+ of my neighbors, and she did what it took to quiet a very hyperactive barking dog. She is definitely the exception. Most dog owners do nothing, and scoff at those of us who want nothing more than legally enforceable peace laws.

Does anyone have additional resources, groups, and strategies for resolving dog barking? Meantime, the research, resources, information, strategies, scholarship, and group-level discussions at have been a great resource and encouragement to me, should anyone want to check it out. The largest problem, it seems ot me, is not the lack of laws, but the lack of enforcement of existing laws that very clearly state that dog barking is indeed a disruption of the peace.

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You might check the laws in your most of our cities, it is not considered breaking the noise ordinance unless it it exceeds 15 continuous minutes and I think (not sure) that is only during "off peak" hours.

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Thanks. For what it's worth, I got results from "prosecuting" dog owners by video-documenting their offenses (which Animal Control forced me to do), and preparing a case for a county District Attorney. The DA's primary concern was additional witnesses. In other jurisdictions, no question, it varies. I'm a full-time telecommuter. I got the phone number of the primary offender. I got her attention. My point - the legal system is largely useless, except when the many loopholes and hoops through which it makes victims jump are fulfilled. In short - both Cops and DAs are comprehensively worthless. Prove me wrong (though you might actually agree)....

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What did the dog owner do to quiet his offender? In our neck of the woods the limit is 10 minutes of continuous barking.

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The owner did three things. First, she put a bark collar on the dog (a sheltie - she has two). Only one sheltie was psycho (still is). Second, she reduced the dog's ability to go outside at will. Third - she hired a dog psychologist entailing multiple "therapy" sessions (I kid you not). Hundreds of thousands of people are starving in many locations on this planet, and Southern California dog owners are hiring dog psychologists.

Somewhere in this mix, combined my escalated neighborhood campaign and legal maneuvers against her (with hoop jumping implied on my part), she got this horrid beast under control.

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Wow, I'm impressed! I read, due to my own barking dog issues (neighbor has a doberman that they leave outside in the morning and evening that barks pretty continuously). But I'm always too much of a nervous Nellie to do much of anything about it, so I just deal. I really don't like confrontation, and I keep hoping someone else will take up the reins and handle. So far, no one has. Buying new windows has helped a lot...

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A barking dog is a unhappy dog. If a dog is just barking to be barking, it's either hungry, sick or bored silly.

My dogs only bark when someone comes to the door.

Why do irresponsible, ignorant dog owners throw a dog in the yard and expect it to entertain itself?

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You all just aren't set up.
A 100 watt PA speaker mounted under the front steps is fairly effective at reminding everyone and everything within one mile that the barking is bothering you. And if you turn the volume all the way up it scares the crap out of door to door solicitors.

That way you don't have to be "victimized" any longer.

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"Why do irresponsible, ignorant dog owners throw a dog in the yard and expect it to entertain itself?"

They are ignorant of the fact that crate training or indoor confinement during the work day is NOT cruel and that their leaving the dog outside all day IS.

I work from home and I truly hear the misery that the local barking dogs feel. Boredom too but mostly misery.

It doesn't change the fact that I feel victimized by them and I definately agree that enforcement of existing laws is a huge problem.

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