A few questions about using Aura over various surfaces.

kendrSeptember 4, 2010

We will be repainting some interior rooms of my grandmother's house soon and I had a few questions about Benjamin Moore's Aura paint. We know and plan to do the prep routine as far as cleaning with TSP, sanding/deglossing etc. We would like to not have to prime where not necessary since it is already painted, but willing to go 2 coats of Aura on all surfaces.

1) For her previously painted drywall in an open living/kitchen (currently beige) we are planning on using 2 coats of Sherwood Green Aura Matte. Any reason for primer?

2) For "pre-primed" white MDF beadboard and trim going up around the bottom (from the big box stores) we planned 2 coats of "White" Aura -- Satin for the beadboard and Semi-gloss for the trim. Any reason to use primer or would this suffice (aka would the 2 coats aura stick to the pre-primed mdf stuff)? White over white here.

Any criticism on the sheen choices? Would Satin trim and Matte beadboard look better? I have no clue how shiny the Satin or Semi-gloss is in this line of paint or how much harder they are to work with, so any advice would be VERY helpful.

3) We're repainting the paneled doors and cabinets (also previously painted, white over white) with the same white, in a Semi-gloss. Too shiny or hard to work with? Is the satin more forgiving? We are not necessarily pros so want something easier to work with but I expect she wants her cabinets to have some shine.

Thank you for your time. We REALLY need the advice.

P.S. Is there a "clean" white that would go well with Sherwood Green (historic line) that would be better than just "White"? Or will Aura "white" still look good? Do I need something with a fancier name? ;)

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Also a couple more newbie questions, sorry.

1) TSP vs TSP substitute? She's had "dirty" grandchildren for several years and cooks very often. Will either one damage her tile floors or countertops if it was to drip on them?

2) What grit sandpaper is best for roughing up the glossy surfaces for repainting?

3) Ceiling paint. Aura vs Muresco? White over white which is more likely to get it in a single coat?

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I don't recall what Aura 'white' looks like but every 'white' I've seen looks glaring to me and I would never use it straight. I have been talking a lot about this Aura "Deep In Thought" AF-30 that I am doing my whole house in. It is muted ... like a lot of historic colors are. It might be perfect. Or a 50% tint of that. They have small sample pots you can buy. Also, if you get their customer service e-mail address from their website try running your questions by them. They intelligently and quickly answered some detailed questions I had... And they can also refer you to a color consultant at one of the places that carry them ( free I think ).

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Hi - please disregard my last answer - was reading it on my phone and thought you were referring to the Benjamin Moore 'Aura' line of paints.

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Oh, you were. LOL (long day).

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Thank you, I've gotten a few more samples and will try to decide on something besides just "White" by looking in the home.

Another question though, to anyone familiar with MDF:

Thank you for the advice.

As far as the "pre-primed" MDF sheets of beadboard paneling and chair railing from Lowe's / HD, would these steps turn out a decent result?

1) A coat of Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 white primer

2) 1-2 coats Benjamin Moore Aura in Satin (also white)

So white over white over white with a "real" coat of primer on the "pre-primed". Would there be any problems with this? Not familiar with the pre-primed MDF but I'm assuming it still needs a coat of primer.

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I don't see why you need more primer over pre-primed MDF. Most likely 1 coat of BM Aura Satin will be fine. If not, you can always put on another coat of paint. THe purpose of primer is for better bonding and stain coverage. You will be fine.

I agree with above that "white" is very stark and cold. I like "Timid White" which is very clean and nearly white. A tad offwhite, but still clean and white appearing is "Sparkling Wine".

I'm also not sure why you would mix semi and satin in the same room? I have Aura Satin throughout my kitchen (cabinets and trims) and it is very tough and washable. I also have a hallway with beadboard and trim and used Satin on both. I also have a chair rail in the dining room with picture molding on the bottom. It is all in white (sparkling wine actually) satin, including the drywall.

I prefer eggshell finish on drywall for a little more washability over matte.

I think the TSP substitutes probably don't work as well as real TSP, but better for the environment. Admittedly, that opinion is probably biased.

It is hard to avoid 2 coats on ceiling. I think it depends on how long it has been and the color difference. Ceilings seem to absorb a ton of paint. I don't know the names you mentioned, but the best ceiling paint is thickest... less splattering better coverage.

I also don't like pure white on a ceiling. I have used BM Linen White Flat on my last ceiling.

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Because I assumed semi-gloss would be too shiny for MDF beadboard paneling, but not for trim. I don't mind having different sheens.

Admittedly though I'm not familiar with just how shiny either the satin or semi-gloss are in the Aura line. Does the satin have enough gloss to give white cabinets and trim the traditional look?

As far as using the primer it's just insurance -- the "pre-primed" part of MDF is sketchy and sometimes chalky/papery or of the lowest quality. I'm concerned about bonding and would prefer to not have to do it all over again.

But maybe I am going overboard. Just going mostly by what I've read. Like I said, I don't have a lot of experience with MDF.

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> 3) Ceiling paint. Aura vs Muresco? White over white which is more likely to get it in a single coat?

If your using Benjamin Moore, you can use their waterborne 'ceiling paint' as opposed to Aura. We wouldn't want to use Aura because it has a sheen. The ceiling paint is ultra flat.

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