adh673September 5, 2010

I undertook what should have been an easy project of painting a child sized oak rocking chair and it's not going well. I used a stripper on the finish, which was shiny. I dont think it worked all that great, perhaps I put it on too thin. Anyway, I scrapped what I could and sanded the rest. Then I applied an oil based primer. Which was very strange and seemed uneven. Not only in color but just density. Ah well, a little more sanding. Then I applied a coat of BM Linen White in Regal Eggshell. Looks horrible. Plus I got some paint drips. So I sanded the heck out of it again and put another coat on the bottom. I can still see bare wood through it. Granted I was aggressively sanding near the drips. Possibly some paint dust got in there in places too. It doesnt look remotely even. What is wrong with me? I had tons of painting projects planned but I'm a massive failure at this point. Does this sound like some sort of common error that I can fix by doing XYZ (please dont say strip and start over!)? Will more coats help? I am starting to hate this lumpy painted looking chair!!

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Regal Eggshell is probably not the best paint for furniture...it's more of a wall paint. Perhaps Waterborne Satin Impervo would be better. Also, Linen White is one of the worst covering Benjamin Moore colors out there. Usually, any color that is considered off-white, but has a yellowish cast to it is going to be three coats over a white primer for absolute complete coverage. DIY painters may need more coats because they usually don't lay it on heavy enough and then play with it too much, pulling the paint off. Painting with acrylics is hard...this is just how it is. Once you paint a section, you can't brush back into it a minute later or it can pull and drag. Extender can help. Also, before you start painting something, make a plan of attack so that you can do a section and leave it be, move to the next section, etc. Having wet edges meet edges that have already started to dry can equal disaster pretty easily.

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Paintguy has great advice. I wouldn't use an eggshell for furniture. Also, make sure that the piece is spotlessly clean during each step. Even if you just resand a tiny area, wipe down the whole thing with a tack cloth or a microfiber towel.

Are you doing your painting where the temperature and humidity are within the range stated on the paint? If you're painting outside, if it's really dry or breezy, the paint can start to dry too quickly, and you don't have any time to work with it before it wads up and makes a mess.

My new favorite finish for furniture is a satin sheen. It's still got the durability of a semi-gloss, but is MUCH more forgiving if there's any flaws in your sanding or painting. And the furniture ends up with a pretty, soft glow that looks great on vintage pieces.

Hang in there! I've been going on and on for weeks, having issues with primer, tools, paint, the weather, etc. Slowly but surely it's all working out.

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Your chair looks great, I will not be posting any photos of mine. Everyone will say strip it! You both nailed it - I am having major issues with early drying and Im painting outside and it might be too hot. I didnt think to read the can. I guess I will look at the satin impervo for my next piece. Is there a good vintage white go-to color? I actually was going to use the linen white on my walls as a base for a faux finish and since I had it I thought I could use it on the chair. Big mistake. It dries in like 15 seconds. But still manages to drip minutes later. Its killing me!

Thanks to both of you, really good guidance.


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I just used a Behr color called Aged Parchment on another piece. It's sort of a dark cream/very light beige color. It doesn't have any obvious undertone of pink or gray to my eye.

I painted that chair in my bathroom (with a heavy drop cloth) because it's been too hot here to paint outside.

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