Has anyone used SW Sand Beach 7529?

palodc10September 15, 2013

If so, I'd love to see pics and/or hear how you like it and if there are any pink undertones. Thanks!

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This may be a bit late -- I've been painting!! I am using an old painters fan with a color called Beige Sand -- it is very similar to SW 7529 (it may actually be the same). Here is a picture of the color family from my fan:

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Anyway, the color for 7529 does not appear to have any pink undertones. When looking at those neutrals on the shelf or in a fan itself, just stay well away from a color family that does appear pink to you! Here is my Beige Sand Wall with an Off White Ceiling.

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Thank you so much, PinesEverywhere!! The painters are here now, but haven't started on Sand Beach yet, so this was very helpful!

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We used SW on our exterior in June. A little late for your project, I guess

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